Fields of Clover

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Patrick O'Connor

"This is how it's going to be.." Me and West stand in front of Iris's desk while she gives her orders, arms crossed and impatient.. "West, you run point. Paxton will take second command, Ford will run surveillance and you O'connor, will stay in position at all times.. You will wait for West to authorise the kill-order.. Do you understand?"

I grin at her and wink.. "Aye, mam'.."

She narrows her eyes, scrutinising my blazé response for authenticity.. She's not wrong for being skeptical, no way will I ever be deferring to Hunter Paxton.. "I'm fucking serious, Patrick.." Her brow crinkles and she sighs frustratedly..

"As am I.." I let all humour fall from my face, if she wants to believe I will blindly follow her calls, or West's for that matter, she can.. I mean, she'd be wrong, but she can believe it if it makes her feel better..

Hunter busts into Iris's office.. He buzzes with a familiar adrenaline fueled energy, the same one that rises now in my chest at his words.. I know it's time.."Tracker is moving.. Time to go, lads!" Paxton barely pauses to get the words out before turning to leave again..

West's head snaps in my direction and he gives me a nod before we're both barrelling down the hall to the artillery room.. Weapons of every kind line the wireframe walls of the room. I immediately begin to reassemble my preferred M40 bolt-action sniper rifle, I test the scope as the weighty frame fits easily into my grip, like it was made for me.. I then move on to strap myself with two pistols, knives and enough ammo to take out a small army..

West raises an eyebrow curiously at me as I check the clip in one of the handguns.. "You know i'm never gunna' take orders from Paxton.. Hell, I probably won' listen to you either, brother.. Jus' how this has gotta be.." I give him a hard look, waiting for him to challenge me on that.. Right now I don't give a fuck about anything other than getting to Yevie..

My princess.. I can't stop thinking about what they might be doing to her right now, because if I do I will be useless to her.. So instead I block it all out, the emotions, her beautiful face, her soft curves.. Or the way her tears fell when I hadn't spoken those three words she'd wanted to hear.. Even though they're true.. I love her..
And if I am honest with myself.. I have been since the first time I laid eyes on her..

"I'm pretty sure our protocols were fucked the second Paxton put his proposal on the table.." West smirks, looking over his shoulder at Hunter who is shouting commands at his men beyond the armory walls.. "I'm not stupid enough to stand in your way, we're good brother.."

"Oorah!" We both grunt in unison as he grips my hand in a firm shake of solidarity.. I don't know what Paxton's deal is here but as he makes his way over to us all I can think is that he better stay the fuck out of my way too.. "Orders, West?" He asks..

The Boss man has my back.. "I've sent Jackson ahead to scout the final location, Iris has requested that you run second.. But of course you know, O'connor has always been my second and I don't plan on switching it up now.."

Paxton's eyes narrow and anger rolls off him in currents I can practically feel.. "Listen mate, this whole pissing contest is getting a bit fucking old--"

I swiftly step up into his face.. West watches but doesn't move to stop me this time.. Instead he goes back to checking his weapon.. I drop my voice low, because I don't need for his whole team to hear me going off on his arrogant ass..

He's the only one who needs to hear it, and I'm going to make sure he does.. "You listen. This ain't no pissin' contest fella, this is about you being a fuckin' snake, who I know still hasn' handed over the Intel we agreed on.. Always withholding and workin' an angle ain't it.. I'm getting Yevie back alive either way. You wanna' keep your secrets go ahead.. But don' expect anybody to trust you.."

I drop my shoulder into his as I pass him, grabbing my rifle and heading to the parking garage, I can hear West following behind me as Paxton mutters under his breath.. "Fucking hell.."

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