Knight in Shining Heels

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Chapter 8: I meet a smirking Aston-Martin wheel

Holding grudges. Judging others. Hating. Wanting to cause harm. Withholding forgiveness. Gossiping. Ridiculing. Ignoring others. Withholding mercy. Throwing stones. STOP IT.

- Dieter uchtdorf.

I could tell you that the little conversation with Max had made me all gooey mooey and had totally set my mood up for the day. But you know what? I don’t find the point in lying.

When I reached Connelly academy everything was just as weird and as new as before.

Gale was overly enthusiastic as ever and with the addition of Beth, I truly believed I was the fat faceless lady in Tom and Jerry who overlooked their fight and only caught Tom. Beth was obviously Tom.

One more thing I am sure you would like to know: I am Damon Hughes's latest conquest.

Yippee? Yay? No.

I was stumped. Damon, as good and charming and sweet as he looked, clearly thought of me as his newest and sweetest conquest.

How do I know that? Well, I was not the first one to know. It spread from the soccer team locker conversation and was now a forest fire in the school.

Sighing, I brushed a stray strand off my face and gloomily stared at the teacher who was trying to teach me maths. I tried to solve the sum he assigned us and grumbled when the answer just did not arrive. I was about to murder my book when someone threw a paper ball at me.

And lo! There was the sacrificial lamb for my deathliest glare.

The guy, who got scared of me (I was sporting the death glare), had really pretty eyes. Long lashes and sparkling hazel eyes. The kind that promised they were gentle but still dangerous.

He gave me a cheeky grin and ran his fingers through his stylish blond hairstyle. Cream skinned, broad-shouldered, and the perfect I-could-be-your-boyfriend-but-I-won’t-be type.

“- feisty I like it,” he said in a baritone voice maintaining his grin and showing his perfect straight pearly whites.

“Useless, I hate it,” I replied in the same tone and set about trying to finish the nasty sum.

I got relief only for 30 seconds before the guy badgered me again.

“Wow, you really are resistant to charms. You are a hard-to-get type.” He muttered.

I looked at him again, and he backed off in his seat. Again.

“Not a prize horse to be won,” I told him in a haughty tone.

I was so not in a mood. Blame a certain blue-eyed stone man for that.

“You don’t like me?” he asked, a stupid smirk on his face.

“Far from it. I barely know you.” I huffed.

“I am a friend of your most beloved boyfriends.” He said with a lopsided smirk. If I slap him hard enough maybe that smirk would right itself…

“Sorry. I don’t have beloved ‘boyfriends’.” I told him, and just to make it clear to him that I was not interested, I turned the other side and started solving the sum.

Unfortunately, the stars were not in my favor today.

The bell rang and the annoying boy came right in my face and started staring at me as I made my way out.

“I am the fourth and the final wheel in the school’s most popular Aston martin.” He said already eliciting hungry rape worthy glances from the girls around us in the hallways.

His tie was half knotted and his shirt was untucked.

“Is that the reason why a German shepherd peed on you and you smell like dirty urine?” I asked him. He snapped his head to me and smirked.

“Save these sentences for April. You will need it for later use.” He said steering me towards the cafeteria while I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Don’t narrow those pretty doe eyes at me.” he lifted my chin with a finger, “your eyes make me want to fall in them and never come back. I could stare at you all day long.” He said in a sexy voice.

“I hope you fall in them and die a painful death.” I rolled my eyes and slipped past the gaping crowd that had surrounded us.

“Shit. You really are difficult,” he said striding beside me.

“Oh, really what gave me away,” I said in a bored tone. He smirked. Again.

Somehow we reached the cafeteria and I started at the scene in front of me. The main center table was removed and the room now resembled just like any other posh cafeteria.

“What happened to the center table?” I asked the blonde boy standing beside me.

“We make that arrangement only for the first day of school. You know for the losers to know who the popular are. After the first day, there is no need for such stupidity.” He shrugged and then smirked at me, “But it's ok; you are more than welcome to our table.”

He dragged me towards the table near the window overlooking the courtyard. I would have run the other way if I was not busy trying to locate Meghan or Violet or Beth.

“Crystal,” Damon said all dimples and honeyed voice.

“Damon,” I said tilting my head to the side.

He grinned at me and then he saw the guy beside me. His grin slowly faded.

“Sam? What are you doing with Crystal?”

Sam the ever smirking, smirked again.

“I thought you would like to spend lunch with someone.” He said and pulled me down on a chair. I just looked him up and down my brows furrowed.

“Crystal. Cool.” Gale said slipping into a seat across me.

A chair from the adjacent table was dragged and a tall figure settled down beside me.

“What are you doing here?” Max asked in a confused tone.

“Why is that the only question you ask me every time?” I asked in an incredulous tone and continued searching for the girls.

“Because you are always in places you should not be,” Max answered in a bored tone.

Turning towards him, I smiled broadly, ”Aww, someone cares.” I wriggled my eyebrows for effect.

Max looked irritated, “I don’t care-"

“Oh really? Liar liar pants on fire.” I told him wagging my finger at him. He was becoming annoyed.

“I am not lying-" he started but I interrupted him, “Of course you are not lying pumpkin, whatever you say is the truth,” I told him in a soft motherly voice.

The table burst into laughter. Max looked furious.

“Why the fuck do you have to be so annoying.” He gritted out, a nerve ticking on his jaw.

I mock gasped and covered my mouth with both hands, “You don’t cuss in front of a lady. Bad boy.” I slapped him lightly on his hand.

He looked appalled enough to make his friends laugh again at him. I glanced around trying to spot the girls but was met with the suspicious stares of the whole cafeteria. Even the ladies serving food.

And that’s when I spotted her.

Piling extra food on her plate as a serving lady was busy whispering something in the other lady’s ear. Beth just went on piling random stuff on her plate.

I stood up quickly, “As lovely as it was to make the acquaintance of you gentlemen, I have to leave. Thanks for letting me sit with you.” I said pushing the chair back.

All the three guys said their goodbyes or whined (Gale). Max was busy on his mobile.

I leaned in front of his face and poked his cheek; he looked up briefly, “bye pookie”

I grinned at a furious Max.

“You-" he started but I sprinted off towards Beth before he could say something.

“Yo,” she said carefully balancing her lunch on the table.

Meghan and Violet came towards us and sat down on the table their plates filled with a medium-sized portion of food.

“Hello, Beth and Crystal.” They said in unison.

“You guys are still creepy.” Beth told them as she sat down then looked up at me, "Go get your own food. I am not sharing.” She said, protectively covering her pile of food. I rolled my eyes at her and went to join the line.

“So you are thinking about taking all the golden boys?” a high pitched voice sneered behind me.

I sighed and turned back to meet the hateful gaze of April.

“April. How are you?” I asked her politely.

“Beautiful as always. Unlike you.” She sneered. I sighed.

“ Listen, you bitch, if you think you are going to make your way into the golden group that easily then you are mistaken. You are just another toy. They will throw you the moment they understand what a useless little slut you are.” April finished, flipping her hair obviously proud of herself. I picked up some curry and brown rice.

“Thanks for the heads up April. I really appreciate your help.” I told her smiling.

“Stay away from Max.” she hissed at me.

“Sure sure,” I told her taking my food.

And since April is April and no amount of polite words and peaceful gestures could change her, she tried pushing my tray of food on my shirt. I raised the tray and twirled to the side. Her hand pushed empty air but the girl was stupid enough to try and push me with all her body weight.

Therefore…her hand ended up getting dunked in the container of hot spicy gravy.

“YOU BITCH!!!!” she screamed pulling her hand out of the gravy container.

“Ah…Uhm…I am sorry?” I muttered and hurried towards my table trying oh so hard to ignore all the stares on me.

“Gods….” I exhaled sitting on my chair.

April was being escorted to the medical room amid her tears and accusations. I heard Violet giggle. That’s when I looked at my group of girls; they were all red in the face and gasp laughing. Meghan was vibrating with laughter.

“You… Are...amazing.” Beth gasped in between uncontrollable bouts of laughter. I gave her a small grin.

“Oh my gosh. I swear I have never seen April so badly embarrassed.” Violet said grinning.

Beth looked at Meghan still laughing and then she started laughing again. Meghan looked at Beth laughing and she laughed harder. Violet looked at me and laughed. So I shrugged and joined in the laughter fest.

All-day long people were busy gossiping about the ‘cafeteria spectacle’, many asked me first-hand experience too. And since I was not so keen on sharing it, they ended up settling for the videos some April-hater had shot. I really felt bad for the girl. Even though she was mean she did not deserve this much hate.



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