Fields of Clover

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Yevette Feilds

"Paxton?" The name bounces around in your head like a ping pong ball..
What the hell?..
Does she have something to do with the Paxton who wanted you to be here?..

Lacey nods her sweet, heart shaped face. She is a very pretty girl and a tiny little thing.. You are quite small, and she is dainty even next to you.. But peering at her closer, you can see it.. The family resemblance to somebody you recently met.. Those lonely grey eyes.. "Are you related to Hunter Paxton?" The thought tumbles from your mouth before you can even consider what this all might mean...

Her eyes go wide with shock at the mention of his name and she watches you with a newfound interest.. "He was my brother.. D-Did you know Hunter?"

Her question and tone ring in your ears oddly.. Her phrasing and use of past tense set off warning bells.. Your head tilts to one side curiously.. "What do you mean 'did' I?"

She winces, scrunching up her cute little nose.. "Oh.. Gosh.. You don't know?.." Her eyes glisten with tears.. As she looks at you apologetically.. You can only frown, completely puzzled by her and her brother.. "A few years ago.. Hunter.. He was killed in combat, it was supposed to be his last deployment.. But, they believe there was an air strike..and..they never found his body.." She chokes up on her softly spoken words and shivers..

You can sense how difficult the loss has been for her and it only compounds your empathy.. Still, you shake your head now, confused.. You know for a fact Hunter Paxton is not dead.. So why would he allow his own sister to believe something so terrible had happened.. No wonder the guy seemed so damn lonely.. He had left behind the people who love him the most.. "No.. No he--" Stopping yourself, you begin to piece the puzzle together.. Paxton's faux-death likely coincides with his contract at the CIA commencing..

Lacey comforts you now with a gentle squeeze, as though she hadn't been through enough herself.. The kind gesture fills you with despair. Your heart breaks for this poor girl, she shouldn't be here.. None of these people should be..

You understand everything now.. this is why Paxton was so eager to use you as bait, why he had been so determined.. The man would do anything to save his sister.. And you don't blame him one bit.. Lacey coos kindly, "I'm so sorry you had to find out this way.. Did you guys used to date or something?" She seems to be almost excited at the idea of hearing any news of her brother, stories of his life she might never had hear, pieces of him for her to collect.. But you don't have them..

You wonder if this really the time to be dropping the bomb on her that her brother is alive.. Probably not. So, you give her a small smile and take the easy option.. It might not be right, but it's right for her current emotional state, you don't know how she would react if you give her the truth about Hunter.. "No.. Nothing like that.. We were.. friends.. My name is Yevie.." Her lips curl upwards, just a little.. The smile quickly wiped from her face by the sound of thudding boots outside the door, stopping you both silent..

With a thundering metallic rattle the door flies up and open.. Ramirez stomps into the space, glancing around before grabbing Lacey by the forearms, and hoisting her to her feet..
"No stop!" Immediately you jump up, screaming out.. You claw at his wrists.. He shoves you to the ground but you don't stop fighting, pushing up to your feet you shove back hard at his shoulder before grabbing his hands again, trying to pry them from Lacey arms.. "No.. No.. Not her. Take me.. Please, Ramirez.. Take me to Michael instead.."

He drops Lacey and takes you by your throat.. Dark eyes assessing you.. He scoffs, shaking his head.. "Fine chica'. Just behave yourself and no one gets hurt.." He growls indifferently as he begins dragging you from the unit, you throw one last look over your shoulder when Lacey whimpers.. "Yevie..No.."

You turn to see her, reaching out her slender arms to you.. The other women in the lockup watch you, just as wide eyed and frightened.. You give her a small smile.. Knowing it may well be the last smile you ever give to somebody..

In your mind you repeat a silent vow to yourself.. Whatever happens, you will endure untill Patrick arrives.. Because you have to.. You have to make all these actions worth something, otherwise, so many more lives than just yours, or Patrick's.. will be ruined by this..

"Shhh.. It's okay sweetheart.." Are you final words to Lacey before the door slams shut and Carlos gives you a push in the direction he wants you to go.. He trails you up a corridor that leads to a steep staircase so narrow Ramirez has to turn slightly to the side in order to fit as he follows you, heavy footed up the stairs..

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