Knight in Shining Heels

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Chapter 10: hey crystal, hey crystal, let's take revenge from max, crystal.

“No matter how carefully you choose your words, they’ll always end up being twisted by others.”

-Miley Cyrus

The whole ‘accident’ did not upset my mother in the least.

Friday evening, I was setting the dinner table. While mom was stirring some curry, humming to herself.


She looked at me, her green eyes twinkling, “yes crystal?”

Okay, she was in a good mood, excellent.

“today in our chemistry lab there was an explosion…” from the corner of my eye I saw her drop the ladle into the curry.

”But no one got hurt.” I replied. She abandoned the curry and gently moved me to face her.

“Are you okay baby?” she asked her eyes roving all over my face and hair. She even turned my palms and checked my arms.

“I am fine, mom,” I said.

“Well, who was that irresponsible person? How can someone forget the safety measures? Did they take strict action against them?”

“Uhhh…unh…psht,” I muttered with a forced laugh.

“It was me, mom. I made an explosion in the lab” I huffed.

Mom tilted her head and looked at me, “how?”

So I launched into the story. I expected many reactions from her but the only one I got was, “that max is a very good boy.”

“What?!” I asked in shock. She was obviously going through shock….

“Yes. I mean when he understood that the chemicals were going to explode he tried to save you. I don’t think you would have even moved.”

“But he was the root cause of all this,” I said in a defensive tone.

She gave me a motherly smile and patted my cheek, ”he could have just ducked or tried to save his notes but he grabbed you. You should thank him.”

“Oh no no no-no-no. not happening.” I declared crossing my arms. She gave me the ‘look’ and I sulked.

Saturday morning mom told me that I have to show up for my driving test. So here I am, standing beside a Chevrolet with lots of learning signs attached to it. My supervisor was going to arrive very soon.

A few minutes later I saw a middle-aged woman approaching me. She had a huge mug of coffee in her hand with those thermal lids and a clipboard in another. and she sported the world's most boring frown.

“Crystal Winget?” she asked in a scraggly voice.

“Yes, ma’am”. I smiled.

She rolled her eyes at me and entered the passenger side of the car.

“Drive the car to Dunkin donuts. Marcel forgot my donuts this morning.” She mumbled.

“Is it safe?” I asked her tentatively.

My driving was unsure. Whenever I started to drive, all the other vehicles, pedestrians and dustbins start shifting to the middle of the road. Those evil things on the road!

“Don’t test my patience doll! Get in!” the woman bellowed.

I looked at her incredulously and started to drive.

Five minutes later, the woman mumbled, “you drive too slowly. Press the accelerator.”

I gave the woman an unsure look.

“PRESS IT.” she bellowed. I started driving faster.

“Better” the woman mumbled.

I was hyperaware of everything. My palms were getting sweaty and it really took everything from me to avoid other cars that zipped past us. My legs were cramping and the seat was somehow itching my jean-clad butt.

Every movement in the road snagged my attention. The slurping sound of the woman beside me drinking her coffee kept me on the edge.

The hours dragged by or maybe the minutes, I was not sure of time anymore. Suddenly the woman’s mobile started ringing. I got startled and pushed the accelerator hard.

After the initial vibration, her mobile blurted out a ringtone-“my neck my back, lick my pussy and my crack.”

I looked at the woman in alarm who was busy grinning like a psycho at her mobile. I focused my attention back to the road and realized that we were heading straight towards a parking zone.

I pressed the brake; at least that is what I tried to do but instead, I pressed the accelerator. Way too hard.

The car sped up and headed straight towards the parked cars at full speed. My nerves were getting frazzled and my poor heart was galloping like a provoked wild bull.

“Holy cows!!!” I shrieked and pressed the brake hard.

The car barely skidded to a halt but ended up bumping to a black BMW.

My jaw was wide open, my heart still. The woman simply opened the car and started talking to the person on the call. As slowly as I could, I came out of the car all the while praying to gods that the car should not be damaged.

To my horror, the hood of the BMW had caved in from the right side and the Chevrolet I was driving had broken headlights. I whimpered at the state of the cars. Glancing up, I saw Max gaping at the scene.

He was standing outside a coffee shop with a girl on his arm. The girl teetered on her platforms and bounced confused dark eyes between my expression of utter horror and max. The whole scene was mildly unbelievable and that was my forte, but what put me off guard was the expression Max had on his face while looking at the wrecked car.

I looked at the damaged BMW with its white leather seats and epiphany struck me. It was Max’s car.

“Bloody schist…” I muttered and hesitantly peeked a glance at him. He was looking at me.

“You!” he groaned and stomped his way towards me, the girl dragging her platform heels behind him.

“What did you do to my car!” he asked furiously with clenched fists.

“Uh...Ha-ha. Hi there.” I told him with a forced laugh. He glared ferociously at me and I instantly shrunk to half my size.

“Why did you do this?! What did my car ever do to you? What have I done to you!?”

“I did not do it purposefully! It was a mistake!” I screeched at him. He gave me a befuddled look so I tried to give him a reasonable explanation.

” I just got distracted while I was driving…my supervisor…her mobile started ringing and it started belting out a song…so I got distracted…” I mumbled the last part as the volume of my voice gradually decreased under max’s are-you-kidding-me look.

“What song was it crystal?” he asked with stormy eyes.

“Uhh…” I trailed off, embarrassed at how to explain the lyrics to him.

“Was it Justin Beiber’s ‘baby’? Or one of Shawn Mendes’ stupid love lyrics?” he prompted with thick sarcasm. “or was the mobile screaming ’hey crystal, hey crystal, let’s take revenge from max crystal.’” He finished with a hard edge to his voice.

I blinked twice at him, ”you know that kind of rhymed…it was so cool!” I told him in awe. But, as usual, he had a permanent scowl on his face.

“Do you even know how much the repairs would cost?”

“I know…I mean I don’t know.” I looked down at the gravel road.

“I am sorry,” I mumbled sincerely.

“What was that?” he asked leaning closer to me.

I pursed my lips and replied in a firm voice, ”I am sorry.”

He looked down at the caved-in part of his car, “oh look, your sorry did not repair the dent. I wonder why.” He deadpanned.

Well someone was high on sarcasm. Before I could utter a word, he turned away from me. He ran his hand through his hair which resulted in flexing his biceps. The girl beside him drooled.

“Let us go to your place. Like we’d planned. C’mon, she's tryin' to have your attention.” The mocha girl quipped sending a hard glare to me.

“I DON’T WANT HIS ATTENTION!” I bellowed at her.

“You are ruining me. You are so ruining me,” he muttered under his breath throwing a long look at his car.

“Me?! I am ruining you?! Oh, you have got to be kidding me!”

“Pay for this.” He told me in a hard voice. I gaped at him.


“You wrecked my car. You pay for it.”


“Crystal….” He warned.

“I don’t have money on me,” I told him.

The mocha girl huffed impatiently, “Yeah. Pay for it.”

“Oh dry your panties girl.” I drawled while dialing mom’s number. It ringed but she did not pick up. My supervisor came back.

“Whoa. You will pay a lot for this.” She chuckled.

I looked at her aghast, "it was partly your mistake!” I shrieked.


“Your ringtone was so…so…bad.” I struggled.

“You a virgin?” she asked while looking me up and down.

“Why the hell are you asking that?!” I widened my eyes at her.

“Let's leave.” Mocha girl whined.

Max glared. My supervisor tsked while applying a thick layer of maroon lipstick. I dialed brad’s number.

It ringed once and he picked it up, “hello?”


“Crystal? Is everything alright?”

“Not really…”

“What do you mean?” I detected panic in his voice.

“I…uh sort of crashed my car…and uh….if you are not occupied…”

“I will be there. Do not worry we will settle it down. Where are you right now?” he asked.

I could hear a lot of shuffling around as he called out to his secretary to rearrange his meetings. I looked around the place.

" I am at 101 union avenue.”

“I will be there in about 15 minutes. Wait for me,” he said

“I am so sorry brad,” I muttered in a timid voice.

“Crystal. You are all right and that is all that matters. Just wait for me, okay?” I was touched by his concern.

“Okay,” I whispered and disconnected.

“Wait for 15 minutes.” I declared.

Mocha girl whined. Max exhaled heavily.

And my dear responsible supervisor groaned, ”I will be late for my meeting.”

I puffed my cheeks and set about glaring at the heavens. My supervisor primped herself in the ruined mirror.

“Girl, do you have something fancy on you?” the woman asked.

I gave her my most ferocious glare but she was busy eye raping max. Pedophile

I fished my pockets and produced a piece of paper, ”yeah.”

She looked at me and I waved the paper at her, ”the address to the mental facility that you need to visit.”

She tried to glare at me but backed off when I glared at her.

“What’s got your thong in a twist?” she mumbled.

I smiled sweetly at her, ”I am going commando.”

She stared at me with wide eyes and max gave me an are-you-serious- look. I gave him the world’s most uninterested look. He scoffed and turned his head towards the mocha girl who was trying to soothe him by touching him everyplace publicly possible.

A Sleek silver Audi rounded the corner and I sighed in palpable relief. Brad got out of his car and walked towards me. His eyes assessing the situation before settling over me.

“What happened?” he asked.

Max straightened and the woman stopped primping herself. I told him everything. He turned towards my supervisor who was totally checking him out, granted he was good looking.

“What is your name?” he asked in a crisp voice.

The woman flipped her hair and adjusted her blouse, “Lou Marr.” She tried to drawl seductively while her eyelids underwent an epilepsy attack.

“Well, Ms. Marr you are going to pay for the losses and also a heavy penalty for endangering my daughter’s life here,” Brad responded.

The woman’s eyes bulged out of her sockets. Max turned to me questioningly while glancing between brad and me.

“I…I don’t have to pay. She crashed cars. She has to pay it.” the woman stuttered.

Brad raised a finger and spoke, ”first, she was not supposed to drive on a commercial street. Second, you were supposed to pay attention to what she was doing and stop her from crashing the car. Third, you tried to tend to a personal errand while on duty. Fourth, an accident occurred and the car bumped which means the airbags should have responded but they did not. Thus you endangered her life. There will be a lawsuit against you, Ms. Marr.” Brad said in an unwavering voice while the woman visibly paled.

Brad then turned towards max and replied, ”you are free to sue her for your losses but my daughter holds no connection to this accident.”

Max looked at him, “she did wreck my car.”

“Regardless it was not entirely her fault.” He whipped his card out and handed it to Max.

“Ring me in a day or two and I will have found a reasonable solution to this mishap.”

Brad turned towards me and led me to his car. Leaving a sweating supervisor and a stunned max behind.

“Thank you so much, Brad,” I said. He gave me a small smile.

“You really are an awesome lawyer. Teach me how to do that!” I told him in an eager voice. He laughed at that and exited from the lane.

“As you wish.” He said grinning.

I grinned back at him. While going away I glanced at max standing with his mocha girl, and just because I was a child feeling super victorious, I stuck my tongue out at him.

He shook his head at that.

Thank You.


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