Fields of Clover

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Patrick O'Connor

My heart rate picks up as Yevie leads me through to sit on the sofa.. I'm nervous and tying my hardest not to let it show, but I'm pretty sure she can tell, because she gives me that warm comforting smile of hers.. "Beer?"

I nod, never taking my eyes off hers.. I want to know what she is thinking.. I want to know what happened to her.. And I want to know what I can do to make up for the fact that I allowed it to happen.. But more than that, I want to know how she feels.. If the love she had for me, is still in her heart.. "Thanks.."

She disappears into the kitchen, a white bandage still covering the place where the brand burned her shoulder blade.. When she returns with a frosty bottle and a glass of water, I take in her whole form, a long, thin scarlet scar to the left of her belly button.. My chest aches at the sight..

She hands me the beer, my fingertips brushing against her soft skin as I take the ice-cold bottle..

She moves to sit beside me.. A fucking excellent sign.. Maybe I'm. Not too late.. She sips her water before placing it on the coffee table.. My eyes go to the paused scene on the TV screen.. "What are we watchin'?"

She arches an eyebrow at me.. "The Notebook.."

I hum.. "Haven' seen it.."

She giggles and the sound is like music to me ears.. "I'm not at all surprised.."

I take a swig of my beer in an effort to compose myself .. She watches me, waiting for me to speak.. "I wasn' sure if you'd be here.. Or if you'd have company.." Yeah, so not subtle. I don't know why that's the first place my mind goes.. Because I know I don't have the right to be a jealous ass.. I just can't seem to get control of it around her..

"No? Where else would I be?" I know she's toying with me, she wants me to say it..

So I will.. "Maybe, at Hunter Paxton's apartment.."

She frowns.. "Yevie Is that where I should be, O'connor?"

All I can think is - NO FUCKING WAY- but I ignore that and I shake my head instead.. "I don' know if that's for me te' say princess.."

She sighs.. And scoops up the remote control from the coffee table before she takes me by surprise and slides closer to me, snuggling into my side.. So I wrap and arm around her, the scent of her sugary sweetness stealing my breath..

"You're so stupid, Paddykins.." She teases as she hits play and we fall into a comfortable silence as the movie plays quietly.. Soon her breathing deepens as she drifts off to sleep in my lap while I trace featherlight strokes up and down her arm..

It's too nice, her warmth, the soft sound of her breath.. So I don't dare move to wake her.. Instead I watch the rest of the film.. Jeezus..Its a fucking sad movie.. Why the hell do girls like this stuff?

The credits finish rolling and the room falls silent.. Yevie stirs awake and slowly sits up, rubbing her sleepy eyes.. "Gosh, sorry.." She yawns, stretching her arms above her head, her short cropped shirt riding up to expose the soft creamy skin of the underside of her full breasts.. My mouth goes dry and I pry my eyes away and back to her face.. "See something you like, Paddykins.." She smirks at me, leaning forward to grab her water, taking a sip..

"Fuck yeah I do.."

She flutters those long dark lashes as her eyes fall to my lips and she slides herself over my already semi-hard cock to straddle me.. She leans in, pressing her lips to my neck, the soft contact has my insides burning, wanting more.. Needing more, my hands move to her hips, smoothing over her perfect peachy ass..

She moans softly as she takes my earlobe between her teeth and nibbles, sending my blood rushing southward.. "Mmmmm.." Her sweet jasmine and coconut scent making her smell like a summer evening breeze..

I squeeze her hips, pulling her up.. "Are ya sure you wanna be doin' this right now, princess?"

She peers down at me.. Her eyes searching mine.. "You feel differently about me, now .. Don't you?.."

I open my mouth, but quickly close it when I realise I don't have a response to that.. Of course I feel differently..

She stands up, pulling away from me and taking her warm floral scented embrace with her.. The disappointment dampens the excitement in my jeans..

"Do you think I'm broken?"

The question takes me by surprise.. I haven't thought that in the least, but I want to understand what is happening.. So I use a simple interrogation strategy on her, that I'm not particularly proud of.. "Do you think you're broken, princess?"

She sighs.. "Shit.. I mean.. Isn't everybody a little broken?"

She's too smart for my psychology, and that's definitely the truth, but I leave the floor open for her to continue.. "Maybe.."

Even smartest people will still question everything when probed in the right manner.. She twists her hands together nervously.. "Patrick.. I.. I killed him.. I killed Zach.."

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