Knight in Shining Heels

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Chapter 19: Damon unhooks my bra

" Don’t worry about the bitches.”

- Jennifer Lawrence.

“I know right! He was so cute!” I gushed out as Meghan, violet, and Beth vigorously nodded their heads.

“And when he was just about to kiss her, did you see his expression? Oh my gosh! That was so hot.” Violet said fanning herself with one hand while we all giggled.

“Can you imagine how perfect those two would look?” Beth spoke excitedly. We all replied in enthusiasm.

“And imagine a dolphin that can walk. Like... it’s a normal dolphin but it suddenly unfolds its legs and walks away.”

We all turned to look at gale who was trying to imitate a dolphin walking. I gave him a questioning look while Megan and violet giggled. Beth smacked her forehead.

“Just my contribution to this whole conversation,” Gale stated as we walked the almost empty school corridors.

“Not to be rude, but what are you doing here?” Meghan asked with genuine curiosity.

Today we had a soccer match against another school. The whole school was in high spirits. Damon personally came and asked me to come and see ‘his’ match while Sam punched him claiming he was in it too.

Max, Sam, and Damon conveniently skipped classes for practice. Most students were at the soccer grounds. Gale and Beth were going to join me in the bleachers while Megan and violet were the cheerleaders.

“Me. Beth. Crystal. We have to stick together.” Gale replied as he pulled Beth and me to him by looping an arm around our shoulders each.

Beth scowled but somehow I knew she loved it. Beth had a huge crush on Gale, she just made sure to hide it at all times.

“Oh well okay. Have fun guys, we have to head out now.” Violet tugged Megan’s hand and they turned to the right corridor.

“There is this new vending machine across the geography classroom on the east side. If you shake it enough it gives free pop tarts.” Gale announced with an evil smirk.

Beth brightened up and dragged him towards the east side while frantically telling me to join them on the bleachers.

“We will be the guys with the most food around us,” Beth yelled as she turned the corner.

“Should we accompany you?” Meghan asked halfway down a corridor.

I would be left all alone but it wasn’t like someone was going to attack me. I shook my head at them; I had to empty my bag in my locker and take some books home for studying.

“Best of luck, guys,” I cheered as they turned the corridor and I turned to go to my locker.

As I was about to reach my lockers a high pitched voice announced, ”oh look who it is!”

I sighed and warily turned around plastering a fake smile on my face, ”hey April.”

She was already in her cheerleader costume that, I had to admit grudgingly, looked good on her.

“How many times do I need to warn you to stay away from my max?” April spat vehemently while being flanked by two other cheerleaders.

“Excuse me?” I asked, baffled at her question.

Stay away from max? I was hardly with him all day. In addition ‘my’ max? April was ambitious.

“Why did he call you to his house yesterday?” she asked furiously.

She was referring to last night when max called almost all his friends to convince Leah to not hate him.

“Uhh…to calm Leah down. You were there, weren’t you?” I asked her.

The two girls beside her narrowed their eyes at me. April groaned in frustration before fixing her seething hazel eyes on me. For some reason, she was jealous at the fact that max contacted me. Was she that insecure?

“I know you seduced max after everybody left.” April bellowed when I did not give her the attention she assumed that she deserved.

I didn’t even bother to turn back and threw the comment off-handed, “I do not need to seduce him. Maybe you have to get that desperate with him.”

“You bitch!” April shrieked.

I turned to look at her. What had I done? She marched up to me and before I could gauge her expression, she slapped me.

She slapped me on my right cheek.


My neck snapped to the left. The sting of her palm radiated heat on my entire face. I looked back at her in utter and complete shock. She was panting with anger.

Did she just…slap…me?

I took a deep breath to keep my anger on a leash. Let it go crystal. It was her first chance. Just forget that she did anything to you. No violence, remember Gandhi.

I took several deep breaths and clenched my fists. I was fighting against my instincts and I was trying so hard not to start cleaning the things around me.

“This will teach you not to interfere in my matters again!” she hissed.

I watched her and before I could stop myself, I burst out into giggles that quickly turned into a peal of deep belly laughter.

“You are so pathetic, April. So damn pathetic. Max will not bat an eyelash for you, so you go around threatening and hurting everyone who he cares for. Now, that is called being a pathetic useless bitch.” I told her when I stopped laughing and turned back towards my locker.

She stormed towards me and gripped my shoulder trying to pull me back. Instead of pulling me back, she tore the back of my blouse.

The sound that my ripping blouse made echoed through the deserted corridor. I took a deep breath and turned to face her again.

She was magenta red in the face and her eyes were brimming full of tears. Wait, why was she crying after molesting me!? She took a deep breath and threw me a glare full of hatred before marching back the way she came from.

I had certainly hit a nerve. She would not have been crying just because she tore my blouse. Someone started approaching the corridor. Two sets of footsteps quickly nearing me.

Oh hell! Before I had a chance to do anything max and Damon started walking towards me. They were already in their soccer jersey. Damon raised his head and smiled at me, “crystal…”

His voice trailed and he looked at me with furrowed brows. I was standing facing them and my face was throbbing. Surely, it must have been red on one side.

“What happened to you?” max asked quizzically.

I panicked.

Before my brain could form logical thoughts I blurted,” Nothing” and tried to run in the opposite direction. Too late.

“Crystal!” max yelled. I froze in my place.

“Holy fuck.” Damon muttered.

They saw my torn blouse. I stood frozen in my spot with my hands clenched into fists, my nails digging deep into my palm. Max gripped my shoulders and gently turned me to face him.

“Who did this to you?” he asked with deadly calm while his eyes turned into blue all-consuming fire. I had seen max’s anger but this was new. He was livid. I gulped.

“No one. Pfft.” I laughed nonchalantly.

Wrong decision. His eyes darkened and he looked even more dangerous.

“Who?” he spat the word out barely restraining his anger and I am ashamed to admit this, but I flinched.

“Dude, shut up. You are scaring her.” Damon interrupted.

Max growled and released my shoulders before backing away just an inch.

Damon nudged me, concern and worry written all over his face, "crystal, who did this to you?”

Oh, crap. Were they thinking someone sexually harassed me?

I gave them a confused look before blowing a breath out, "no one that should concern you. I am fine.”

“No you are not!” max snapped at me while running a hand through his dark silken hair. His anger was palpable. He was literally trembling with it.

“You have a red handprint on your face and your back is scraped red!” he continued.

Now that he mentioned it, my back did sting a bit. Damon turned his attention over to my back and started prodding at the scrapes.

“It’s because of someone’s nails. Somebody ripped your shirt.” Damon muttered thoughtfully.

I simply shrugged. A nerve started twitching in max’s jaw. He closed his eyes for a moment.

“April.” I sighed. Damon stopped prodding and max looked at me quizzically.


“April did this to me. She slapped me and then when I turned my back she ripped my blouse.”

“Are you kidding me?” max scoffed.

Every muscle in my body tensed. He did not believe me.

I picked my bag off the floor and started stuffing books into my locker, ”like I said no big deal. I am fine.”

“Crystal, why did April do that you?” Damon asked softly.

“April did not do that.” Max declared. How dare he?

“Are you implying that I am the one who is lying?” I asked him calmly.

He got a little startled at that. Damon gulped audibly.

“Of course I did this to myself. I slapped myself and then I tore my blouse and stood right here in the middle of this empty hallway waiting for you idiots. I wanted to frame April. Haha ha.” I hissed.

“That’s not what…” max started but he shut off the moment I slammed my locker open again.

I pulled all the books out and started arranging them alphabetically.

“I am sure April did this.” Damon said softly.

“Your ‘friend’ doesn’t think that.”

“I just meant that April is not capable of doing this to you! You would have sliced her into bits before she even laid a finger on you!” max explained.

“let’s get you to the medical room.” Damon again interrupted. I gripped my locker tightly until it bit into my hand painfully.

“I can’t walk out like this,” I muttered ignoring max altogether.

“Leave your hair open,” Max said.

“why.” I gritted out.

“It will cover your back.”

Max sighed when I did not move and slipped the band from the end of my braid. He started to open it but I jerked away. I opened my braid quickly and threw my hair behind my shoulder. The soft silky waves cascaded to my mid-back completely obscuring the torn part of my blouse.

“Didn’t you bring your jacket?” Damon asked.

“It’s 90-degree Fahrenheit; am I crazy to bring my jacket?” I asked.

I stomped my way to the medical room and the guys followed me to Mrs. Brunner, our school nurse. When I went in she looked slightly alarmed dreading the bad news, but I explained how I slipped and fell on the ground’ she quickly calmed down.

I sighed internally. Mom must have warned the whole administration staff about me. She brought over an ice pack and Damon started helping her as if he knew everything perfectly.

“Why are you acting like a doctor?” I asked him as he placed an ice pack on my cheek.

“Because I am a doctor’s son and I am going to become a doctor?” Damon stated in a questioning way.

Max just sighed and sat on one of the cots in the room facing me.

“Why did she …attack you?” max asked softly before looking up at me.

He looked like a dog that was abused by his master. My anger towards him started dissipating rapidly.

“All your fault,” I muttered as Damon started working on my back.

Max looked confused but before he could speak Damon asked, “Can I open your bra? It’s getting in the way.”

“I am sure it is,” I told him slyly.

I turned to see his face and his dimples were prominent.

“A completely clinical question, crystal. By the way, nice bra.” He drawled before winking at me.

“Open it,” I told him as I turned my head away and he quickly unsnapped my pastel pink lace bra. I looked up just in time to see max glare at Damon.

“It’s entirely your fault,” I told him.

He looked startled at first. Damon cleaned my back with antibacterial wipes. I winced just barely

“It’s your fault that April decided to go violent on me.”

“How?” max asked leaning closer to me.

I pressed the ice pack to my cheek savoring the slow pain that it caused.

“She thought I was stealing you from her. She told me to stay away from you.”

“Same old shit.” Damon piped as he applied the cream on my back.

“And you did not do anything to her?” max asked incredulously. I held up two fingers; he stared at me.

“I gave her two chances. The next time if she even starts to taunt me I will insult her. Enough being nice to people who do not deserve it.”

Damon moved in front of me and raised my hand to my cheek, ”press it where it is red.”

Max stood up and moved out of the room. Maybe that’s all he wanted to know.

“I can’t see where it is red.” I whined to damon.

“Can’t you feel the pain?”

“I have a high pain tolerance level.”

Damon sighed as he held the ice pack to my cheek. “Thanks, damon.” I smiled at him.

He flashed his dimples at me before checking my cheek again. Doctor Damon was cute. Just then, a teacher dragged two boys into the medical room.

“They were fighting. Defending school honor.” The teacher said as he pushed them inside and nodded at Mrs. Brunner.

One of them was from our school with his uniform askew and multiple bruises on his face. I smiled at him and he tried to give me a small smile. The other guy was wearing a red uniform and had a bleeding nose. He was blatantly staring at my exposed back.

Damon threatened, “you better stop staring or I will give you more bruises to remember us by.”

The guy raised his hands in a placating motion and slumped down on a cot as Mrs. Brunner started patching them.

Immediately another group of three bruised and battered boys entered. Damon pushed my hair back. Many of them kept looking at us. Max finally came back with a green varsity jacket in his hand. He raised his eyebrows at the bruised boys and moved towards us.

“here.” He simply said as he pushed the jacket at my face. I pushed his hand back.

“What is this for?” I asked him.

Damon looked apologetic, ”I would have given you my jacket but I don’t have it right now.”

“You gave it to the girl you fucked yesterday,” Max said in a bored tone while unfolding the jacket and nudging it towards me again and I pushed it away again.

Damon looked flushed but before he could say anything Mrs. Brunner called out to him with pleading eyes. Damon looked at the bleeding bruised guys and went to nurse them.

“Max, press this ice pack on her cheek.” Damon requested while throwing the ice pack at max.

Max swiftly caught it then turned to me. He placed the ice pack on the cabinet beside the cot then took one of my hands and put it through the armhole of his jacket before doing the same with the other hand. He drew it up to my shoulder and pulled the collar.

Lowering his face to me he spoke, ”so that you don’t go around with a hole in your back.”

I did not even understand what he was saying. I was just lost in the perfect blueness of his eyes and his citrus cologne and his minty breath and his sharp jawline.

He kept staring into my eyes while my own skittered all over his face. He leaned in even more closely and I sucked in a quick breath. He smirked before backing away.

Then he picked the ice pack and kept it on my cheek before continuing to look deep into my eyes. The way he was looking into my eyes as if he was memorizing everything about me, unnerved me. I looked down before he could notice the blush rising on my cheeks.

“So, did April actually …uhm…give you that mark?” max asked tentatively while biting his lower lip.

He was not ready to believe it. That forced me to ponder what kind of feelings did max actually have for April. He did not like her. That, I was sure of.

However, he stood up for her and he tolerated her presence. He even called her for help. Maybe they were in a relationship before…nope, that was highly unlikely.

As these thoughts raced through my mind, I realised that I had yet to answer max.

“Yes, she did slap me. And all for the misunderstood notion that I want you.” I frowned. He looked at me with puppy dog eyes. Then he looked at the ice pack on my cheek before moving it back and inspecting the bruise.

“I think it’s almost gone now.” He mumbled while scowling.

He put the ice pack on my cheek then slowly blew a breath. “I am sorry“ he said.

I cocked my head.

He noticed my confusion and sighed, ”April…she is rather …Uhm…I don’t know…she likes to bully. So when she gets a chance to bully someone who is like you...”

I raised my eyebrow at that and he explained, “well you just came …suddenly into the school and then you became friends with all the right people and well you dissed her right on the first day...”

“I didn’t do anything on purpose!” I exclaimed incredulously.

Max looked nervous as he pressed the ice to my cheek and hurriedly spoke “I know you didn’t but…well you just took everything she wanted. You are popular and people actually like you and you are gorgeous and well….uh get it, don’t you?”

He called me gorgeous. I grinned with the ice pack on my cheek, which just made my face malformed. Max looked at me with amusement before chuckling.

“Let’s get back to the game,” He removed the ice pack and lifted my chin with his finger to inspect my cheek, ”it looks fine already. Does it hurt?”

Hurt? Nope, it just feels fuzzy and warm all over.

I simply shook my head at him and he prodded my cheek once. When I did not flinch, he kept the pack aside and took hold of my hands before pulling me off the cot.

My heart melted and I had a sudden urge to perform an arabesque. Max held onto my hands as he turned and called for Damon. Damon looked at our clasped hands and scowled.

Max turned back to me, oblivious of his friend’s distress, ”you look beautiful with your hair open.”

I blushed again. What was with max and his compliments today? He released one of my hands but intertwined his fingers with mine before moving out of the room leaving Damon to trail behind us. I watched his face as he led us towards the grounds.

I am sure Damon tried to hold a conversation with me but I was too out of it. Max’s slender fingers were intertwined with me. His fingertips had calluses on them. They scraped against my knuckles eliciting tingles starting from my knuckles and tugging at my heart

“Good luck to you both. Make me proud.” I told them as we reached the grounds.

Damon threw a wink before sprinting away to the rest of his team. Max slowly untangled his fingers from me.

“Wish me luck.” He murmured with a slow smile.

I tilted my head slightly and he tapped a finger against his cheek. He wanted me to kiss him. My eyes grew to the size of UFO’s and he just chuckled.

“Go take your seat with that chimpanzee and your friend,” Max told me while looking up at gale and Beth waving wildly down at us.

I waved back at them and moved towards them. When I reached them and looked back, max was still standing there.

Making sure that I was safe before heading to his team.

I have no idea why I felt like all my body organs turned to mushy pudding.

I really do not have any idea.

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