Fields of Clover

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Patrick O'Connor

I'm fucking stunned, Yevie and Hunter stand together, tangled in each others arms in the middle of the hospital suite.. The sight splits my heart right down the centre..

I know I've been out of town for a few weeks, but it sure didn't take Paxton long to move in on her.. I watch as he runs his fingers through her dark glossy mane.. I guess that's what I deserve. I clear my throat with a fake cough..

"Should I come back later?" I try not to sound bitter about their closeness but i'm pretty sure I fail miserably, and I hate myself even more for that..

I'm not here to make Yevie feel bad about anything, I'm here because I physically couldn't stay away from her any longer.. And because West pointed out to me what a dick move I was making by running away.. And believe me, he was not subtle in calling me out.

"Patrick?" Yevie pulls away from Paxton slowly, his arms drop to his sides and he nods at me..

"O'connor. Was wondering when you were going to turn up, brother.."
I can't tell if he's giving me shit or not.. But it's Paxton, so I'm going to go ahead and assume he is.. Somehow though, now that I know about his sister, much of my anger towards him has dissipated..
We'll, it had.. until I found him wrapped up in Yevie's arms..

My eyes go between the two of them as he leans over to her ear and lowers his voice.. "I'll go get us some coffee for the drive.. Sugar?" She turns to him with a sweet smile.. The same sweet smile that was once for me.. I try to ignore the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach at their familiar exchange..

"Yes, please. Thank you, Axe.." Paxton gives her a smile and then tosses me another nod before striding out of the room, leaving Yevie and I standing alone together, several feet apart..

"You came back.." She whispers..

That's a disheartening thing for her to say.. Of course I was coming back.. I was always coming back for her.. And the fact that she though I wasn't, kind of stings.. "I.. I had somethin' to take care of.."

She narrows her eyes.. "Oh?"
I obviously have some explaining to do..

"I was trackin' down Heather Feilds after she fled the scene.. The CIA has her in custody now, they have been able to trace many of the civilians suspected missin' from the lockup.."

Her dark arched brows rise in surprise, her amber eyes peirce my soul as she stares at me.. Fuck.. She's even more beautiful than I remember.. "That's.. That's wonderful.. How many are still missing?"
Of course that's her first question.. She still has the most open, caring heart.. The one that drew me to her in the first place..

"Four.. But the CIA has leads on all of 'em.. They'll find 'em.. You saved hundreds of people, Yevie.." I want her to know how awe inspiring she is.. How she amazes me at each and every turn of our time together.. How grateful I am that she allowed me into her life, even if it was only for a short time.. Even if she is finished with me now..

"I did, didn't I?" She smiles at me and hums.. I smile back.. It was always so easy between us, I never had to be anyone else around her.. She has this way about her, that makes people feel as if they've known her their whole life.. And the more I get to know her, the more I've witnessed her magnetizing power in action, on West, on Ford and now on Paxton.. Everyone who meets her, is undeniably better for having known her..

"I was also tryin' to figure out, why the hell you would throw yourself in front of Ramirez like that.. That was fuckin' crazy, princess.." She nods, as if she agrees with me that it was crazy.. At least we can agree on that!

"I still don't know why Patrick, but.. I just had this feeling that he didn't want to hurt me.. He didn't want to be there.. And he didn't deserve to die.. You know, he didn't tell the Senator about.. What I did.. If he had, I don't think I'd be here now.."

I try not to look surprised.. She's not bloody wrong! I'm impressed by her intuition.. But it doesn't go unnoticed that she refers to the fact that she killed Zachary Ryan in self defence as 'what she did'.. I'm going to have to come back to that.. There's no way I'm letting her wear the guilt of that.. "Yeah, I ask'd Heather about that durin' one of our.. Interrogations.. Yevie... Carlos Ramirez is your biological father.."

Her mouth falls open..

"It's my understandin' that he didn' know you were his daughter until a few years ago, that's why he joined the Senators security team.. He's a retired Navy S.E.A.L, so it wasn' hard for him to get the position.. Apparently he was the one feedin' Intel to Paxton at the CIA.."

She stumbles back, dazed, and drops into the chair by the window.. I pace over to crouch infornt of her..

"Princess? You alrite'?"

She laughs shortly.. "Ha.. I have a father?.." Tears shine in her eyes.. "I want to see him, Patrick.."

I nod.. "Of course.. That can all be arranged princess.."

She seems lost in thought for a moment before she pushes up and moves away from me.. I stand and lean against the window sill, giving her the space she obviously wants.. "So, what else happened on your adventure?"

I cock my head to the side as she peeks at me over her shoulder.. "Whatd'ya mean?"

She begins folding up the remaining clothes on the bed and packing them into her suitcase.. "Well, I'm assuming you got into some kind of accident, hit your head and have been laying unconscious in a ditch somewhere, for weeks.. That's why you haven't called me.. Right?" She still has that sassy wit that can put me in my place.. And I'll take it.. Hell, I'll take anything as long as she's still willing to keep me in her life..

"Ah. Alrite', I definitely deserve that.." I rub the back of my neck.. I don't know how to act around her now.. If she's seeing Paxton I know I should respect that.. But it doesn't stop me from wanting to take her and kiss her breathless.. Wanting to feel her warm touch and inhale her sugary perfume..

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