Fields of Clover

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Chapter FIVE

Yevette Feilds

Patrick had all but laughed when you warned him of the danger in being associated with you.. He didn't seem worried in the least bit about your rich, powerful and batshit crazy ex... Which only made you concerned that he wasn't understanding the gravity of the situation..
"Princess.. I can take care of myself, yeh don' need te' worry about me.. Jus' think of yerrself', whaddya' need, what would make ya feel safe?"

Is this guy for real? How does he always know the right things to say?..

You know what would make you feel safe.. But asking proves to be a difficult task.. Just thinking it makes your cheeks heat.. "Maybe if.."

He backs up, sliding himself into a sitting position on the coffee table now opposite you.. The antique creaking a little under his weight, making you cringe ever so slightly..

"If?.." He quirks a brow, not phased one bit..

You chew your bottom lip.. Just say it girl!

"Maybe if you stayed with me.. tonight?.." You swear he stops breathing.. In the silence the soft tick of the counter clock now sounds like a deafening clunk.. You quickly correct yourself.. "In the guest room, of course.. Just so I don't feel so alone in this big apartment.."

A look that you almost would call relief passes over his features and his shoulders relax a little as he lets out his breath.. "Sure, princess.. I can do that.." He smiles at you before standing up and heading to your kitchen..

You jump up, trailing behind him curiously.. "What are you doing?"

He begins opening cupboards and draws, pulling out various utensils while you slip onto a stool at the counter.. "I'm hungry.. Aren't you?"

You chuckle, never get between men and their meals.. Though now that he mentions it, you are kind of famished, having skipped lunch for being so nervous awaiting the results at the courthouse.. Right then your stomach chooses to rumble.. "Starved actually.."

You can't tell if he can sense the double meaning to your words.. But he grins, dimples deepening.. "Right, then.. We're having.." He spins around and yanks open the fridge door revealing only a handful of ingredients.. You had been so stressed out the last week you hadn't managed to stay on top of the groceries.. "Pasta? Or... Pasta.." He lifts a small jar of basil pesto and a punnet of cherry tomatoes from your fridge..

"Pasta sounds perfect.." You sigh in response.. The beautiful man is going to spend the night in your spare bedroom to make you feel better and now he's cooking you dinner too.. Its almost as if he wants you to fall for him!

"Good, cus' that's about all I'm capable of really.." He laughs a hearty, rich laugh that you can feel vibrate in your chest..

"You're too good to me, Paddykins.." You smile gratefully..

He puts down the box of pasta shells he's holding and gives you a hard look.. "I could nevr' be too good te' you princess.. There's no such thing.."

Your eyes lock with his, a spell is cast over you both and you stay like that for several moments before Partrick breaks it to turn back to the dinner preparations..

"I'll just go check that the guestroom is in order, I'll be right back.." There is too much tension in the room, you need an escape and that was the first excuse that popped into your head..

"Alright-y.." He says cheerily as if he doesn't notice the intense sexual vibe that zipps between the two of you like lightning.. You're still not sure.. Maybe he doesn't feel it..

You retreat out of the kitchen and up the hall, bare feet padding into the guestroom, the plush grey carpet feels soft underfoot.. You take a fresh set of linens from the cupboard and make up the bed, neatly tucking the corners to perfect squares... Still hearing Patrick rattling away, and not being ready to go back to facing the flirty friction, you cross the hall and slip into your bedroom, pressing the door closed with a gentle click so he won't hear you..

You feel strange.. The happiness you had been waiting for hadn't arrived today in the form you thought it would.. Instead it came in the form of your sinfully hot friend who right now is going above and beyond.. Surely you can't be imagining the whole thing between the two of you?..

Stripping away your court clothes you make your way to the ensuite bathroom and turn the tap for the shower, extra hot...
You hide in there as long as you feel you can get away with, allowing the scalding water to numb your aching muscles.. When you finally decide you can't leave Patrick on his own any longer you towel dry your hair quickly and throw on comfortable but still sexy pyjamas.. A pastel pink silk camisole and a pair of matching shorties..

When you emerge from the hallway and re-enter the kitchen, Patrick looks up from where he is waiting, leaning over the kitchen island on his elbows. When he sees you he does a double take, before dropping his chin to his chest and his eyes to the counter..
It's a reaction alright.. Though not entirely the reaction you'd been hoping for..

"Feelin' better?" He speaks in his usual warm tone, but he keeps his eyes averted..

You cross back to the bar stools and sit.. He serves a ridiculously large portion of pasta onto two plates and pushes one across to you... He pushes a fork over next.. "Much, thank you.." You pick up the fork and use it to spear three shells, which you quickly shove into your mouth so you don't have to speak anymore..

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