Fields of Clover

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Yevette Fields

When you wake, it's in a familiar room, in a house you'd hoped never to return to..

Anderson Daley's estate..

Your head pounds with an intense ache and when you reach up to feel behind your head, you find a tender lump has formed back there.

The decor is white on white on white.. The walls the curtains the bedspread and the carpets and rugs are all different shades in soft creams..

Looking down you see you have been dressed in a simple white slip dress..
Sliding off the bed you cross to the door, jiggling the handle to find it locked from the outside.. Just as you had suspected it would be..

Your time in this mansion was always like being trapped in a cage..
A gilded cage, but a cage nonetheless...

"Hey!" You pound a fist on the door, yelling out.. "Hey! Let me out!"
It doesn't take long until your hands start to hurt from all the banging..
You slump against the door.. "Please..."

You need a plan.. You need to think!

Pushing off the door you make your way across the room, stopping to push open the heavy curtains to each of the floor to ceiling glass doors that lead out onto a juliet balcony.. But three stories off the ground is far to high for you to escape from.. There is no way to climb down the outside of this house..

You had already tried that at sixteen, and failed miserably.. The result had been a caning you will never forget..

You head into the attached bathroom, pulling open draws and cupboards, looking for a weapon, or anything to defend yourself with, but they're all empty.. Your eyes go to the half wall of glass that separates the wet area from the dry in the large marbled room..

An idea strikes you, a risky one, but it's all you've got..

You pick up a heavy decorative vase and throw it as hard as you can through the shower screen, jagged fragments of glass fall shattered all around you..

Stepping back to the bathroom doorway, carefully to avoid the sharp shards, you wait only a few seconds before the door lock clicks open..

A burly figure steps into the room, but he doesn't come any further.. "What was that fucking noise?"

He grunts, his lips snarling as he peers around you to see the mess at your feet..

"I.. I'm sorry, I knocked the vase over.. I'll clean it up.." You drop your head, deferentially and play up your submission to the situation, moving to clean up the broken glass yourself..

"No!" He snaps and you freeze.. "You'll cut yourself.. I'll send somebody.."

What a strange thing for a henchman who knocked you unconscious to care about..

Why would it matter to him if you cut yourself or not! Still, you nod your head in agreement..

He steps out of the room and pulls the door shut behind him, the lock clicking into place..

You immediately get to works selecting the longest, sharpest shard you can find.. You wrap a small washcloth around the bottom half as a makeshift handle and take your glass blade back to the bedroom, hiding it beneath the pillows on the bed..

Then, you wait until Rameriez returns, with a familiar woman you recognise as a housekeeper, one who doesn't speak and doesn't look at you while she tidies the broken glass. Rameriez watches everything from the doorway as you sit on the end of the bed..

"Don't hurt yourself chica'.. It devalues you.. I won't get paid as much if I bring you to the auction house all fucked up.." Ramirez warns..

The housekeeper finishes her work quickly and hurries out of the room.. Carlos glances around before he glares at you and pulls the door shut again.. Leaving you alone in the bedroom once more..

You resume your search of the room, pulling everything apart.. You don't know what you're looking for exactly.. But you need to do something to keep from going insane with panic.. Just because you know you can endure just about any punishment they throw at you doesn't mean you want to. You're not a sadist, you definitely don't WANT to be tortured.. Again!

The lock clicks and you whirl around from the dresser you are currently searching..

Zachary stands there, his eyes blackened with bruising and a white bandage strip over his swollen nose..

"You look like shit.." You hiss,moving to the end of the bed, away from the door, and away from Zach..

He follows, taking two steps closer.. He holds out his hands, like you would to approach a timid puppy.. "Listen to me Yevie.. I'm going to offer you a deal here..
Come home with me.. Be my wife again and all of this goes away.."

You fold your arms and narrow your eyes on his utterly insincere face.. "But it doesn't 'go away' Zach.. It will never go away.. I see that now.."

"I'll be better babe.. I promise." He doesn't even try to make it sound convincing.. His words come out flat.. Menacing..

His predatory gaze rakes over you..
"I will never be your wife again.. And in my heart Zachary.. I never was."

He rushes forward, grabbing your wrists and yanking you against him.. "You fucking better believe you will be mine again, Yevette.."

His hands push at the thin straps of your dress and it falls from your shoulders, the silky fabric easily slipping down to pool at your feet.. You try shoving against him but he grips your throat and turns you around, shoving you stomach first onto the bed..

You scramble up the comforter towards the pillows but his weight traps you as he crawls onto your back, pinning you down.. You feel the hardness between his thighs press against you..

"No.. No, Zach stop!" You beg, struggling to push him off, to get out from under his massive frame.. He uses one hand to pin your arm and the other begins to grope at your ass, tugging at your underwear.. When you're losing, you need a new strategy..
That's what Jackson had told you.. It takes everything you have not to be sick at the thought of what you are about to do.. "I'll come back to you.. I will.. Please.. Please -- just don't do this, not like this Zach.. Babe.. Please.." You beg..

His suspicious gaze narrows on you as his gruff voice snaps back.. "Then stop fucking fighting me!"

Despite every screaming warning in your head, you relax yourself letting your muscles loosen.. "I will.. I'm sorry babe.. I messed up.."

His weight shifts and he let's up, just a little, allowing you to roll onto your back beneath him.. His evil eyes peer down at you expectantly.. "Well? Make it up to me then.."

You flutter your lashes, reaching up with your left hand and griping the back of his neck, pulling his mouth to yours..

His tongue forces its way between your lips, and you allow him inside.. You let your tongue tangle fiercely with Zachs, while your right arm reaches up above your head, beneath the pillows..

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