Fields of Clover

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Yevette Feilds

You knock gently on the door of Lacey's room at the expensive treatment facility Hunter has checked her into.. She looks up from her needlepoint and smiles at you, a sadness deep in her grey-blue eyes.. "Hi there, sweetie.." You purr gently..

"Yevie.. I'm so happy to see you.." She doesn't even acknowledge Hunter standing beside you and your heart breaks for him..

"Hey baby-girl.." He speaks so quietly you can barely hear him and her eyes flick to him warily.. Then back to you..
"I've almost finished the English Rose you liked, would you like to see?"

You nod, and make your way to sit beside her on the brass framed bed.. She lifts an embroidery hoop from the nightstand and passes it to you.. You gasp at how beautiful her artwork is.. A single rose stitched in what must be twenty different shades of silky red thread, the flower floating weightless over an intricate lacework background.. "Lacey! Its stunning! You're so talented!"

She smiles shyly and tucks her adorable bangs to one side.. "I just have a steady hand is all.."

You hold the thread work out for Hunter to see, in an effort to include him, and bring the siblings closer together.. Ever since Lacey found out Hunter was alive, she has treated him with a cold indifference.. The doctors believe it is her way of processing unsettling information, and that hopefully with time she would come around.. And with the right antidepressants she seems to be doing really well..
At least today anyway.. "Did you see, Hunter?" You coax the silent marine closer..

He approaches cautiously.. Smiling proudly when his eyes fall to the delicate threads.. "Wow, Lacey.. That's amazing.."

She looks up at him.. Offering just the hint of a smile.. "Thanks, Hunter.."

Hunter beams a thousand megawatt smile.. You can see just how much the connection means to him.. And how good it is for her. So you decide to push, just a little further... "Hey, um, Lacey, I was thinking, now that I'm out of the hospital for good, I'd really love to do something outdoorsy.. So Hunter is taking me on a picnic this weekend at Central, do you want to come with us?" She looks over to you excitedly and nods..

"Really? Yes.. Yes I would like that, Honey brought me the cutest yellow sweater.. It would be perfect for a picnic.." Lacey jumps up and begins sorting through her wardrobe.. You glance over to Hunter who smiles gratefully at you, then mouths the words 'thank you'..

You spend a couple of hours with Lacey, talking about everything from fashion to the pre-med schooling she is enrolled at, at the city's top university..

Before her abduction, Lacey had ambitions to become a surgeon, and you try to encourage her to consider returning to college when she recovers, but she is non committal about it whenever you bring it up.. It's going to take time for Lacey to feel like herself again, you understand that, you just wish there was something you could do to ease her suffering..


When you finally arrive home, the apartment smells like the most delicious home cooking, southern style, and Honey rushes to greet you.. She kisses your cheeks twice before ushering you through to your living room.. "Yevie! Come, come, sit down.."

You're amazed at the way Honey has been able to replace most of your furniture almost exactly the same as it was before.. She must have scoured the city to find everything.. "I can't believe you did all this Honey! It's beautiful here.." You smile in appreciation at your best friend who glows with happiness to see you.. You hum, sinking onto the sofa and closing your eyes, you're so tired you could sleep standing up right now..

"No! Don't fall asleep yet, you have to take your pills and eat something first, then you can go to bed.."
You sit up and chuckle.. Honey rushes to get your medication from your hospital bags while she continues to make a fuss over you.. "Oh, I meant to ask when is your next appointment? I can take you.. Unless.." Her eyes flick to Hunter.. You know what she means by unless.. She means 'unless somebody else is already taking you'..

"Um.. I'm not sure.. I can check.. Ah but, can I take a shower first?" She narrows her bright blue eyes at you, clearly you will be discussing this later..
She nods her head and gives you a sly smile before heading off toward the kitchen, calling out to you.. "Perfect, dinner will be ready in twenty minutes.." She turns to Hunter on her way.. "Come on you, let's find a use for you in the kitchen.."

He grins at her nervously.. "Yes mam'.."

You smile to yourself, you can't help it, he's kinda funny, and definitely charming.. You also can't help but notice the rippling muscles of his back and shoulders beneath his tight black shirt or the perfect cut shape of his rock hard ass as he follows Honey through the kitchen door..

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