Fields of Clover

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Yevette Feilds

Zach pulls back from the kiss, his eyes dark and animalistic.. His smile is sly and his chest rises and falls rapidly with excitement.. "Shit Yevie.. Why weren't you this feisty in bed before?!" He smirks..

"I've never been this excited before.." You breathe the words as you smile and press your palm against his chest, softly with a downward stroke.. He takes the cue and pulls back, ready to change positing..

Instead, as soon as his arms hit the mattress to push himself up, you plunge the glass shard straight into his throat.. It sinks the entire length into his flesh, until the tip is poking out the back of his neck, at the base of his skull.. The combination of the sight and the sensation of the fleshy resistance against the glass blade, it's truely sickening.. Beyond anything you've ever seen, ever felt.. Bile rises in your throat and you swallow hard to keep it down.. "Oh! God.."

Your grip on the glass falls and you scoot backwards away from the terror in his eyes.. A watery gurgle comes from his lips and blood pools thick and fast, spilling from his mouth and open throat onto the crisp white bedspread and all over your legs.. "Gluh-gu-guh-gu..."

The life drains from his irises right before your eyes.. His skin becomes pale and ghostly as he falls forward and you dodge to the side, jumping up from the bed.. A trail of blood dripping from your stomach and legs as you scramble to your feet.. "Oh god! Zach?.. I'm sorry.."

A final hollow wheezing sound rattles around in his chest - a sound that echoes in your head. A sound you will never forget - as his body jerks and then nothing.. The door flies open and Carlos storms in looking furious and dark,"Jesus Christ.. What the fuck have you done?!"

You tremble, blood soaked and in your scant black underwear and bra you feel completely exposed.. "I had to.. He.. He was going to.." You trail off, your eyes glued to Zachs lifeless body still bleeding out onto the snowy white comforter..

"Jesus, what a fucking mess! Go clean yourself up.. It's time. Shit!" He snaps his fingers with a bark, bringing you tumbling back to reality, your head spins.. Carlos watches you angrily from the doorway.. Your eyes go to the pistol at his hip, before you nod your compliance..

In the bathroom, you clean the blood off yourself, washing over everything several times because you feel disgusting.. The forced kiss.. The forced killing.. What almost eventuated out there..
Zachary Ryan is dead, because you killed him..

Nausea roils in your stomach and you heave, bile rising again, but this time there is no stopping the contents of your stomach from spilling onto the tiled shower floor, swirling down the durian under the relentless flowing stream of water...

After that you gargle mouth wash, extensively, and fix the dark makeup that has run beneath your eyes. As you slip back into the white dress, your now damp undergarments clinging to the light fabric uncomfortably..

When you enter the bedroom, Zachs body has been wrapped in the bedspread, but not moved. Carlos waits by the door with a thick plastic cable tie and a black hood in his hands.. He tosses them at your feet.. "Put these on.." He growls.. You comply, there is no other option, Ramirez is more mountain than man. His arms are thick like tree trunks, his husky build makes him easily the biggest guy you've ever seen.. Looping the ziptie around your wrists you use your teeth to pull it tight, then you pick up the hood, with one last reluctant look at Rameriez, you pull it over your head..

Everything goes black and a few seconds later there is a tug at the cable tie, tightening it until the bones in your wrists press together painfully, before a firm hand grips the back of your neck, pushing you forward, leading you, as your arms come up to feel ahead of you in your blinded state..

"W-Where are we going?" You whimper..

"Shut up.. Or you'll only make things worse for yourself.." He growls in a warning tone..

"Please.. You have to help me.." You plead with him..

His grip tightens and he gives you a little jerk.. "Listen to me when I tell you chica', nobody here is going to help you.. Nobody.. You understand? You are on your own, so toughen up chica." His words are disheartening but you know they are true.. It's stuffy and hard to breath beneath the hood, the material has a suffocating effect, making you feel a powerful surge of claustrophobia..

Immediately your brain works overtime to counter the mounting anxiety.. You picture the most calming, soothing thing you can think of .. Patrick..
His boyishly handsome face materialises in your mind.. As your feet glide forward you keep your thoughts firmly on him.. Those piercing blue eyes, that only ever looked at you with respect and reverence..
Those temptingly kissable lips, that tightened into a dazzling grin, complete with dimples, whenever you entered the room..
He was the best thing to ever happen in your whole screwed up life, and now..

You stop dead in your tracks when you consider.. You hadn't left Patrick's apartment on the best of terms.. You know he must be blaming himself for everything that's happened.. Your heart breaks at the thought of him torturing himself over this.. And what would become of his sweet heart if the worst were to happen to you..

"Move.." A shove from behind sends you sprawling onto the floor, you land hard on your knees and elbows with a yelp..

He pulls you up by your arm and bundles you into a small confined space.. Only when you hear the familiar metallic clink do you realise you're in the boot of a car.. Reaching up you pull the hood from your head, you suck in deep breaths, gulping in as much air as you possibly can.. You couldn't even try to fight him, or scream, but what would be the point.. Ramirez is too strong and nobody would hear you..

The car engine revs and you can feel the sway and bounce of the car moving down the estate driveway.. You feel around in the darkness for something to cut your ties with, but there is nothing..

You wriggle as far up and back as you can and kick your foot into the tail light, hard.. The brittle plastic gives way easily, but still a slicing pain in your sole tells you your bare foot has been cut open.. Ignoring the new pain, you curl into a ball and manoeuvre yourself around so you can peer out through the small hole you just created..

All you see is see the southbound entry ramp to the freeway as the road rushes away beneath you.

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