Knight in Shining Heels

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An anti-cliche written to solve all your cliche woes: . Crystal Winget is now in New York, ready to turn over a new leaf. Her new school is great. She even ends up making friends and deadly queen bee enemies. Everything is going smooth until her hearts falters and she starts falling for the school's cold, mysterious player. Falling for him is not an option. Not with her problems. Not when she knows she ends up hurting everyone close to her. But what can she do when he starts falling for her too?

Romance / Humor
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Author's note

Embrace chaos.

Chase memories.

Be a rebel.

Run wild,
-Perry poetry

This story is a total anti cliche. I have read many books on Wattpad and on other online reading sites. This story is the remedy to everything that goes wrong in those stories.

There are a lot of issues that get explored in this story. I am really sorry if my portrayal offends you in any way. That is not my intention.

That being said, you have to be patient if you really want to see romance in this story. My characters don't look at each other one day and hopelessly fall in love with each other the next day.

I sincerely request you to read at least until the 5th chapter before passing any judgment

Thank you so much for considering this story and reading it!

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