Fields of Clover

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Patrick O'connor

"You fuckin' what?!" I jump to my feet and from the corner of my eye I can see Yevie flinch at my harsh tone..

"She would be tracked and survailed the entire time.." Paxton's patronising tone grates on my nerves.. He knows that shit will do nothing to protect her when everything goes sideways, as it so often does in the feild..

"That won' do shite to keep 'em from hurtin' her while they have her, asshole.." I can practically feel my testosterone pumping, the primal urge to keep my woman safe taking over..

Hunter waves a hand as if that is of no consequence to him.. "Right now he has hundreds of innocent civilians held somewhere for auction.. If Yevie can lead us to where they are--"

I hold a hand up to shut him up, I don't need to hear his bullshit explanation, I already see his angle just fine.. "So you just want us to use her like fuckin' bait?" I throw a look over at Honey who has gone pale white at the thought, I know she will be on my side , she nods at me and then elbows West hard in the ribs..

He stands up.. "I'm with O'connor.. That seems extreme and unnecessary.." West's brow furrows angrily, and I'm more grateful for the bossman now than ever.. I know for a fact if the roles were reversed he would never throw Honey to the wolves like this..

"There is no other way, the CIA has been waiting years for an opportunity to move on these guys but without knowing where they keep the civilians, we're shooting in the dark.." Paxton looks around the room for support..

"That sounds like the CIA's problem, not Yevie's.." Jackson stays in his seat as he leans into the conversation..

Hunter groans and throws his body into one of the plush office chairs.. "Well fuck me, don't anybody actually think about it.. I get that you guys like this chick but emotion aside this is the best strategic move.."

"Wow, you really are a dick.." Yevie scoffs and Hunter snorts.. She turns to look at me with wide worried eyes..

"There's nothin' to think about. It's not happenin'.." I can't believe we're having this conversation..

A quiet voice pipes up.. Ellerie adds her two cents, "I think Hunter is right, guys.."

"Of course you fucking do.." A surprising outburst from Jackson, but I ignore it, I don't have time for his and Ellerie's bullshit back and forth..

She ignores Jackson and turns to me.. "Incase you've forgotten, I'm from D.C.. I know how these politicians operate, we dealt with them all the time at the FBI.. They're slippery sons of bitches.." I'm a little surprised that Ellerie would take Paxton's side.. I know we had our differences when she first joined Alpha Team after leaving the FBI, but up until now I thought she was solid.. If I wasn't so pissed off I would have to concede her logic, but I'm a little beyond rational..

"Finally, Devereux gets it.." Paxton rubs his hands together, pleased with the validation...

"But I think we should ask Yevie what she wants.. You know.. Since you guys are discussing her life here?" Ellerie scolds us all..

The guilt hits me.. I know Ellerie is right, what Yevie wants should be considered but I just can't agree to let her take this risk. "No.."

Hunter replies at the same time, "Yes. What do you say Yevie?" He turns his hawk like stare on her and she leans back in her chair, her eyes flick between Paxton and me as she considers..

"Um, I'm kinda going to need more information here.. Why me?"

"Yevie sweetie, You're like the missing piece of the puzzle.. You're important enough that they will almost certainly keep you alive.. Wherever they hold you is likely to be where they store the other civilians they're trafficking.."

I seethe, if he calls her sweetie again ill put his head though the fuckin' window..

"Almost certainly..." She repeats the words, knowing what he means.. They probably won't kill her.. But, they also might do just that ..

"She's not doin' it.. It goes against every protocol in the book.." He swivels back to face me with dark warning eyes.."

"I ignored protocol when you brought Summer O'Cléirigh back to the states.. I should've arrested her on site.. How is she by the way? Maybe I'll pay her a visit.." Bringing Kirby into this is a low blow.. Her criminal history is not black and white in the least and I know because I investigated her myself, vetting her before offering her my help..

"She's got nothin' to do with this.." I grind out the words between gritted teeth..

"I beg to differ, brother.." He shrugs a beefy shoulder indifferently ..

"Enough!" Iris shouts as she rises to her feet.

Hunter holds up his hands in submission.. "Alright.. But there's one more thing.." He reaches across the table and takes one of Yevie's tiny hands in his.. She looks up surprised, but doesn't pull away.. "Yevie if you do this, I'll give you everything the CIA has on Heather Fields.."

Her eyes grow wide and hopeful.. "Heather? My mother?" She pulls her hand back from his grip and eyes him warily..

"Yes. My Intel suggests she is still alive and was possibly resold.."

I take two steps to be beside Yevie, crouching down to look into her eyes as I take her hands.. "Please princess, listen to me.. I know what it's like to want answers, to search for someone you lost.. I also know the pain when you don't find the answers you were hoping for.." That's the truth. I searched for my mother for years, Alex had eventually agreed to help me find her and when we did, I learned the terrible truth. That she had taken her own life a year after my father took me away from her, to the IRA..

"But.. Patrick.. My mom... All those innocent people, just waiting to be sold into god knows what kind of hell.." She turns back to Hunter..

My stomach drops and I can't hide my frustration as I lash out, wheeling around and putting my fist straight through the drywall.. "FUCK!"
I know what's coming.. I know her pure heart and what she will believe is the right thing to do..

"I'll do it.."

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