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This is book #2 of The Mafia Series and cannot be read as a standalone. This series will have dark material, sexually explicit scenes & situations, including BDSM, organized crime, profanity, alcohol, and drug usage. Etc, etc, etc. Mature readers only. *** Dive into the second installment as Damien Heart and Rayleigh Johnson's story continues... When Caine Heart went into hiding, Damien was able to secure his role as the Bayou Mafia's new Boss. Damien's vicious personality surfaces after Ray was kidnapped by one of Caine's enemies, Dante Russo, The New York Mob's boss after he was double-crossed by Caine. However, Dante' got more than one reason to want Ray. Damien, who's determined to get Ray back plans to start a war, but soon uncovers secrets from both of their past that ultimately change everything they have ever known. What happens when their past secrets come to light? How will Damien and Ray be able to overcome the challenges that lay ahead of them?

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"Why does this feel so comfortable?" I murmur, pulling myself closer into Damien's chest. His arms tighten, as I feel his chest softly rising and falling. The warmth of his body immediately fills my senses. I feel as though I'm where I am meant to be, I was home.

"I love you," I whisper as I nuzzle my face into the crook of his neck, breathing in his cologne. As I breathe him in, expecting his usual comforting and mouthwatering scent, but was instead greeted by an entirely new smell. A smell that is unfamiliar and rather repulsive, causing me to wrinkle my nose in disgust. "What is that smell?" I ask, pulling my head up from his chest. Since when did he switch to a new scent? This smell is musky and sour.

"Damien?" I nudge when he doesn't answer me. Scrunching my brows in confusion and worry as I notice his face is rigid, as though he was in pain. I quickly place my hands on each side of his face, trying to make him look at me.

"Damien, what is it? What's wrong?" I panic. He turns his focus to my face and then it's then that I see his eyes are glassy and bloodshot like he's been crying. What's wrong with him? What's happening?

"Why?" He croaks, sending pain to my chest as I feel his grip tighten around my waist. Worry and even more panic creep into my body. Why is he upset?

"Damien, baby? What's wrong." I croak on a small sob. I feel the tears burning my eyes, falling from the brim as they slide effortlessly down my face. He's seriously starting to scare me.

"Why? Why did you leave me?" He whispers. Shaking my head vigorously as I rub my thumbs across his cheek, "I'm here baby, I promised you, remember? That I would never leave without telling you and to always come to you, to trust your judgment. You know why I left before. Damien, I thought we were over this?" I whisper, pulling my hands from his face.

I sit up and immediately feel the air suck right out of my body, as I watch in complete horror as everything disappears into a cloud of black smoke, including Damien, leaving me in complete darkness.

Fear rips through my entire being and I frantically try to scream, but nothing is coming out of my mouth. I start to feel a strong and intense terror, so I quickly begin to move my hands around, searching for anything that helps make sense of what's happening. Slowly, I begin to crawl as I was afraid to walk into the unknown. What the fuck is happening? Where the hell am I? Where's Damien?

I feel rubble and dirt underneath the palms of my hands as I continue to crawl in complete darkness, with no idea or clue of where I was going or where the fuck I am. I hiss feeling a pain hit my back and freeze as I begin to faintly hear a noise in the distance.

"Wake up!" I hear as I feel a sharp nudge to my back. I groan, wincing as I try to open my eyes. I groan again impatiently, finding it difficult to open them. I hiss, grabbing my head as sharp and thudding pain ripples through my head. It feels as if I've been run over by a semi-truck.

"Princess, get up. The Boss wants you showered and dressed for dinner. I don't have time for your bullshit or dramatic nonsense." A strange and gruff voice echoes into my head. Finally peeling my heavy eyelids open, I blink several times, trying to clear my blurry vision. Bright lights become less blurry as I begin to look around.

My eyes land on a man, staring down at me, leaning against a door frame. What the fuck? Where the fuck am I?

Confused and scared, I quickly sit up, pulling myself away from him. "Where am I—and who the hell are you?" I croak out as my hand immediately flies to my throat, really needing water to help ease the dry and scratchy feeling.

He shakes his head as he grimly laughs. He pulls out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, looking towards the ground as he places one in his mouth and lighting it. "Don't you worry your pretty head princess. The Boss will answer your questions soon." Boss? What?

He looks back at me, as the smoke expires from his lips, and lets out an annoyed huff. He bends down, grabbing my arm, forcing me to my feet. I try to pull my arm from his grip, but I was too weak to succeed. Why am I so weak?

"Where's Damien? Where's Cole and Kaye?" I ask as I continue to try and yank my arm from his grip. "Save your breath, you will soon find out. Now stop fighting me and move those feet, or you'll make us late for dinner. You don't want to keep the Boss waiting. He hates tardiness." He chuckles, pulling me behind him as he drags me out of the room.

Once I step out of the room I was in, I gasp. I may not know where the hell I am, but whoever it is that owns this place must be filthy rich. The hall that I'm being pulled down is like walking in a historical mansion. Hardwood cherry floors that you could see your reflection in just as good as a mirror. A nice warm light shines from several fancy chandeliers. The hallway was huge, with walls holding beautiful oil paintings. If I'm not mistaken, I'm sure they're museum quality. Who is this Boss, the president?

Reaching the end of the hallway, the asshole who won't tell me anything pulls out a set of skeleton keys. He places one into the dark cherry wood door and opens it, pushing me inside. "Towels are in the closet behind the bathroom door. The outfit that you are to wear is on the bed, along with the other shit you'll need." He informs with a smirk. "You better get a move on it." He flicks his wrist looking to his shiny gold watch. "Dinner is in twenty minutes."

He shuts the door and I sigh as my hope deflates hearing him locking it with the keys. I won't be sneaking out the door now. I quickly bolt to the window, grabbing the curtains and yank it open, almost ripping them off in the process.

"Shit." I curse, laying my forehead against the glass as all my hope disappears. "No escaping out the window" I mumble to myself, as I stare to the ground, three or four stories down. Tears cloud my vision as I take a seat on the bed and I wrap my arms around myself. I don't understand any of this?

My brain replays the last events that I can remember. The last thing that I remember was getting changed into the outfit Lindsey had instructed me to wear. How did I go from changing to being in this so-called boss's mansion? Where are Damien and Cole? Who was that strange man who kept calling me princess? More importantly, what does the "Boss" want with me?

I finally settled my nerves and figure I should do as I was asked. I don't know who these people are, but not knowing makes me think I wouldn't like to anger any of them. That guy made the "Boss" sound scary with the grim comment of how he didn't like tardiness.

After I bathe and place the dress on that was left for me to wear, I take a seat at the small desk by the window and wait for the same guy who locked me in the room to come and retrieve me. I'm sure he'll be here any minute and drag me to "dinner" like a caveman again.

The room is just as beautiful as the hallway, with the same sort of decorations. The bed is big and comfy. It has a beautiful and fluffy spread with white and light purple designs sewn in the fabric. A canopy that reminds me of the ones from the movies. You know, the wealthy lifestyle in movies. The desk I'm sitting at matches the bedside table and the dresser. If I'm not mistaken, it looks antique but in almost perfect condition.

The door being unlocked stops me from observing the remainder of the room. The door opens and I'm greeted with the same guy's smug face again. I stand, "I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from manhandling me this time like some caveman."

He chuckles, holding both his hands in the air, "I'll refrain, but if you try anything, stupid princess, my man handlers will toss your ass over my shoulder and this caveman will carry you to the dining hall." Christ, a dining hall?

I roll my eyes as I pass him walking out of the room. I stop, waiting for him to lead the way. I feel my nerves get jumpy with every step I take. I'm about to find out who the person is who's taken me and why I'm here. I don't know why I've been taken, but whatever the reason I'm positive it's an enemy of Damien's family. I mean—who else would take me?

The elevator chimes as we come to a stop on the ground floor. I step out once the elevator doors open, walking just a few steps before I'm facing two huge wooden doors.

My hands begin to shake, and on instinct, I begin to chew my thumbnail. I hear the "caveman" chuckling and glare at him with annoyance. "Your nervousness is quite entertaining. Just relax, ok. You've nothing to fear if you don't try anything stupid." He informs with amusement in his eyes. If he wasn't helping to hold me captive, I would've laughed with him. "The name's Gabriel, by the way." He smirks. "I'm Ray," I mumble as I pull my thumb from my mouth.

He laughs as he grabs the door handles and then looks back at me over his shoulder, "I know who you are." He opens the doors and slides out of the way to let me in. "I didn't think you did, since you keep calling me "Princess," I smirk as I walk past him, I hear him burst out laughing as I look around the huge dining table that could easily fit twenty people.

Gabriel walks up beside me and points to the chair beside the head of the table. "That's where you sit, Rayleigh." He informs, and starts to laugh, but tries to cover it with a cough. I roll my eyes and leave him to take my seat. I sigh with relief when I see a full glass of water, and quickly chug it down. The cold water is amazing especially compared to the water from the sink in the bathroom. I look back where I had last seen Gabriel, and he's gone. I look around and realize I'm alone again. I could try to make a run for it. I don't know how far I'll make it, but this is the first opportunity I've seen. I mentally shake my head, remembering Gabriel's warning. If I don't do anything stupid, I don't have anything to fear.

I hear a door being opened from the left of me and watch as five women come bustling through with trays of food. The large main doors I just came through opens and a large group of guys in nice suits similar to Gabriel arrive, laughing and talking as they head to the table. My nerves immediately become jumpy again. Who are these men? Not one person paid me any attention, like I wasn't even here. I jump, placing my hands on my chest as I felt a hand on my back. I look to my right, as I watch Gabriel take a seat beside me. Annoyed is what I begin to feel, as I see him wink with the same smug face he seems to love.

I turn my head and clear my throat. "Can you please sit somewhere else. You're getting under my skin." I ask, as my eyes lock on one of the women who carried the food out, pouring a glass of wine. I reach over to grab it, place the glass to my nose and I inhale the aroma. The food and wine smell so delicious. I sipped the wine, groaning with satisfaction as the warm and fruity flavor invaded my taste buds.

My body stiffens as I feel a warm breath on the side of my neck. "You shouldn't groan like that Princess, you're in a room full of hungry men." Gabriel whispers. What the fuck is this guy's deal? He's starting to annoy the fuck out of me. Turning my head as I look back to him to tell him to go fuck himself, I freeze as find myself greeted by all the men, staring at me. Fuck my life! My face heats up, I'm sure it's glowing red by how fucking embarrassed I'm feeling right now.

The moment is interrupted as the doors open again. I look around the room as it became eerily quiet. Not one sound can be was heard except the footsteps of the man that walks to the head of the table. He's tall, much older than any of the men in this room. He reeks of dominance and money. The way he walks screams of his importance. His hair is silver with a nicely trimmed beard to match. He takes a seat at the head of the table right beside me, making my nerves come back at full force. So, this is "Boss".

I felt my heart hammering so hard as his eyes lock onto my face. Jesus. He smiles, holding out his hand to me. I nervously swallow my heart back into place and hold my hand out, which is noticeably shaking. He grabs it and places a soft kiss onto the top of my hand. "Ah, it's so wonderful to finally meet you in person, Rayleigh. I have been so eager for this moment. You must be going crazy wondering what's happening." His voice is strong and deep.

I softly nod my head at him agreeing."Well, let's begin dinner and I'll fill you in, yes?"

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