Fields of Clover

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Chapter SIX

Yevette Feilds

You and Patrick had eaten together in a comfortable silence.. While he had devoured his entire portion, you had only gotten halfway before conceding defeat.. After that you curled up on the lounge with your eyes closed , your feet tucked beneath his warm thighs while he watched the sporting highlights from the past week of the mounted flatscreen..

It all felt so natural, so cozy.. He must have carried you to bed after you dozed off, because now you stir awake on your soft cotton sheets.. Looking at the alarm clock on the nightstand, the neon red lights tell you it's 1:26am..
A soft grumbling sound drifting down the hall and under your door catches your attention.. You slip out from beneath the blankets and pad over to the door, pulling it open a crack, slowly so as to not make a sound..

You peer down the hall, the soft glow of yellow light spilling through the slightly ajar door of the main bathroom.. You hear the sound again, this time it sounds almost pained.. You carefully tiptoe down the hall, when you come to the cracked door you hold your breath as you peek into the illuminated room from the darkness..

"Grruggh.." Nothing could have prepared you for the glorious sight of him.. Naked and dripping wet from a recent shower, he stands in front of the foggy mirror, one hand on the vanity, steading him.. The other is wrapped around his thick, throbbing erection..
His hand sliding back and forth over and over, the muscles in his biceps bulge and his back ripples..

Your eyes trace over the tattoos you never knew were there.. Down his shoulders, his ribcage, this thighs.. Crusifixes, eagles, stars and stripes, written scripts and other inky artworks adorn his perfectly fit body..

You know you shouldn't be watching, you should take yourself back to bed and forget about what is happening in your bathroom.. But you can't.. Your eyes are fixed on the hunk pleasuring himself before you, and your feet feel glued to the ground..

"Mmmmm..." His soft groans are the most erotic sound you've ever heard.. His head is hanging and his eyes are closed, like he's visualising some kind of fantasy.. His muscles tense and relax in a tempting rhythm, each movement sending shockwaves of arousal through your core.. Without any awareness of what you are doing, your hand slips into the front of your shorts.. You slide a finger between your folds, feeling the hot slick state he has already ignited in you..

"Mmmm.. Yevie.." He mumbles under his breath and you snap back to reality, pulling your hand from your panties feeling a little dirty, you take one last peek before backing away from the door and returning to your bedroom.. You close the door quietly and slide back into bed..

You're mind races with excitement and confusion.. You're excited because he obviously must find you attractive to be thinking of you during such a naughty activity.. Which thrills you to your pulsing center..
But confused, because if that is really the case, then why hasn't he made a move?.. Why hasn't he tried to kiss you or even asked you out?..

With all the signals your body has been putting out and the vibe he gives you, you just can't understand what has kept him away.. You close your eyes, trying to ignore the mounting need between your thighs as the memory of his glistening sculpted body replays in your mind until you eventually drift back to sleep..

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