Knight in Shining Heels

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Chapter 6: I get an Orangutan and a new best friend (?)

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”

- Roald Dahl

The class looked good and offered a beautiful view of the school courtyard, so I took a place in the middle row. Art History sounded sleepy and there was no need to add another element to distract me from studying. Moving ahead I sat beside a girl with brown hair and bespectacled brown eyes. She looked at me in surprise.

“Hi, may I sit beside you?” I asked her. She gave me a long look.

“You are the new girl, Crystal.” She said as a matter of fact. I nodded and sat down.

“How do you know?” I asked her, rummaging through my bag for the textbook. She scoffed.

“Well everybody knows about you. You are the one who trashed April in front of the whole cafeteria. Then you bravely made Max your chem lab partner.” She finished. My mouth parted.

“But that was just 5 mins ago, how fast does news travel around here?” I asked incredulously.

“Internet. Quick notifications, you know.” She said, “By the way, I am Juliet Sanders.”

I smiled at her and she went back to her textbook. The class started filling up and many people came and talked to me.

Class started and a thin woman with a sour face entered. She looked at all of us in disapproval. Then slamming her bag down she started writing on the board. I nudged Juliet.

“Ms. Ramona does not like teenagers. Especially those who are her students,” Juliet whispered.

I gave her a quizzical look, "Then why is she a teacher?”

She just shrugged and went back to writing every word that Ms. Ramona said. That’s when the door opened and Max entered. He slipped a piece of paper to the teacher and scanned the classroom. His eyes rested on me. He came towards me, his strides confident.

I heard Juliet take a sharp intake of air when his eyes strayed to my partner and then rested back on me. I forced myself to look back at my book and started writing random datelines.

He sat on the seat right behind me. Every eye in the class was trained on him, even Ms. Ramona.

I did not dare to look back.

After a few milliseconds of frozen awe, the class started again. I was sporting a deep frown. How come this boy holds so much sway in this school? I tried to pay attention to the class but the effort was futile. I was just not interested in early medieval art.

I tugged at the end of my braid shifting my leg and kicked someone else. Quickly turning back, I muttered a sorry.

Max’s blue eyes enraptured me. He raised a perfect eyebrow and gave an almost imperceptible nod. I whipped my head back to my book.

When class ended, I was the first one to exit. You can blame my restlessness to the subject, the teacher, the concept, or maybe the boy who sat behind me whose eyes I occasionally sensed on me.

Reaching my locker, I did a quick swap of books, glad that the day was finally over.

“Hey!!!” someone said to my left.

Startled I looked to my left. Gale was standing there with a huge grin on his face. I smiled at him.

“You look very happy. Something happened?” I asked him sliding my bag on my shoulders. Gale’s grin just widened.

“Yeah. My basketball try-outs got postponed for tomorrow and I got to know that my new friend is a total badass,” he said resuming his grin.

I was seriously feeling sorry for his face muscles now. He grinne too widely and too frequently for it to be healthy

“Yeah?” I answered a grin spreading on my face.

“Girl, you are awesome!!! This whole school was waiting for someone like you. The only other person who talked to April like that was Yasmine back in middle school. Now it’s you!” Gale finished. I did not miss the internal flinch he went through when he said ‘Yasmine’.

“Who’s Yasmine?” I asked.

“An old friend who used to study here in middle school. Come on, I will take you to another badass girl I know. She is my friend. And you know my friends are your friends. So she is your friend too. Not like you can’t make friends. You are already friends with my friends Damon and Max. By the way are you friends with Max?” Gale rambled, steering me towards the school grounds.

I pressed my lips and tried to wipe the frown from my face. He was rambling; clearly he was uncomfortable with this girl Yasmine whoever she was.

“Here we are.” He said finally slowing when we reached the basketball courts.

“You go ahead; I will be right back in a moment.” He said jogging towards the locker rooms.

I went into the stadium; there was a game already in motion. It was a girls’ basketball team. I neared the side-lines.

The whole stadium was abandoned except for the girls who were playing. All of a sudden a ball came right at my face. I caught hold of it and looked at the team of sweaty, tired girls and their frustrated captain.

“Who are you?” the brown-haired girl demanded.

Before I could open my mouth the girl said sternly, “You are late for the try-outs. We finished an hour ago. If you can’t come on time then don’t expect to get chosen in the team.”

“I am not here for the trials,” I replied passing the ball back to her.

The girl gave me a confused look, "Then why are you here?”

“An orangutan dragged me here,” I told her solemnly.

If I had confused her earlier, it was nothing compared to the bafflement she was going through right now. In fact, the whole team looked surprised and scared. There were furtive glances to the bleachers.

“An orangutan?” the girl asked me.

“An above 6 ft. orangutan with green eyes.” I said nodding with extreme seriousness.

Before the girl could utter a word, Gale came flying towards her and tackled her down like an overexcited dog. She squirmed and kicked him off of her. I pointed a finger towards Gale.

“An orangutan,” I told her.

She looked at a pouting Gale, then back at me and burst out laughing.

“Hey, I am not an orangutan,” Gale said feigning hurt. There were some giggles around the team.

“Oh, you are.” The captain said, still laughing.

“Beth, that’s Crystal, and Crystal this is Beth.” Gale made the introductions. Beth had finally recovered from her laughter.

“She is the one who trashed April,” Gale told her.

Beth’s eyes widened and a coy smile appeared on her face. She came towards me and looped an arm around my shoulder.

“I guess we will become good friends, Crystal.” She said smiling.

“I guess we will,” I told her smiling.

“Hey don’t you forget me.” Gale whined and then slipped between us looping his arms on either of our waists.

He looked down and grinned. "My bitches.” He said smiling suggestively.

I punched him in the gut at the same time when Beth smacked his head.

“Ouch!” he looked shocked rubbing his head and stomach.

Beth looked at me, ”You know what? I think we will be best friends.” She said grinning, I grinned back at her.

“Hey not fair!” Gale told, but it was drowned out in our laughter.

My first day had been too nice to be true. I had made a statement and not only that, I had befriended the most popular students. Naturally, I got a lot of friend requests on social media. I had spent the past few minutes filling the empty grid with a few pictures

Sighing, I looked down at the assortment of pills splayed on my palm. I tightened the grip on my glass of water and gulped them down. The bitter taste of medicine slipped through my throat.

Taking a deep breath I relished on the thought that no one knew I was ill. No one gave me pitying looks unlike at my old school.

I slid into the warm confines of my bed. My last thought was of blue eyes that had turned cold but held deep sadness in them.

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