Fields of Clover

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Yevette Feilds

You dial Honey's number as you step into the elevator, pressing the ground floor button.. She picks up on the third ring.. "Yevie?" Her soft voice floats through the receiver and chips away at your resilience..

Your voice wavers when your reply.. "Yeah.. It's me.." A small hiccup escapes you and you realise how pathetic you must sound..

"What's going on?" She asks with concern..

The hiccups soon turns to full on sobs, Honey's sympathetic tone only making it worse.. "I... I can't stay here anymore.. Any chance you would adopt a stray?"

You hear her muffled voice, as if she has covered the phone.. "Archie.. Archie! Here.. Get the keys.. No I'm fine.. Sweetie.. Go pick up Yevie from Patrick's apartment.. No, now.."
You check your reflection in the stainless Steel door, swiping at the mascara beneath your eyes while you wait, blinking hard to keep the tears in.. "Yevie? You still there?"

You suck in deep breaths in an effort to regain your composure.. "Yeah--yes I am.."

"Archie is on his way to pick you up.. Just wait there with Patrick until he gets there, okay?" The elevator door pings open and you step out, crossing the lobby of the apartment building to the exit..

"Okay.. I will.." You decide not to tell her you've already left his apartment.. You figure you can just wait for Archer out front.. It's all the same..

"I'll see you soon.."

A fresh wave of sadness hits you as you push through the heavy glass entry doors of the building out into the cool evening breeze.. After keeping Patrick at a distance for so long it has proven impossible for you to go backwards.. Every Time he opened up and shared a little more of himself with you, the more you came to love him.. And now you don't feel like you will ever be able to stop..

Maybe you shouldn't have left so rashly.. Maybe you should have given him some more time.. But "fuck" isn't exactly the response a girl is hoping for when she confesses her feelings.. And you've lived the loveless relationship.. In fact all your relationships up until your friendship with Honey had been loveless.. You can't go backwards anymore.. You need to keep looking ahead.. Your only wish is that Patrick would have wanted to move forward with you..

"Thanks Honey, see you soon.." You sniffle and end the call, sliding the phone into the pocket of your tight jeans, right as a heavy arm slips around your shoulders from behind.. You turn to see the last person you ever wanted to see..

"Hey babe.." Zachs serpentine smirk is only inches from your face, his rancid cologne burns your nostrils.. That sickly strong familiar scent.. Something hard rams into your ribcage and you look down to see a shiny black pistol..

You whimper in panic as your eyes go wide.. "Zach.. Please.. We can talk about this.." No, no, no.. This isn't supposed to be happening yet.. You're supposed to have three days to prepare for your abduction and now you have about three seconds..

You look around but the street is completely empty.. "About you fucking that paddy prick upstairs? Yeah, we're going to talk about that babe.." His low menacing voice shakes loose a flood of memories and fear.. Your muscles tighten with terror and you gasp in shock when he presses the barrel of the gun harder into your side.. "Now keep your filthy whore mouth shut, and get in the fucking car.." He drags you along with him toward a shiny black SUV with windows tinted so dark you can't see inside..

Your heart hammers so loudly in your chest it's almost deafening.. Your knees wobble and your mind races.. "Fuck no!"
Reflexes take over and the MMA lessons from Jackson kick in before you know it, because your elbow is dropping deep into Zach's stomach as he lets out a deep pained grunt on impact..

"Gah! Fucking bitch--"

Your left fist flys out, connecting directly with his throat.. He coughs and splutters, hands going to his neck.. You follow up swiftly with your right open palm in an upward motion, crumpling his nose into his face.. A sickening crunch and then blood.. So much blood!

Zach howls, "You.. Broke.. My.. Fucking.. Nose!"

"Oh my god.." It's crazy.. And a little messed up.. But you laugh.. You can't help it. Seeing Zach all crouched over trying to stem the river of blood that pours from his nose, it's like a tiny slice of karmic justice, just for you..

"You little cunt!" His voice comes in a gravelly snarl as he lashes out, a heavy backhand collides with your cheek, dropping you to your knees.. The fiery sting of the hit burning on your face..

"Fuck you, asshole!" You spit, barely able to finish your thought before searing pain splits through the back of your head and then.. Nothing.. Quiet.. Black.. Darkness..

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