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I Don’t Bite

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Chapter 1.5: Paris

Meanwhile, in Apartment #313 on Green Street near the edge of campus housing . . .

“ I know this might seem sudden, but -“ Paris had been working up the courage for weeks to tell his girlfriend that he loved her. He figured tonight was as good as any, actually better than just any day, because it was their one year anniversary of being together.

They began dating on the mutual understanding that they would take things slow, but a year had passed and the dreaded 'L' word had yet to be spoken between the two of them; not even a single 'love u, good night' text had been sent. However, above all else, Paris feared pressuring her into something and ruining their relationship, so he kept quiet. Until now, that was.

“ The moon looks positively gorgeous tonight, doesn’t it darling ?” Rain looked over at him with an expectant raised brow.

Paris was collecting himself, his heart was out of control,” Y-yeah . . . it’s nearly as beautiful as you.”

Paris cringed as he spoke, but he was unable to stop to words from coming out. Whenever he was with Rain, it was like she casted a hypnotic spell onto him. He simply couldn’t resist falling under her spell and losing all awareness of the world around himself.

She turned to him with a toothy smile,” So,” she looked down at his hands that were fidgeting with each other in an awkward dance in front of his stomach,” What were you saying before I cut you off ?”

Paris’s eyes widened with surprise, his lips failed him for a moment,” I uhm, well you see I just . . . “ he cleared his throat and withdrew his hands to his sides as he stood up straighter. His eyes veered up towards the moon, which was almost full. It's yellowish illumination drew his attention in a similar way he felt drawn to his girlfriend,” Rain . . . I love you.”

He hadn’t realized it but he subconsciously closed his eyes when he said it, as if he was anticipating pain right before ripping a bandage off. He’d also been holding his breath. He had many habits he wasn’t aware of that allowed Rain to read his inner dialogue as if he was dictating it aloud. This was something she found endearing about Paris, and she vowed to never tell him about his habits to prevent him from trying to rid himself of them altogether.

“ Oh, that ?” Rain did all she could to keep from laughing,” I thought we both liked each other, was that not the reason we were dating ?”

“ No, I knew that!” Paris said quickly,” I just, well, I meant it in a stronger way than 'like', Rain. You like your friends and family, but you love someone you want to -“

Rain ate his words as she placed a quick kiss on his lips.

“ You need to stop doing that so much.” She smiled as she swiftly moved her lips up to his forehead and softly pushing away from him.

“ Talking ?” Paris asked as he gently placed a finger on his lips.

“ No.” Rain smiled as she walked towards his door,” Thinking.”

“ Hey where are you going, aren’t you going to watch the movie with me ?”

“ Something came up,” she said in her smooth voice that seemed to hypnotize Paris,” How about you meet me tomorrow in the woods ?”

“ Wait where in the woods ?” He asked as she opened the door.

“ Don’t be late or I’ll be mad!” She sang as she closed the door behind her.

Paris didn’t know when or where to be, but he was positive he would be there.

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