Fields of Clover

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Yevette Feilds

There is a warm glow in the room tonight, and you're not sure if it's because your best friend just got married, the low twinkling lights and flowing champagne or the feeling of utter contentment you have the moment you glance over and notice Patrick, watching you from across the room..

The last six months have brought you more happiness than you knew possible.. Your victim outreach program 'Lucky Charms' has already been wildly successful.. Iris has championed your cause like a proud mother and now there are all kinds of other intelligence organisations seeking your assistance in establishing their own versions..

You're so proud to be involved in such life changing work and find each day brings new challenges and new rewards.. The latest reward has been seeing Lacey well enough to return to med-school.. She attends under special conditions, but the fact that she continues to persevere is incredibly inspiring to you.. Her relationship with Hunter continues to grow with your support and you even think she may have developed a small crush on one of Hunters old CIA buddies .. Not that you would ever tell him that..

Hunter continues to dote on his sister, even as your eyes keep drifting back to Partick, who is standing by the window with Honey and Archer.. "You always were the smartest person in the family, Lace.. I'm so proud of you.."

"I couldn't have done any of this without you Hunter.. Or you Yevie.. Thank you, both of you.. for not giving up on me.."

Her sweet words bring a tear to your eye.. "Oh! Lacey, you're so amazing!.." You pull her in for a tight hug, before releasing her and turning to Hunter, still feeling Patrick's watchful gaze upon you.. "You'll make sure she gets home safe tonight?" He nods solemnly and you sigh before smiling and fairwelling them both, unable to stay away from your heart's desire any longer..

You turn to see that handsome face and It's as though you're caught in a current that sweeps you toward him before you even notice that your feet are moving.. His gravitational pull sucking you closer like a magnet... Everyone blurs in your vision, except him.. The charming-- Funny-- Unbelievably sexy guy that you met at the office who turned out to be everything you never knew you needed..

When he comes to stop in front of you, there is an almost nervous energy radiating from him.. You can't help but giggle as he reaches up to rub the back of his neck with a shy grin.. His other hand extends with something tiny..

A little green leaf.. You take it, completely confused.. "What is--?"
You look down at the adorable gift in your hand.. You have no idea how he managed to find one.. Or where he got it in the middle of the city.. But sure enough, in your hand you hold a freshly picked four leaf clover..

A smile spreads across your face.. "Patrick!" You squeal in amazement, looking up at him wide eyed.. You've never seen such a thing..

He chuckles.. "I obviously already av' all the good luck I need.. Cus' I av' you princess.."

You sigh as you hold up the tiny clover, spinning it in your fingertips.. "You're so sweet, how did you find this, Paddykins?!.."
He takes your hand, his expression serious all of a sudden as he slowly begins to sink to the ground, bending to one knee.. The hand that had been holding up the clover, falls slack with stare down at him, mouth open.. Completely blindsided.. The air whooshes out from your lungs..

Everybody in the room has now fallen completely silent and stands frozen, entranced by the unfolding romance.. "Patrick.. What are you doing?" Your voice comes out a quiet whisper..

He laughs.. "Probably makin' the best decision of my life.. I'm in love with you Yevie.. I have been since the second I saw you.. I was foolin' myself into thinkin' I could jus' be friends with you.. It goes to show what a dumbass I am anyway, cus' resistin' an incredible woman like you is.. The very definition of insanity.." The guests all chuckle softly around you..

"Oh.." Your brain scrambles to keep up and your whole body is trembling now..

"But havin' you as a friend was never gunna' to be enough.. And havin' you as my girlfriend, still isn' enough.. I want all of you.. You and me.. I wjant forever, princess.. If you'll have me.." He reaches into his pocket, producing a small maroon coloured velvet jewellery box..

You swear your heart stops when he flips it open to present you with the largest most beautiful, classic cut, sparking emerald you've ever seen, set delicately between two gleaming diamonds.. Your hand goes to your mouth and you gasp.. "Will you marry me, Yevie?"

Hope shines in his baby blue eyes and it barely takes a second for you to respond.. "Yes, Yes yes!" You practically leap on him, taking him to the ground as you squeal and he laughs along with everyone in the room.. "I love you, Paddykins.."

"I love you, princess.." He sits you both up on the hardwood floor and kisses you sweetly before pulling back to place the ring on your finger, the room errupts into cheers again as you look up at the smiling faces of your friends and family..

You turn back to Patrick with a full heart, his dimpled smile and easy laugh making him more attractive than ever.. He is like joy itself, and together you fit like two pieces from completely separate puzzles, that somehow line up just right...

As he pulls you in for another soul shaking kiss, you realise for the first time, you feel certain in your heart that a lifetime full of happiness, laughter and love, lies ahead..


Little lovelies, thank you for completing Fields of Clover, the second book in "The Specter Series". I have so enjoyed sharing Yevette and Patrick's story with you all and I appreciate each and every one of you who read, loved, commented and continued on from the first book. xx

Dedicated to survivors everywhere, in solidarity and in sisterhood. Women's voices will change the world.

Next in the series, hostile takeovers and conflicts of the head and heart in; Broken hearts & Coup d'etats Trapped in a tense work environment with your ex-marine ex boyfriend... Can the two of you make peace... Before you trigger an all out war? (18+)

****Ellerie Devereux****
Working for the FBI had definitely prepared you to navigate the boys club that has become your life since you quit your job, and got recruited to the elite private security agency, known as Spectre. But nothing could have prepared you for your coworker and superior officer, Jackson Ford.. A man of discipline and control, Ford is the kind of guy who could make a girl forget everything she worked for..

Is Jackson the man to finally show you the respect you deserve, or will your dance of love and hate prove too deadly, when you're playing with flames of passion that threaten consume you both..

××××Jackson Ford××××
I lost everything the day my fiance died.. The world went grey and stayed that way for a decade.. Until I met her.. Ellerie Devereux is sunshine personified.. Hell, she might actually be the best thing to ever happen to me.. The woman is fine as hell and firey as fuck.. But to keep her, I have to let my fears go.. I have to let my past go.. I have to let Dahlia go.. I know that.. I just don't know how, now that history is set to repeat itself..


Lovelies, my third book is happening and I'm super excited!! Please check it out and as always I look forward to hearing from you sweeties!

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