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Faith, Chance or Love

With the big pair of scissors in her purse, Veitena drove to Lorenzo’s under emotional distress and unbalance at lunch time, around one o’clock. I did not want things to go this way, but he left me no choice!! She parked the car completely uneven and out of alignment with the other cars, nearly hindering the passage of other vehicles. She trembled in anger and that reflected in the hard insistent pressure on the door bell. She crossed the avenue to look at his living room and it indicated that nobody was at home. When I put my hands on him… She touched her purse as if she could feel reassured knowing the pair of scissors was there.

She tried to call him the fourth time. His cell phone was switched off. Did he move to a real office somewhere I don’t know? Each minute unable to reach Lorenzo turned her more furious. She had her husband under total control for the last forty-six years before the separation one year ago. Now, this marriage wrecking woman comes and spoils everything!

She could not drive back to the office because she wanted to destroy everything there, but those stupid assistants would report to someone, neither could she eat, such was her rage.

She wanted to cry right there on the sidewalk beside her car. But crying would not help her to vent her fury as she wanted. Crying was for weak stupid persons. He will get what he has been asking for one year…

As for Elena… I couldn’t drive to her house. Could I? Veitena vented her immediate madness on the door of her car, slamming it very strongly before she left with screeching tires.

Nearly two o’clock in the afternoon, Lorenzo dropped Elena near her car, on the small and almost deserted alley, nine blocks from his building.

“I can hardly wait to show you how well the apartment accommodated the office! Maybe you’ll ‘work’ on the table tonight, Úrsula…”

“If it is for you, then I can work on the table or under the table, knelt on a comfortable cushion right in front of you... Oh, my God, I want you!”

“Oh, gee... Look what you did: now I’ll have to drive with a piece of wood between my legs!”

Both laughed.

“You’ve started!” she replied, laughing. It was amazing how desire could emerge from just everything.

“I am glad to have had lunch with you, Lorenzo! And I wish I could work in your office right now…” she looked around, checking if they were being observed, “I gotta go, because it’s daylight…”

Lorenzo wished he did not spoil the joy of that lunch, but he just could not help. He had to warn Elena:

“My girl, be a little more careful, OK? I have to tell you, sadly, that I don’t know what to expect from Veitena…”

Elena nodded with the head, in the hurry to enter as fast as possible into her car. Little did Lorenzo know that she had drawn the same conclusion after being informed on the call she made to her ex-husband’s mother…

“You too, my love, you too… See you later!” and she turned the engine on to leave, taking the opposite direction to his.

The lunch with Lorenzo made Elena feel levitating in bliss back home. After pulling the beautiful white cotton dress and the panties off on the warm spring afternoon, she sat on bed, naked as she liked to stay, enjoying Lorenzo’s perfume that came from inside her. At least now with Elena, that vasectomy of his, a sad event of willing mutilation of someone who was born perfect, had lost the effect that made him devastated, continuously demanded to wear condom, having undergone mutilation in vain.

Elena remembered Lorenzo telling that he intended to have five children and how he wanted to reverse it now with her. She suspected that this was some innuendo about becoming pregnant. Although she was sure she could not have other children safely due to her age, she rejoiced with the extent of his love. On the internet, he researched cases of pregnancies after reversions and she only smiled tenderly. She knew that after fifteen years, vasectomies were almost impossible to revert. However, she could not find courage to tell him this. Less bad, she could have him inside her with zero chance to become pregnant. With this crazy life of ours, it would be madness if I got pregnant…

Despite her age, she had regular monthly cycles like a Swiss clock. She only had made use of fertility awareness as method of birth control for all her life as a personal choice that had nothing to do with her previous Catholicism. After divorce, she did not stay with other men and, therefore, never worried about it. Due to Lorenzo’s vasectomy, she welcomed what he had to pour inside her, keeping his perfume inside. Nothing was more sensual and fantastic to her than the idea of being his territory, marked with his perfume, receiving him wherever he or she wanted to.

She smiled, looking at her reddish nipples. They are for your mouth only, Lorenzo… Oh God, I am so completely happy with him! Thank You! If I could ask only one thing, it would be: protect my grown-ups and my Lorenzo wherever they may go...

Her thoughts changed now to her divorce, signed and sealed four years ago, but still dealt with by her ex-husband and some members of his family as a mere joke. I have to improve my safety…

Little by little, the well-known zone of underlying fear became wider when her thoughts moved to Veitena. The threatening mood of the call she made to Lorenzo at the beach doesn’t indicate that she will play by the civil regulations of this country, I guess… The contact she made with the ex-mother-in-law was unsettling. Despite loving her cozy sunny house, Elena saw one single alternative to have some peace. I’ll have to move…

The first thing Lorenzo did back home around two o’clock was to switch his cell phone on, preparing to start working in his new temporary office, drawing the emergency strategy to visit clients, instead of receiving them at home. He did not consider very professional to receive clients in a home-office. He turned the main computer on, while refreshing and brushing his teeth.

When he saw the number of lost calls from Veitena, all he could do was to pray to God, asking for patience, serenity and, if it was not asking too much, protection for Elena and then, for him.

Is it faith that provokes life changing events? Is it purely chance that makes people take wrong road accesses? Is it the love of some giant loving force that protects those who believe in it? The fact is that on that spring afternoon, Veitena Marces took the wrong access to Elena’s house. Her rage was so immense that she nearly crashed against a wall trying to fix the itinerary without the need to go all the way back to redo the route and take the access correctly. Frightened and with the heart beating fast, she pulled over on the way, in order to thank and calm down for some minutes. Thank You, God, for freeing me from a crash! She prayed one Our Father and one Hail Mary in gratitude. At this very moment, her cell phone rang inside the purse. It’ll be Lorenzo. The display showed Father Joseph. Father Joseph?! He had called directly to her cell phone only once in all those years, when the oldest deacon of the parish died.

“Hello, Father Joseph.”

“Good afternoon, Dona Veitena, how are you doing?”

“With the grace of God, I am fine and you?”

“Fine. Look, I was informed that Dona Silvana is travelling abroad. Today is the first Monday of the month and I do not know who is in charge of the organization of our meeting of the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary tonight. Do you know something about it? The assistant took a three-day leave due to backache; hence, you can imagine the chaos of the administrative tasks in the parish today.”

“The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s meeting!” she exclaimed. Veitena had totally forgotten that she took the responsibility direct from Dona Silvana, “Father, I am sorry! Some unexpected events happened today and…”

“Do whatever you have to do, Dona Veitena… I’ll find somebody else; you always help us very, very much, I cannot ask for more.”

“No, Father Joseph, please, I’ll be honored, let me do it. I’ll drive home to change and soon I’ll be there.”

Was this call from Father Joseph a sign from God?

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