Knight in Shining Heels

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Chapter 13: Old-age isn't graceful on Max

just be yourself. let people see the real, quirky, imperfect, flawed, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are. - Mandy Hale

Monday morning I had to go to school early for my “morning detention”.

Brad gave me a cheque of 500 dollars to pay for causing an explosion in the school. The whole school was very quiet and janitors were doing their work. I approached the lady in the administrative building and gave her the cheque.

“I have to pay a fine of 500 dollars for causing damage to school property. I’m Crystal winget. 11th grade.”

The woman checked her computer and nodded, “Crystal Winget... one-week library detention and 500 fine...” she extended her hand and I gave her the cheque but she quickly retracted her hand back. Her eyebrows furrowed and she frowned at me, “Your fine is already paid.”


“Crystal winget. Your fine for 500 dollars is already paid.”

“But who paid it?” I ask her utterly confused. Brad handed me the cheque in front of my mom today during breakfast.

“Well it’s your fine so you should know.” She huffed impatiently.

“And I don’t know. That’s exactly the reason why I am asking you.” I reasoned with her.

“We can’t disclose that information.”

“But if SOMEONE paid my fine then I AM SUPPOSED to know it,” I told her slowly enunciating every word.

“We can’t disclose such information, besides there is no name. We don’t even know who paid it.” She told me warily.

I exhaled loudly, “at least tell me where I am supposed to have detention.”

A man with square rimmed glances from the adjacent desk spoke up, “In the library. Slide this note to the librarian and while you are at it, give this book to her too. The guy before you was grumpy as a dwarf.” I went up to his table and took the note from him.

“By the way, cool stunt in the chemistry lab.” He told me with a half-smile. I checked his nameplate.

“Thanks, Mr. Marcel but I didn’t do it on purpose,” I explained. He just waved his hands at me and got back to typing something on his computer.

I made my way to the school library. In the past week, it had certainly turned into one of my most favourite spots in the school. The library sported shiny mahogany tables, vintage chairs along with laptops and secluded discussion tables.Moreover, it had huge shelves full of books of almost all subjects and genres. It was the best.

"Good morning Mrs. Mclean.” I told the 40-something librarian with a long braid. She greeted me back with her soft smile.

“Got into trouble?” She asked me when I sheepishly gave her my detention slip.

“And Mrs. Mclean? Mr. Marcel told me to give you this book.”

“That cheeky bastard! Forgive my language, Crystal. But this book is 1 month overdue and he sent you to give it to me!” She ranted.

I smiled at her and went to the direction she had earlier directed to me. Sitting on one of the tables with a math book open was Max.

" Mr.Maxwell Wester! How pleasant to meet you!” I cheered.

I plopped in front of him. And he was wearing glasses.

“You have reading glasses.”


“Well old age isn’t graceful on everyone I guess.”

He closed his book and glared at me. I opened my book and started studying physics.

I had to admit he looked goddamn good in glasses. They were square and black-framed and laid right on his straight nose accentuating the fact that he had high cheekbones. I shook my head to get rid of my thoughts.

Checking him out was not why I was here.

For the next one hour, we studied in silence and when the bell rang to indicate the start of the school we moved out quickly, well Max moved out more quickly but I didn’t think that we were competing over that.

It was before the third period when I saw him again. I was stuffing my textbooks into my locker and closed it just in time to see Max striding down the hallway. People automatically cleared the path for him and admired him from afar.

He caught my gaze and gave me a nod as he passed by me. A freaking nod!

“Hey what was that?” I asked him as I started walking right beside him. He just raised his eyebrows at me.

" Did you try to touch your chest with your chin?”

“What -”

" Or did you shake off the invisible bugs in your hair?”

“No...” he started but I interrupted him by gasping loudly and covering my mouth, "did your neck bone get replaced by a rubber spring?”

"Why-” he started with an incredulous expression but I interrupted him, "what should I do? Should I call the ambulance?”

" No-”

“Should I massage your neck?”


" Should I break your neck to remove that rubber thingy out?”

He stopped midstride and slowly turned his whole body towards me.

“Uh...OK...maybe not....” I said as I looked up at him.

He took a deep breath and calmly spoke, ” I just gave you a nod.”

" A nod?”

“Yes, a nod.”

“But why?”

“As a form of acknowledgment.”

“You could have waved at me?” I suggested.

He smacked a palm on his forehead, "forgive me Crystal, next time I will not nod at you.”

“Better. I don’t like nods. They are confusing.” I scrunched my nose.

He tried to glare at me but I saw his lips twitch and give me a millimeter smile.

The bell rang and I turned to him, “gotta go. Bye, sugarplum.”

He gave me a ridiculous look and I just laughed at him making my way to the biology classroom.

I entered my biology classroom and saw Ms. Khov leaning against her table in her tight pencil skirt and 4-inch black pumps.

"Good morning. Ms.Khov.” I greeted her with a huge smile. She glanced at me disdainfully.

"Go take your seat.” She muttered while turning a page gracefully in the biology textbook with her pinched fingers. I sighed and moved to my seat.

She was in her thirties with black hair in a shoulder-length hairstyle, perfect magenta painted lips and Kohl lined black eyes. Oh and not to forget- her hourglass figure. All the guys checked her out. And she loved the attention. She was good at teaching but she loved to gossip and shove her nose in every student’s private life.

And she hated me.

Truth be told, she hated every remotely good looking girl in the school. It wasn’t even my mistake that I had a button nose! and she made fun of me for that on a regular basis. She called me 'deer caught in headlights' at the most unexpected moments. I personally believed I looked like kermit.

The class filled up and the last bell rang.

“So who can review what we did in the last class?” She asked as she leaned against the front of her table taking a position that showed every curve of her body. I raised my hand straight up high.

" Anyone? No one? What a dumb class I got this year.” She sighed.

I raised my hand even higher practically standing up.

“It would be better if you useless idiots studied for once. I don’t think any of you will become anyone notable enough.” She said blatantly ignoring my hand.

“Ma’am !”

“What is it crystal?” She asked in an irritated tone.

“I know the answer.”

“Let it be. I don’t want to know the answer from this class anymore.” She sighed.

I exchanged exasperated looks with the rest of my classmates.

Suddenly the door opened with a blast and in came Damon with his million-dollar knockout smile and adorable dimples

" I am so sorry Ms.Khov. But I missed your morning class and the office told me to attend this class.” He explained. Ms.Khov gave him a sexy smile and I internally gagged.

Damon gave her another smile and then winked flirtatiously at me. I smell trouble.

He confidently walked up to my seat and made the guy sitting beside me stand up. He then took the now vacant space and smiled at me. I smiled back at him and paid attention to the class as ma’am started teaching the morphological structure of angiosperms.

“Hey Crystal,” Damon whispered close to my ears.

" What?” I asked him absentmindedly trie to imagine the thalamus.

“This is for you.” He said as he held a deep red rose, it’s sweet smell wafting up to my nose. I hesitantly took the rose from him.


" Oh look, Crystal has a specimen for us to observe. Bring it here Crystal.” Ms.Khov said with a fake smile on her face.

“Uhmmm ....” I didn’t get any choice because she strode over and snatched the rose away from me.

She ripped all the petals violently and I saw Damon flinch. Then she took a dissection needle and cut the ovary of the flower open all the while explaining the parts to us while Damon winced at the destruction of the rose he gifted me.

At the end of the class, she took all the ‘trash’ and threw it into the dustbin before sending a sickly sweet smile to Damon.

" Why does she hate you?” I asked him.

" She doesn’t hate me. She hates my best friend”

“Which one?” I asked him, thinking about Sam...

“Max.” Damon sighed.

“Max? What did he do to her?” I asked him completely confused.

"Someone started a rumour that he banged her in sophomore class and he reacted by announcing in her class that he wouldn't do that even if his life depended on it."

I stared at him, "why does she hate him for that?"

Damon laughed, "are you kidding me? you know Ms. Khov. She took it as a personal affront and gave him the lowest score ever. they had a huge fight with the administration because of that."

“Huh,” I told Damon and walked beside him.

“I am sorry Ms.Khov ripped the rose apart,” Damon mumbled in a disappointed tone.

“It’s okay, Damon. I never liked roses.” I smiled at him.

“You don't?” He asked.

“They are too cliché. I prefer orchids.” I shrugged. When I looked back at him he had a huge smile on his face.

“what?” I chuckled at him. He caught hold of my hand and kissed the back of it.

“You will get late for your class crystal.” He said as we stopped right in front of my history class.

He backed away and waved at me. I waved back and entered the class only to be immediately assaulted by two hyper girls. Violet and Megan.

“Tell us EVERYTHING!!!” They squealed in unison. So I told them and they giggled excitedly.

“You are going to have so much fun!” Violet clapped.


I guess that’s one way of putting it.

so guys, if you like it please comment and heart. I love you all for reading my story! Thanks for all your support.

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