Fields of Clover

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Chapter FIFTY

Yevette Feilds

Last night with Patrick was nothing short of magical.. He had made love to you in the most tender ways, you swear you felt a kaleidoscope of emotion and experienced a cosmetic connection like no other, as you melted into each other over and over throughout the night, and once again this morning..

You had cooked eggs for breakfast and shared coffee from the same cup.. Everything felt right between you again, except for how nervous you were about your trip to Specter's headquarters today..

Now you sit in some kind of interrogation room, your father watching you from across the stainless steel table.. His expression is soft, his hazel eyes filled with longing.. You have just taken your seat, and Patrick stands behind you with his arms folded..

You know Iris, Archer and Hunter watch from the other side of the large two way mirror that takes up half of the south wall..

Carlos begins tentatively.. "Yevette.. I am so grateful that you came today.." He is a huge man, and even though he sits with a rigid posture he still has a comfortable air about him..

"Of course.. Its just.. Now that I'm here, I don't really know what to say.." You tap your fingers nervously on the desk..

His eyes wander to Patrick, then back to you, as if trying to gage your relationship.. "That is understandable chiquita.. I can begin, if you'd like?"
You nod.. He takes a deep breath bafore he starts.. "I'm sorry I wasn't here for you sooner.. From the moment your grandmother first told me about you six years ago, I have regretted not being a part of your life.. "

You can see the raw emotion in his eyes.. "My.. Grandmother?"

He looks over to the two way mirror, then back to you.. "Yes, Anna-Marie.. Heather's mother.. She has since passed away, but not before she finally told me the truth about Heather and the price she had paid to elevate herself.. There are things that were.. Important to her.. I cannot say why she made the decisions she made, chiquita.."

Your brow furrows and your stomach churns.. You know the 'price' he means, is you.. Your mother sold you.. Her lifestyle and thirst for social climbing meant more to her than anything else in the world.. Even her own flesh and blood..

"Heather was always.. Unpredictable and... Ambitious.. Her and me.. We grew up together, south of the border, and got together later in high-school.. One day I went over to her house and her family was, just gone.. Everyone in town said they had immigrated, and I was stunned.. I couldn't understand why she didn't tell me she was leaving.. I left my village the next day to find her, I moved to the states, earned my citizenship and spent years looking for her, but she was like a ghost.. I thought we were in love and.. It turned out I was foolishly alone there.. Eventually I gave up, I tried to move on, I joined the service.." He shrugs a beefy shoulder.. "After I got out, Anna-Marie tracked me down.. She told me that I had a daughter, and that you were in danger.. She also told me where to find you.."

"And you.. Came looking for me, just like that?" You are stunned..

"I.. I didn't have anything to lose chiquita.. I had no purpose after my discharge and I will admit, I never was able to forget about Heather, or forgive her.. And I have no other family, you are my only daughter.. So yes, I went looking for you just like that. I know the circumstances of how we met are.. Less than ideal.. But if you could see it in your heart to forgive me, I will work everyday to earn your trust and.. I very much hope, a place in your life.." His loyal gaze glints earnestly..

Your heart swells.. Before you, sits a father you could only have dreamt of when you were younger.. Its almost too good to be true.. Yet, in your heart, you feel everything he is saying to be genuine.. "I.. I don't think I can forgive you Carlos.." You can see the disappointment in his eyes..
You turn, looking up at Patrick who watches you knowingly.. He nods his head ever so slightly.. You know he is indicating his trust for Carlos.. And if Patrick trusts him.. Then so do you. "I can't forgive you, because, I don't believe any of this to be your fault.."

His head jerks back in confusion.. Clearly he's having a hard time reading you.. "You don't?"

You shake your head and smile.. "Not one bit.. Okay, except for the part where you knocked me unconscious.."

His expression falls to a guilt ridden grimace.. "Ah chiquita.. I am sorry.. I was afraid Zachary would continue his persuit and you would be hurt.. I am ashamed.."

You chuckle.. He will have to get used to your humour if he's going to be a part of your life.. "No! No, I'm kidding! I understand everything now.. If you hadn't done what you did.. Then Patrick and Alpha Team wouldn't have been able to rescue all those people.. I would be honored to have a man like you.. A father like you, in my life.."

You swear you see his eyes shine with tears as he blinks, appearing almost astounded by your acceptance.. A hopeful smile turns his lips upward.. "Thank you, Yevette.."

You reach across the table, taking one of his oversize paws in your tiny hand.. "Call me Yevie.."

The door clicks open to your left and your head turns to watch as strides Iris into the room , dressed in a sleek black pant-suit with a plunging V-neckline that dips to her sternum.. You notice Ramirez sit up just a little straighter as she breezes by him and takes the seat next to you.. "Mr Ramirez.." She greets your father with a formal nod..

Their eyes lock on eachothers and a new tension fills the cramped space.. You look to Patrick, but he only shrugs in response..

"Ms Santiago.." Carlos doesn't take his eyes off her..

With one last lingering gaze across the table, Iris turns to you.. "So Yevie.. What is your verdict dear?"

You tilt your head confused.. And not just about the obvious firtationship that is going on between these two.."My verdict? About what?"

She smiles faintly and nods her head in Ramirez's direction.. "About whether or not I hand Mr Ramirez here over to the CIA.."

Your head whips around to see Patrick drop his head into his palm frustratedly.. "Iris.. Jeezuz.. Try a little tact woman!"

She looks at him with her brows drawn together.. "Oh, I thought I had?.. Very well.. Let me try again.. The CIA would like me to hand over everyone involved in the operation.. Obviously, Paxton has already kept your name out of it Yevie, as per Patrick's request.. But Mr Ramirez.." She eyes him across the table appreciatively..

You would swear the two were undressing each other with their eyes.. Its kinda sweet.. And also.. Kinda gross..

"No." You state surely..

They both turn back to you.. Iris much more slowly..

"You can't hand him over.. If it is really up to me then I say no.." Carlos smiles wide as Patrick places a warm, supportive hand on your shoulder..

"You're sure?" Iris Arches a brow curiously..

You reach up, covering Patrick's hand with your own... "Of course I'm sure.. He's my dad.."

"Very well.." She nods and stands up.. "Then you're a free man, Mr Ramirez.. But do come see me about your recent unemployment.. I could very much use a man like you at Specter.." Iris smiles, sly and cat-like..

"I will. Thank you Ms Santiago..." Carlos nods with an amused smirk on his lips..

"Lovely to see you looking so well, Yevie.. Patrick, a word?" She smiles at you warmly before she breezes right back out the door, Patrick follows her with a sigh and a shrug.. "I better go.. She'll jus' come back if I don'.."

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