Codename: Úrsula

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Brief Peace

During the following two weeks, a still embarrassed Veitena kept distance from Lorenzo also because she was busy trying to discover who was the woman currently with him. She had made one try after the visit of the priest, calling on a Saturday afternoon:

“So, Lorenzo, do I know the woman who gave you that Bible?”

Noticing the excuse to reach him, Lorenzo answered dryly:

"No, you don’t.”

“Could you give me her number? I want one too…”

“No, I can’t. I gotta go!” he hang up, giving no room for her. He left to the supermarket to buy fine wines, cheeses and chocolates. Lorenzo spent every night with Elena, not in motels anymore, but in his apartment, under those ultra-careful safety measures that included keeping available the sight from the avenue and crawling to and from the sofa.

Despite this period of relative peace, Lorenzo increasingly felt that the information received from Dr. Santos indicated future challenges.

In the only monitoring night in those two weeks, Veitena saw nothing new: the only two persons to enter Lorenzo’s building after pressing the doorbell after ten p.m. were that volleyball player she saw once and an old man.

On one of the nights, Lorenzo asked Elena if she still had their e-mails, because he had deleted them all months ago. He missed to read them sometimes, during pauses in his work during the day. Elena not only had all of them, but also had made safety copies. The man who hated to read loved to read Elena’s texts written so tenderly. He created a brand new e-mail account in order to recover them all as well as that form of contact in addition to Codename Úrsula on the cell phone.

“And, Elena, don’t forget that e-mail about cars…”

Lorenzo believed that it started to become more than feeling flattered by her attention after he expressed his impressions whenever he drove around Green Palms in his brand new Audi or in a very old, but mighty car of which he liked very much. Women behaved differently towards him depending on his car, even being handsome as he was. When he concluded that an expensive car was pre-requisite for having women, her completely unexpected answer overwhelmed him:

’Maybe the greater number of women that a man attracts in an expensive car leads you to believe that he attracts all women; however, many are not all. You see, I have two daughters. When they became teenagers, whenever they saw a handsome in a fancy car and pointed out for me, I used to ask them what a handsome man in an expensive car was. My youngest girl was the one who projected wonderful hypothesis for the man. I had to explain her that the handsome in a fancy car is nothing beyond what she sees. She does not know if he is an honest worker, a successful businessman, or if he is a drug dealer, a corrupt politician, or a bank robber; therefore, a fancy car does not tell the most important: what kind of person he is, instead of what he has.’

Lorenzo had this particular e-mail printed in his wallet before it ended up polluting the Atlantic Ocean as demanded by Veitena’s witchdoctor. Yes, I think I fell in love when I read it…

Elena said she would gladly resend all their e-mails.

The nights and breakfasts together seemed little. Lorenzo invited Elena to fish in some city hundred kilometers from Green Palms on a Sunday. As usual, she was afraid, but Lorenzo had a strategy prepared to have her in his old car lying down in the back seat until they reached the highway.

“Veitena never entered in this car. She will never suspect a woman is here…”

They laughed, happy for spending twenty-four hours together again. Elena would not feel the power of a brand new Audi well conducted by a true pilot this time. But she learned that a good pilot could make an old mighty car give two-hundred km/h on a highway.

The next weekend would be the trip to the beach.

Lorenzo and Elena had enjoyed the beach hotel room as soon as they arrived there early on the Saturday morning to get out of Green Palms unnoticed in the old car. They made love as soon as they entered it.

Later, they decided to feel the sand under their feet. Lorenzo’s phone rang and it was Veitena. He did not take it. Five minutes later, she called again and he knew she would give him no peace. He had to keep the phone turned on due to ongoing projects. To block her could have unpredictable consequences. As soon as he answered, she noticed different environmental sounds:

“Where are you?!”

“I decided to enjoy the beach.”

“Is there someone with you?! Who is it?! Tell me!”

Elena noticed the tension in the concerned expression of Lorenzo. She indicated him that she would give them privacy and walked away. From the distance, she saw his expression and wondered if she and Lorenzo would ever find peace someday. Love may be a challenging path… I cannot lose him, but what future expects him if we do stay together?! Is it fair if I bring a hell into his life?! God, help me because I’m afraid and I love him!

As soon as he joined her after the talk, the cell phone rang once more and it was Lorenzo’s daughter. He walked away and the talk lasted twenty minutes. When he joined Elena, she said:

“We can drive back to Green Palms and come back some other time.”

They had to cancel a trip to Fortaleza, in the beautiful northeast coast, at their first separation.

“No.” he was harsh, clearly nervous. His face was reddening in distress and Elena did not want to create more problems.

They walked slowly hand in hand on the beach, feeling the waves as they reached their feet. Lorenzo broke the silence after minutes:

“I refused to say who was with me and Veitena asked if it was the woman who gave me the Bible. I said yes. Then, she said that if I insisted in not telling her name, such woman could only be Elena. She said I will die. I said nothing and hang up.”

“Lorenzo, I don’t know what to say or what to do. Whatever you decide it will be fine.”

“My daughter called me to tell I cannot be with a prostitute. I did not say that you have been spending all nights with me.”

“As soon as you decide what to do, I’ll support you.”

“We will go back to Green Palms… Monday morning.”

Elena smiled:

“If you change your mind, just say it, OK?”

“OK. Let’s go into the water!”

Later, back from the beach where they played and after a delicious shower together bathing each other, they were naked on bed. There was no mood for talking. Lorenzo and Elena read each other souls. They knew that hard times would start again soon.

In silence, Elena massaged his feet, one and then, the other, extending the reach upwards for both legs. She loved to feel the perfume of his skin when she got so close that her breasts touched his body and made him arouse most of times:

“Oh, please, keep doing this, I love it…”

She then, extended the massaging all over both legs, alternating massaging and kissing, touching his body with hers whenever she kissed. The mood changed. She reached his arms one after the other as well as the torso, rubbing her breasts all over each part of his body.

“Please, don’t forget to massage and kiss my face, and rub your breasts right against my forehead, cheeks, nose and mouth…”

Elena was already eager to have that stone hard penis of his inside her mouth because she had not caressed it yet. But she did as he asked for, massaging and kissing his shoulders and head, kissing his whole face and rubbing her bosom against it. Completely relaxed now, all Lorenzo had to do was to open his mouth to grab the first of the nipples that slid on it. Elena loved to feel his warm mouth on them. His moaning got so intense that she would stay with her breasts above his face offering them to his mouth for as long as he wished it, trying to reach his penis with her hand. When she reached it, he moaned even stronger, increasingly out of control. She knew somebody could listen to them, but she could not help controlling the pleasure she derived from that position either. Lorenzo grabbed her breasts with both hands and his mouth, entirely relaxed on bed while she handjobbed him.

Both came intensely within few minutes.

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