Fields of Clover

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Yevette Feilds

As Patrick watches you watching him.. Your eyes are glued to each others and an excited energy zips between you..

He rubs the back of his neck in that adorable sheepish way he does and emotions flood your entire being like the waves of a tsunami..

His striking blue eyes that swim with a remorseful sadness, his square jawline that he clenches as if biting back on words he wants to say and his lean muscles tensing and releasing nervously..

Sure you're angry at him.. Your angry that he disappeared without so much as a text message.. But you're also so proud of him, of how he has chosen to dedicate his life.. Helping others, saving people and bringing terrible people to justice.. Terrible people like your mother..

And you've missed him.. Your heart has ached every second of his absence and you can't resist him any longer.. "Paddykins.."

His eyes light up when you drop the cute nickname and he straightens up, a hopeful look in his eye.. "Princess?"

You close the distance between you both, taking Patrick by his shoulders and drawing his lips down to yours..

Immediately he responds, his stubble scratches sensually against your cheek, his hands grip your waist firmly, as he pulls you against the rigid contours of his chest and abs..

You press into him, drinking in his citrus scent and running your hands up his neck to rake through his silky flaxen locks.. As your tongues intertwine in a languid dance, he groans into your mouth, the sound and vibrations spurring you to deepen the kiss.. "Mmmmm.."

One of his hands comes to your cheek, his thumb stroking the side of your face gently, eliciting a faint moan.. "Mmmm.." Your lips break apart but you don't open your eyes.. you can hear Patrick's heavy breaths and feel his hammering heart against your chest.. "I missed you.."

You look up at him, and he grins down at you, eyes shining and two rows of perfectly straight, white teeth and those dazzling dimples are on full display.. Your heart does a little somersault in your chest at the way he looks at you with adoration.. "Me too, princess.."

You let your ams fall and you take a step back, trying to clear your head, it's so hard to think with him standing there, smelling so good, and looking like sex personified..

He immediately returns to a rigid posture, as though he wants to grab hold of you again, but doesn't dare push his luck.. Paxton chooses just then to return with two cups of coffee..
"You ready sweetheart?"

You twist around at the sound of his voice, a shooting pain ripping across your midsection at the jerky movement, you inhale sharply, and both of the men immediately completely overreact.. "Ooooff.."

Patrick rushes forward, taking your arm and leading you to sit on the end of the bed, while Hunter brings you a glass of water which you take with two hands and a smile.. Both of them watch you with worried eyes and furrowed brows.. "It's fine guys.. I'm fine, really.."

They share a look with each other and you roll your eyes, pushing up from the bed you set the glass down on the bedside table and put the last of your clothes in the case, zipping it up.. "But I'm really looking forward to being home.. Honey's waiting for us Axe and I want to stop in to see Lacey on the way, so we should probably get going?"

As much as you want to see Patrick, to spend time with him, he was the one who left you, so you refuse to drop everything just because he showed up.. He's still got some work to do to make it up to you..

Hunter nods and moves to pick up your suitcase for you and offering his other arm for you to lean on, which you take..

Patrick stands and watches as you move towards the door.. You pause, turning back to smile at him.. "Maybe you'll call me later, O'connor?" You smile..

He grins and you can see the relief written on his face.. "Count on it, princess.."

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