Knight in Shining Heels

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Chapter 2: we have a breakfast nook and a dining table

Oh, yes, the Past can Hurt. But the way I see it you can either run from it or learn from it.

- Rafiki, (the lion king)

My feet stalled on the footsteps of my new house. The red brick townhouse at Brooklyn didn’t feel like home. To be honest, nowhere felt like home for 5 years now.

I took a deep breath and settled on the steps of the 3 storey townhouse. I couldn’t face my mom knowing how she left. Three years back my mom called it quits with my dad stating that she could no longer take the poverty and helplessness.

I watched my dad disintegrate slowly. A year after that, my mom came back. With a diamond ring on her right hand and a wedding invitation. She married a New York lawyer with lots of cash.

Needless to say, my dad was devastated. It felt like a betrayal. Her leaving. We were at the most vulnerable point of our life and she left because she could not take it.

I opened my chocolate and ate. Bitter sweetness invaded my mouth. The rich flavor almost made me moan. I was happy for my mom. And for my dad, he turned into a more passionate photographer. Now he was touring the world and my mom promised to take care of all my needs.

Besides, New York was excellent for my needs. I was drowning in my thoughts and before I knew it, I had finished all the chocolates. I walked into the house and saw my mom setting up dinner at the kitchen table for two.

“Mr.Gartlet won’t join us? ” I asked.

“He said he will be home late. Some client issues.” mom chirped. Mr. Gartlet was the man my mom married. Also, the man who paid for all my bills now.

“So how was Brooklyn? Did you meet someone? did you like the places around here?” mom asked halfway through dinner.

“Brooklyn is...crowded. And I met this little girl Leah and her brother.” I went ahead to give a short recap of my day.

I may have described Leah’s brother as handsome because my mom’s interest was piqued.

“So does Leah’s brother have a name?” my mom asked slyly.

“Uh...i don’t know. I never really asked.” I said hiding my face behind a piece of bread. why was she asking about him? of all the thing she could latch on to.

“Okay.” She said her lips uptilted in a know-it-all smile.

“What?!” I asked her in an exasperated tone.

“Nothing,” mom quipped.

I finished dinner and went to my room. Tomorrow was the first day of my new school. Maybe a new start with fewer shadows. And a new place with new people. People who did not know my past and pitied me.

I pouted at my reflection in the full mirror.

My new school uniform definitely looked good on me. The full-sleeved white shirt fitted me nicely and the pleated dark green skirt ended just inches above my knees. There was a dark green jacket that went with the uniform, but the weather was warm so it was not needed. I slipped on my shoes making my way down the stairs braiding my hair.

“Good morning crystal." a crisp voice said.

I looked up and smiled at my mom’s husband. He was in his forties with brown hair and warm brown eyes.

“Good morning, Mr. Gartlet.” I beamed.

“You can call me Brad If you would like to.” Mr. Gartlet was a good person.

He was in love with my mom, and quite frankly he has done a lot for her and me.

“It will take some time for me to call you dad...” I said slowly grimacing at my own pathetic response.

“I can wait.” He smiled at me.

I was surprised at his gentle nature. For a man who I pictured as an evil mastermind, he was quite nice. We entered the kitchen together. Mom was setting breakfast. When we entered, she smiled broadly. It was obvious that she wanted to see us as a family. the only obstacle in her dream? me.

“Good morning you two.", she said.

Mr. Gartlet – Brad went up to her and placed a loving and chaste kiss on her forehead. I averted my eyes; it hurt to see her with someone other than my father. I pulled my attention to the elaborate breakfast in front of me.

“This is...too much.”

And I was not lying. It really was too much. There were eggs and bacon and bread along with porridge and fruit salads and carrot juice.

“You should eat a hearty breakfast to be healthy.” My mom replied. Brad took a spot in front of me on the breakfast nook. we had a dining table too. The presence of two tables for eating astounded me

“I know, I am just...not used to it I guess,” I said recalling the breakfasts I used to have back at home.

My dad didn’t know how to cook good food and I didn’t have the energy to wake up early and make breakfast. Most of the time it usually consisted of cereals or fruit. Or leftover pizza.

“I know baby. I am sorry for not getting you here sooner.” My mom said.

I flashed my eyes at her angrily and quickly glanced down. No matter what she did now it could not replace the betrayal that I went through. I simply took some eggs and salad. The silence at the table was deafening so I opened my mouth.

“How did your meeting with the client go yesterday, Brad?” I asked.

He looked up at me and smiled.

“It was okay. It’s a difficult case though.” He said. Brad was a celebrity lawyer in New York.

“I am sure you will win this case,” I said smiling at him over my glass of juice.

He looked pleased. My mom looked happy. Everything was good.

“Come on, I will drop you to school. It’s on the way.” Brad said.

I picked up my school bag and entered his car. We drove for 10 minutes in silence. Brad wished me luck and I stepped out to enter my new school.

The Connelly academy.

It looked prim with its wrought iron gates, lush garden and vintage building facade. Brad dropped me in front of a huge central fountain. I walked towards the high school building.

I slowly made my way through the throng of students chatting and meeting up with their friends after the vacation.

There were freshmen who looked excited and couples were making out beneath the trees. I had joined the school for junior year, so I was pretty sure that I was the new girl here. It will be a huge hassle to make friends. I took a deep breath and made my way to the administrative offices.

“Crystal Winget. Here’s your schedule my dear.” The school counselor, Ms. Tensil said.

“I want you to know, that I am here for you if you have any problems at all. Academic, personal, or medical. You have me if you need to talk about anything. And I mean anything. You are a strong girl, Crystal. Even the principal agrees that you are quite extraordinary. You don’t have P.E, instead, you get the study hour. Any other doubts, you can approach me.” she said smiling warmly at me.

“Thank you so much Ms. Tensil. I will remember that.” I said as I picked my bag and made my way out of the office.

I passed by clusters of students. Who should I become friends with? I reached a stone bench in the school courtyard and sat on it. Being with the nerds or dorks will mean getting bullied. Staying with the popular will mean becoming a bully. And to find neutral ground between all this was just difficult. I sighed internally and crossed my legs.

“Hey, this is our place.” A guy said.

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