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The New Office

Around six on that evening, Veitena observed Lorenzo’s living room from the avenue, three blocks away, from where she could see the very top part of his head through the translucent part of the curtains at some moments. He walked from one side of the room to other, carrying a floor lamp and stepping on a ladder to adjust the picture that used to be in his office. Then, he carried the same floor lamp to someplace else. During those ten minutes of quick monitoring, Veitena confirmed that he moved into home-office. Thank You, God, for making me able to think rationally. Violence will not help at this moment. I must use my brain…

She turned the engine on and drove back to the church where she had prepared the meeting room for the event of that evening with the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s members.

As soon as Elena entered Lorenzo’s apartment on that night, around eleven p.m., she stripped off the tracking suit and loosened the hair. Lorenzo waited for her on his chair, smiling. First of all, standing at the door, she looked from his position on the workstation to the window, mentally tracing all possible straight lines that would indicate whether they could be seen there by an observer on the avenue or not. She did it focused and in silence.

“If you define the direction and magnitude of all vectors you seem to be able to find, you can apply for any physics award;” he said, bursting into laughter followed by her intense laughter, “you can come crawling, my girl; the positioning of my chair is spying-proof!”

Both laughed. As the living room was wide, he had only to place the working station near the opposite wall from the window, as far as possible from it.

“You took care of everything, Lorenzo…” she smiled, “What a handsome architect I see..”

She crawled to the beautiful desk where Lorenzo was sitting on a high back executive leather chair. There was a cushion on it. He moved the chair backwards to open room for Elena to come and embrace his legs almost entirely under the table while he dropped the cushion on the floor for her to kneel on it. He caressed her hair as she rested her head on his lap during those first minutes together. It felt good simply to stay there together. He was on t-shirt and boxer shorts. Hence, she could feel the perfume of his skin directly from his thighs. After some minutes, that positioning led to a relaxing session of massage that started on Lorenzo’s feet. Elena loved to massage them. It seemed to her that all tenderness she had inside could be additionally delivered by her hands. For Lorenzo, the tenderness in her hands felt nearly material.

Naturally, the massage extended to both legs, with Elena getting rid of her beautiful laced bra to rub her bosom against his skin. In few seconds, she would be sliding both breasts on the inner part of his wide open thighs while she had his entire penis for her mouth. She paused the caressing to say:

“If you have works to do, do them; I’ll be only kissing you...” before resuming her caresses.

“If someone builds anything designed by me in such conditions, I’ll be in the cover of a magazine: ‘Lorenzo Marces: breaking the patterns of symmetry, balance and proportions’ while I’ll be thinking: Oh, gee… I was receiving my love’s blowjob when I designed it…”

Elena had to pause her caresses in order to laugh with Lorenzo, without running the risk to hurt him, before she gave more of her kisses.

“Come here, my girl”, he said pulling her up to sit on his lap. He positioned Elena on top of him so that she could control the penetration, while he had her breasts perfectly at the reach of his mouth. She caressed his hair, gradually losing control of herself, increasing the pace of her movements on him while he alternated the caresses with his mouth and hands on her nipples, and his words telling how much he loved them and how beautifully they reacted to his licking, sucking and gentle biting.

“Lorenzo, I love this chair!”

The chair proved to be resistant enough to allow them to seal, once more, what their souls had to express through their bodies.

Later, they were resting on the sofa, after having crawled there making jokes about that situation, as usual. They enjoyed silence and the perfume of each other’s skins after making love.

“Lorenzo, next Saturday, I’ll have the wedding of a friend to attend.”

“No kidding! You mean the wedding of Cecile and Louis? I have been invited too! Louis is a good nice fellow!”

“And I’ve been invited by Cecile!” she said in excitement, “But I think it’s not safe for us to be seen together…”

“You are right, Elena.” he said, feeling that the insistent calls from Veitena at lunchtime followed by her total silence afterwards indicated that something was about to happen. After the weekend at the beach, every caution would be little, “But I’ll be proudly looking at the woman that I love there…”

The week passed by with Lorenzo working in his home-office and no contact made by Veitena. He got used to a constant level of concern, with no other current alternative. He had sent messages to his assistant offering a thirty-day vacation period so that he could organize his professional life. He did not want to have her working in his home-office. Life has taught him to be extremely careful when it came to professional relationships with women. He became puzzled when his assistant informed him that, per Veitena’s request, she would continue to work there at Marces & Marces Architecture Office as usual and she did not know who she should obey. Lorenzo told her to do as Veitena requested. This is not good…

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