Fields of Clover

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Patrick O'Connor

I follow Iris into the interrogation viewing room, where she flicks the switch to the mic's, cutting off the sounds of Carlos and Yevie's conversation that was drifting through the speakers..

Archer sits with his feet up on a bench beneath the two way mirror.. Hunter leans against the back wall, his arms folded, his eyes on Yevie..

Iris stops in the center of the room, checking her delicate platinum watch, her brow crinkling.. "Where are Ford and Devereux?"

West shrugs, "They'll be here.." and I shake my head.. Those two have been acting even stranger than usual and I'm not going to pretend I have any clue about what they're up to... "What's this about, Iris? I didn' realise there was a scheduled meetin' for today.." I ask..

She nods her head toward Paxton.. "It's about him.."

Jackson and Ellerie appear in the doorway, Ford pushing past her to enter the room first, she rolls her eyes as they take their seats next to West.. Iris scowls at them both as they settle and I resist the urge to make a joke at their expense..
Something about lovers tiffs, or being late because they'd been making out.. But the next words out of Iris's mouth surprise the shit out of me.. "Hunter Paxton will be joining us at Spectre... He has tendered his resignation to the CIA and I intend to place him in command of Delta Force.."

Ellerie jumps to her feet.. "What!? That's amazing!" She rushes Paxton and gives him a neon hug while he laughs at her exuberant outburst.. It figures that she would be excited by another suit and tie type joining the team, having come from the FBI, I think sometimes she feels a little left out of our military bonds.. Its pretty shitty really..

"Thanks El.." Axe mumbles as her pets her back fondly.. As Paxton returns Ellerie's embrace, Jackson frowns at me.. So I give him a look that says 'you only have yourself to blame'.. I learned the hard way that trying to push the woman you care about away, often ends with you pushing them right into the arms of Hunter Paxton..

Iris turns to me, arms folded.. "I figured you would take issue with this O'connor, so get it out of your system now.."

A few weeks ago, I would have hated the idea.. I would probably have gone out of my way to make sure this didn't happen.. But now.. That doesn't seem right.. Everything I thought I knew about the guy had been wrong .. And if Yevie sees something redeeming in the bastard, then I guess I have to give him a shot..

"Delta Force is a little short on manpower.. You plannin' on bringing the A team with you?" I grin as the shock reaches his expression, but he soon laughs heartily..

"Actually, Yeah.. Got a couple of trigger men ready and raring to get out of Langley.. They're as sick of it as I am.. Good lads, Ace Greyson and Colt Knox.. Know em?" He asks..

I'm familiar with the names but having never met either of them in person, I shake my head.. "Nah.. But it's good to hear you'll have some company over there.."

"Don't think you'll be getting rid of me that easily, O'connor.." He laughs as we share a look of understanding, before I turn back to Iris..

"So that's it?"

She sighs.. "No. I'm also going to offer Ellerie the opportunity to join Delta if she wishes.. It's obvious there is a rift within Alpha team's ranks and I don't like it.. It's up to you Ellerie, but--"

Ellerie looks to Archer, her face looking almost crestfallen.. West's chair scrapes across the concrete floor as he pushes back and stands, a dark expression looming over his features.. "No fucking way Iris. Ellerie is Alpha, you can't just go switching shit up on me wherever you feel like it!"

Iris makes a tsk tsk sound with her tongue as West growls.. "I'm not switching anything, I'm simply giving Ellerie the choice.. It's up to her.."

Ellerie opens her mouth to speak, but a quiet cough from the doorway has us all spinning around to see Yevie, standing there looking apologetic.. She gives a shy wave.. "Sorry.. I didn't mean to interrupt you guys.. I was just wondering if I could talk to you, Iris?"

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