Knight in Shining Heels

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Chapter 4: I make an ENEMY

Be who you are and say how you feel, because those who don’t matter don’t mind

-Dr. Seuss( cat in the hat)

It was the 4th period, the period before lunch when I was interrupted.

Mr. Terrust, our history teacher thought it would be interesting to review us about the discovery of America. Well, he was humungous wrong.

Everybody was bored out of their minds. Some students gave up the pretense of paying attention and started using their mobiles and a gross couple was making out in the corner of the class hidden by the benches.

Mr. Terrust droned on and for the umpteenth time, I thought how his voice had a lullaby lilt to it. It just made me zzzzzz. I was in the middle of thorough psychoanalysis of his voice when someone hissed at me. I looked back and saw a girl.

Her hair was platinum blonde or maybe it was gray, but whatever it was, it looked awesome on her. Her face was small and set with doe-like blue eyes. She resembled a pixie. She looked tiny too.

“I am Violet Jackson.” She said offerings heavily jeweled hand.

I glanced at the front of the class to see our teacher looking solely at his book and repeating the words in it as if he was summoning a demon.

I looked back at violet and smiled. “Hi, I’m Crystal,” I replied and shook her hand lamely.

“I know, aren’t you the new girl who was with Damon today?” she asked me.

“Yeah.” the girl sitting beside her butted in.

She had black hair. Her onyx Asian eyes stood out on her creamy white skin. She looked like a different species of a fairy. I shifted my eyes between them.

“Ignore her rudeness, she is Meghan,” Violet said. Meghan glared at her before focusing her attention on me.

“So are you with Damon?” Meghan asked.

I blinked at her, confused by her question.

“Uhm... we talked today...” I started.

“Why are you even asking such a question? Of course, she is with him. Sources say that he had his arms around her in the corridor.” Violet said.

“Really? Well, no doubt. She is beautiful and Damon always liked sweet girls.” Meghan replied.

" You know I’m kinda still here?” I told them.

They both exchanged a look as if they were caught stealing a cookie red-handed.

“Sorry, we do that a lot. We just forget others exist sometimes.” Violet said.

“No, it's fine. And I am not ‘with’ Damon. He just showed me the way to my English class. That’s all.” I said and glanced at the front of the class.

The majority of the class was busy with their own thing and the rest were sleeping. I looked back at Violet and Meghan and they were busy arguing who the hottest guy in school was.

“It’s Damon all the way. His dimples are just so cute.” Violet said.

“Nuh-uh. When it comes to being cute...its Sam.” Megan sighed with a dreamy look in her eyes.

“But no one is hotter than...” Violet started.

“Max”, Meghan and violet said in unison and giggled.

“Who is this Max?” I asked the duo.

They looked at me, excitement alight on their faces.

“Max is THE HOT GUY in this school,” Meghan said.

“I love him sooo much,” Violet said gazing at a distance.

“You may love him but he is a player,” Meghan said pouting.

“That’s what all of us are sad for,” Violet said.

I rolled my eyes at their apparent fangirling. Just then the bell rang. Every person sleeping and awake jumped out of their seats. I stood up and the duo joined me. We walked through the corridors together.

“Who are you sitting with for lunch?” Violet asked. I shrugged my shoulders.

“I don’t know,” I said

“You’re with us!!!” Meghan and Violet chorused again and looped their arms on either of my elbows.

“You guys get creepy when you do that together stuff,” I mumbled.

“You will get used to it,” Violet said patting my forearm.

“Yeah,” Meghan added. I internally sighed at them.

The cafeteria looked luxurious. White marble floors. Wooden tables with matching cushioned black chairs. And a whole counter of assorted food with kitchen staff standing behind them ready to serve.

The place was already bustling with students and laughter. Violet and Megan dragged me to the center of the cafeteria, to the largest table.

It was clearly a table meant for the most popular students in the school. There were seniors and juniors and I guess by the looks of it some freshmen and sophomore too.

They dragged me to a spot and forced me to sit there. Hellos and introductions were exchanged. The chair across me got occupied by Damon. He flashed me a heart-warming grin.

“Hey, how was the first day.” He asked leaning closer to me. I returned his smile.

“It was good,” I said.

“I'll just go and get something to eat,” I said standing up.

“I'll join you,” Damon said as he too stood up from his place.

The moment we turned our backs to the table they started whispering about me. I mentally sighed and just picked some good looking food. I was used to people whispering behind my back.

I picked up delicious-looking pasta with a red sign warning that it was spicy. Just like I wanted it. Damon took some healthy-looking stuff. Again I saw the heads turn and smile at him then look at me and whisper. It was like a routine.

When we approached the table, my seat was occupied by someone else. A guy had a girl on his lap and by the noise being generated, they were kissing very passionately. I made a disgusted face at them. Unfortunately, the only seats left were beside the icky couple and the seat across them. Damon pulled a seat across them.

“Uh...Damon, do you mind sitting in this place? That couple is just disgusting me...I’d like to stay away from them.” I told him.

He looked at the couple.

“That’s just Max. It’s one of his hookups. Not a couple. He will stop in a few minutes. But I will sit here if it bothers you so much.” Damon said pulling out his chair for me to sit.

“Thank you so very much,” I said with a grateful smile.

His grin widened. We tried having a conversation but the couple- hookup across me was just gross. This guy was groping his hands all over the girl’s figure and she was moaning. The thought of their hands below the table just eeked me out.

“Max, would you just stop. You are making Crystal uncomfortable.” Damon said realizing my distress.

I shot him a grateful look. The guy finally stopped and turned his head towards Damon. I couldn’t see his face since the girl was sitting right in front of him.

“Who?” the guy-Max asked.

His deep husky voice nagged at my memory.

“Crystal over here,” Damon said pointing his chin towards me.

The guy finally pushed the girl aside and looked at me. It was THE guy. Leah’s brother!!

“You?!” we both said in unison.

“What are you doing here?” he asked while the girl on his lap continued kissing his neck and jaw.

“Baking cookies. Would you like some?” I replied in a deadpan voice shoving some of the pasta from my lunch into my mouth.

“Only if it’s chocolate chip.” He replied in a deadly serious voice. The girl was still kissing him and he seemed unfazed by it.

“You both know each other?” Damon asked, confused.

“Yeah,” Max replied focusing his attention back to the girl. Not bothering to elaborate.

“He was playing hide and seek with his little sister. I met his little sister Leah.” I explained to Damon.

“You were playing hide and seek with your sister? Aww... how sweet.” The girl on Max’s lap gushed. He looked at her warily.

“Yeah. I will see you after school.” He said pushing her off his lap.

The girl whispered something in his ears and went off. I continued eating my lunch. After a minute I realized that the two guys around me were not talking. So I looked up with the spoon still in my mouth. They were looking at me. Just looking at me.

“What?” I asked them.

“Nothing” Damon said flashing his gorgeous smile and Max...he just shrugged and got up.

“What’s wrong with him?” I asked Damon pointing with my spoon towards the direction Max had gone.

“Nothing. He is just like that.” Damon replied taking a bite out of his sandwich.

Seriously? I tried to think about his behavior yesterday, but he was not this...cold yesterday.

“So do you like soccer?” Damon asked.

“You play soccer?” I asked him with a smile. He grinned back.

“Yeah, I am the front defender,” he said. Just as I was about to say something else, max came and resumed his place.

“Where are you from?” Damon continued but my attention was totally captured by this strange arctic human being called Max. I tried to cover up my interest.

“Missouri,” I told him.

I was looking around the cafeteria trying to find Meghan and Violet. And that was when I spotted her, or well more likely a scantily dressed model.

The blonde moved with confidence and it was obvious that she was the queen bee of this school. She even had two minions flanking her side. Her long locks hung lustrously down her back in waves.

What really made me stop and give her a second glance was her uniform. She was wearing red pumps and her skirt hugged her waist ending a hearty few inches above her knees. Her top was tight and molded to a slim waist. It was a miracle she could comfortably breathe, maybe that was the reason why she left her first three buttons open. It was also possible that she wanted everyone to see her cleavage but I couldn’t judge just yet.

“Baby....” The girl called out in a high pitched voice. Max sighed heavily.

Damon was trying his best to suppress his smile, his dimples looked much deeper.

“What’s wrong?” I asked cluelessly.

My cluelessness was cleared as soon as she came and perched herself on Max’s lap.

“Where were you all day? I missed you.” The blonde said pouting.

Something about her just compelled me to enact her drama. She then turned her smoky hazel eyes on me.

“And why are you sitting with a slut?” the blonde said with disapproval lacing her tone. I choked on my pasta gravy.

“I- I am sorry?” I asked her. Who the hell was she to call me a slut?! I was 1000 times more modest than her. And we hadn't even met before...did we?

“Get up. That’s my place.” She said rudely as if she was used to ordering others around her. I had a thousand mean words forming on my tongue for her.

“April, she came here first. So shut up.” Damon replied glaring at her.

I picked my plate and stood up. I was done anyway.

“Oh, I am so sorry, miss. I guess I did not check your assprint on the chair.” I said in a fake British accent and walked off.

Behind me, all chatter stopped. The cafeteria slowly turned silent.

“You will regret this.” April slowly said.

I continued walking towards the end of the cafeteria and deposited my tray.

“I am already regretting seeing your bitter face,” I told her with a bored voice and waved my hand at her in a shooing motion and got out of the cafeteria leaving a lot of impressed faces and gaping mouths. I was halfway to my locker when Meghan and Violet came running towards me.

“We saw that,” Violet said. Meghan looked at me and gave me a grin.

“You are amazing!!” Meghan squealed and hugged me and then she started laughing.

And laughing and laughing. I looked at her in alarm.

“April is the queen bee. Nobody messes with her and you, the new girl, just thrashed her in front of the whole school.” Violet told me.

I was still looking alarmingly at Meghan. She was laughing so hard that her face had turned red.

“Is ...she ...I mean...Meghan” I tried to speak and not panic.

Violet finally focused on Meghan who was mute laughing now.

“That happens all the time.” She said.

“It’s okay. I wasn’t going to take shit from April. She was acting way too much.” I replied and just because I couldn’t help it I squealed like April and said in a high pitch voice, "babbbbbbyyyyy”.

Violet laughed and Meghan again started laughing uncontrollably. The bell rang.

“I have chemistry now, I will see you later,” I said

“Wait I have chemistry too,” Violet said excitedly.

“Mrs. Beckham is on this side,” she said dragging me on the opposite side to my classes.

“But I have Mr. James. I am AP chemistry.” I told her. She looked at my timetable and pouted.

“Fine then. Go study advanced chemistry.” She grumbled and dragged Meghan away. Meghan had finally caught her breath. She gave me a weak goodbye.

I gave them a smile, amused at their antics.

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