Fields of Clover

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Patrick O'connor

"Playback the last 40 seconds again.."
West, Paxton and I all stand around the bullpen desks at Spectre.. West hits the skip button again as per Paxton's request and the grey, night-vision security footage from the front of my apartment building, begins playing again..

Why the fuck had I let her leave my apartment?.. Why hadn't I followed her?..
Because I'm a god damned coward, that's why!

The screen flickers and we all watch as Yevie's tiny fist throat-punches Zachary Ryan before her other hand connects, snapping his nose.. I couldn't believe my eyes the first time we watched this footage, when I saw her start to laugh at this point!

Yevie is a fighter, a warrior.. Shit, she's a freaking godess, the perfect woman for me and my dumb ass had lost her.. Figuratively and literally..

Paxton lets out a low whistle.. "Ha! There! She definitely broke his nose right there!.. Damn.. This girl's got a fire in her!" He mimics her movement, shadowboxing excitedly..

I ignore him, continuing to watch as the Senators henchman, Ramirez clocks her on the back of the head with the butt of his pistol, knocking her out cold and dragging her limp body into the black SUV with Zach climbing in behind her, still bleeding ..

The admiration in Hunter's voice really pisses me off as he drops into a seat, folding his arms behind his head and grinning.. "Well, shit.. I think I'm in love.."

I step up, ready to tear out his throat.. This guy has one fucked up sense of humour.. But West interjects, stepping in front of me, blocking my advance.. "I have to agree.. Her technique is impressive.. Where did she learn how to fight like that?" He turns his serious green eyes on me warningly and I give him a snarled look, so he knows I'm not happy..

"Ford.." I grunt, not wanting to discuss Yevie's fighting skills when we should be moving!

West nods thoughtfully.. "Ah.."

On the screen you see West's car pull up as he arrives to pick up Yevie, he hops out, sees the blood on the sidewalk and pulls out his phone before heading into the building.. I bend down and tap the pause button on the computer.. "The tracking chip is active.. We should extract her immediately.."

Paxton taps on the touch-screen bringing up the trackers location on the city map.. "No, everything is going ahead as planned.. Right now she is at Anderson Daley's Estate.. We need to wait untill they move her to the second location.."

I grit my teeth and turn to West, the blood in my veins boiling.. "You gotta' shut him up brother, before I do.." I glare over at Paxton..

"Believe me, I'm half tempted to allow it.." West rolls his eyes.. "But he's right.. They have her now, we can't go in and extract her yet, as far as everyone is concerned, Anderson is her father, that only works against us at his estate.. Housekeepers, gardeners, more innocent civilians who might think we are trying to target Yevette.. No.. It's too risky.."

A rush of anger sweeps through my chest and reckless primal instincts begin taking control.. Yevie being gone is like a god damned dagger in my chest, and a guy like West should understand better than anyone what that can do to a man.. "Yer can't be fuckin' serious boss! You know what they'll do to her.. What they already did to her in that house!"

He scowls and drops his voice lowering in a warning.. "O'connor.."

Now it's Hunters turn to try to diffuse the tension.. He stands up with a stretch.. "Yevie knew what she was agreeing to.. Probably better than any of us. And look how god damned tough she is.. We'll get her back, O'connor.."

I ignore him and keep my focus on West.."If you think you can stop me from--"

West cuts me off lifting his hand, giving me that steely, pissed off stare of his.. "I CAN stop you O'connor.."

His threat only fuels my anger.. I'm not sure if he's talking about my job.. Or shit coming to blows.. Either way, I'll fight for Yevie if he forces my hand.. I don't want to, but I will.. "Fuckin' try me, West." I step up to him, as my chest swells and I crack my neck from side to side, readying for a fight..

"Oh for Christ's sake!" The tension is snapped by the sharp accosting tone as Iris sweeps in to take over...

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