Fields of Clover

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Yevette Feilds

. . o v e r o n e m o n t h l a t e r . .

You're leaving Spectres medical facility today, after two surgeries and a skin graft to repair the terrible burn on your back..
The past few weeks have been a medicated blur and you don't entirely remember how got here.. Last thing you remember, Patrick was yelling at you to stop while you were trying to prevent Hunter from shooting Ramirez and the next thing, you were waking up in the plush white hospital room to the soft sound of your beeping life monitors, feeling like you'd been hit by a train..

You had tried your hardest to recall the moment Anderson stabbed you, but it just isn't there, it's like a blank void in your memory that you just can't seem to access..

You know that you managed to tell Hunter where Lacey was before the blood loss consumed you, and you know a few other details that the guys of Alpha had filled you in on.. Like the fact that Heather Feilds had taken off in Michael's Mercedes-Benz the second shots began to rain.. But the gap in your memory still remains..

Honey left only a few minutes ago in a hurry. She has been working around the clock, arranging the repairs to your apartment and refurbishing it for your return..
Right now, Hunter is the only other person with you and he sits in the chair by the window, watching you like a hawk as you slowly move about the space, packing your belongings..

You wince when you bend to unplug your phone charger from the wall socket, Hunter jumps to his feet.. "Please let me do that sweetheart.."

You wave at him to sit back down, and he does obediently, dropping heavily back into the chair.. The events at the lockup compound brought the two of you together, particularly with Hunter now feeling infinitely indebted to you for finding his sister.. He has been here almost every day since you arrived, he spends most of his time going between you and Lacey, checking on you both, usually bringing a variety of candies with him.. Today's selection, Jellybeans..

Sadly, you have fared much better than Lacey has.. The poor girl has been having a hard time coping with her experience and adjusting to the revelation that her brother lives..

You reach for the bag of brightly colours jellies, popping a cherry red candy in your mouth before tossing the bag to Hunter, who catches it with one fist.."It's fine Hunter, really.. I can do it.. How is she today?" You change the subject, wanting to take your mind off the still aching, but healing, wound at your stomach, the painkillers the nurse gave you a few hours ago beginning to wear off..

He selects a green jelly bean for himself, chewing it thoughtfully before he speaks.. "The same.. She won't talk to me Yevie.. I don't know what to do.."

You stop what you're doing and cross over to sit on the armrest beside him, placing a hand over his.. You peer down into his lonely grey eyes, the sadness in them clear as crystal.. "You know she doesn't mean to hurt you, she just needs some time.. Don't give up.."

He runs his hand back through his dishevelled short, sandy hair, making it neat again as he sighs.. "Yeah.. I can do that.."

You scrub a hand through his hair and mess it up again.. "Yeah you can, big guy.."

He chuckles as you stand and move back to what you were doing.. Hunter goes quiet, but you can still feel his watchful gaze on your back and you know he's waiting for you to ask the same question you always ask when he visits you..
You bite your lip, trying to hold it in, as he stands and crosses to sit on the bed next to your suitcase, dropping the bag of candies on the bedside table.. He's making it pretty impossible for you to avoid it, right now.. "Have you.. Heard anything from.. Him?"

He lowers his gaze and scrunches his nose.. You already know the answer.. "No.. But he'll be back sweetheart.. There's no way he's dumb enough to leave a girl like you behind.." He tries to lighten the mood with his warm smile, but it's no use.. As soon as you think of Patrick, you feel the sadness and loss all over again..
He hasn't been to see you in the hospital and nobody will tell you where he is.. You miss him so terribly it's as though your heart has been suspended in ice and your chest aches as the frostbite takes hold..

You spin around to sit on the bed beside Hunter.. "I'm not so sure, Axe.. I'm.. I'm so damaged.. Im worried he thinks it's his fault.. Or his responsibility to fix.. Maybe.. Maybe it's better this way.."

He looks at you as though you're insane.. "Sweetheart, you're not damaged.. You're fucking incredible.. I've never met anyone like you Yevie, you're so strong, so brave but also.. You've been through hell, and you never let it make you bitter.. Unlike me. I don't deserve to be your friend, the way I used you.. It was fucked up.."

This is probably the twentieth time he has apologised, and you respond the same as ever. "Hunter stop! I would do it all over again if it meant finding Lacey. And I would make the same choice to protect Carlos everytime.. What happened, was always going to happen.. Its fate.."

He scoffs and shakes his head.. "Fate?"

"Yeah.. Like, part of the universe's grand design.. Destiny.."

He nods slowly, and you toy with the hem of your baby blue, floral sundress.. "So.. You and O'connor.. You were 'fated' to meet?" He asks..

You stop your fidgeting.. "You know, I think we were.."

You feel the tears pick at the corner of your eyes and Hunter groans.. "Ah, shit, Yevie.. Don't cry.. I didn't mean to--" He stands up concerned and you lean into his chest, your shoulders begin to shake as you cry into his soft black cotton shirt.. His huge arms wrap you in a comforting warm embrace.. "Shhh sweetheart.." He soothes as he brushes his fingers through your hair..

Somebody clears their throat by the door and you both turn, still holding each other, in the direction of the sound.. Patrick stands there, looking way to perfect in his faded jeans and white tee, his expression blank as he growls.. "Should I come back later?"

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