Fields of Clover

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Chapter NINE

Yevette Feilds

Patrick is leaning against the red brick wall beside the entrance to your building when you pull up in your vandalised Mercedes.. As soon as he sees the state of the car, he stalks across the front lawns towards you, a stormy aura radiating from him..

You push open the door and step out onto the asphalt.. "What the fuck happened?" He takes in the damage..

You join him on the sidewalk and follow his gaze to the scratched up sedan.. "I'm not sure.."

His head whips around, as though he's checking for anybody who might be watching before he turns to you, his voice low.. "I thought you were done hiding shit from me.."

Your head jerks back in confusion.. Gone is the casual, happy-go-lucky Patrick you had grown accustomed to.. No, this Patrick was dark and edgy.. Not quite what you would call angry, but well on the way to it.. "I was-I am.." You're so caught off guard you stammer the words.. He rubs the back of his neck, looking down at you impassively.. "What? Somebody vandalised my car, I don't understand why you're mad a me--"

He scoffs.. "Somebody?" His tone is biting, clearly your explanation is not to his liking.. So you keep your mouth shut and simply nod... "And when 'somebody' smashed up your car, did you call the police?" Your eyes drop to the ground.. You hadn't, because the last time you called for the police they were of no help to you.. Zach's father has officers in his pocket all over the force..

"What would be the point, Patrick?" You whisper wearily..

"Jeezuz Yeevs, if not the cops.. Why didn't you call me at least?" He growls and your eyes flick back up to meet his out of curiosity..

"Why would I do that?"

He runs a hand down his face, frustration on full display.. "Are you kidding me right now!?" His whole body is practically buzzing, you're not sure if it's from the fight or the feelings or something else..

"Patrick, what the hell is this? Why are you acting like.." You let your words trail off, hoping he gets it..

But he's not letting this one go.. "Like what?" His eyebrows arch up in question..

You want to say he's acting like an overprotective boyfriend.. But he isn't..
Your boyfriend you mean, obviously he is super overprotective..
"Like.. I don't know.."

He steps forward just a little.. "Yes, you do.."

You think you do.. At least you hope you do.. "Patrick.. I don't want to argue about this.." You take a step forward meeting him, slipping your arms around his waist and pressing yourself against his comforting warmth.. You inhale his familiar scent, and intoxicating mix of citrus and spice.. "I'm glad you're here, Paddykins.." You mumble into the soft cotton of his shirt.. His arms come up to wrap around your back, enveloping you completely, a feeling so serene washes over you as you sigh and lift your chin, searching his eyes..

It's like a trance has overcome you and before you can stop yourself, you find yourself tilting up and leaning in to kiss him..

Just as your eyes drift shut, you feel his arms drop away and a coldness replaces the heat he was providing when he takes a brisk step back with a groan, "Fuck.."

Your eyes fly open to see him now two feet away with an expression you can only describe as pained, resting over his handsome features.. You feel like an idiot.. No worse than that.. You feel like he's playing a game with you..

You breathe out the words as humiliation flushes your cheeks with fire.. "I don't understand.."

He scrunches up his nose rubbing the back of his neck, nervously this time.. "I know you don't, princess.."

You let out a huff.. You've had a heck of a day.. In the middle of a hell of a week and his vague responses and mixed signals have tugged at your last nerve. You throw your hands up.. "I don't need this.." You spin around and head for the door, stopping after two steps to throw what you hope is a withering look over your shoulder at him when you hear him following.. "Uh-uh.. Where do you think your going?"

He grins that ridiculously sexy grin that usually makes you feel gooey inside, but at the moment just makes you want to slap him.. Holding out his arms on either side he steps back to the curb and leans against your car.. "I can stand out 'ere all night princess.." He folds his arms across his board chest and settles in, looking every bit ready to do just that.

You hum before turning your back on him, calling out over your shoulder.. "It's a good thing that's exactly what you'll be doing then.."

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