Codename: Úrsula

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One First Service

Around nine p.m., as agreed, Elena stopped her car near the green telephone booth, two blocks away from Lorenzo’s place. Her expression opened in a wide smile when she recognized him turning right in the corner and walking towards her in the quiet street that was completely empty at the time of the night. She checked if someone would turn right after him, but it was not the case. Thus, she wanted to embrace him as soon as he entered the car, but he was fearful, tense and did not allow it, only holding her hand tight. And it felt like a full body embrace after a month far away from each other.

“I miss you so much, Lorenzo...”

“My girl, you do not imagine the pain of being far from you... We have to be careful...”

She immediately turned the engine on to leave that place as soon as possible on that still chilly early spring night of the week, when they would not have to wait long for a motel room. Lorenzo’s hand remained holding hers even when she changed gears.

“I can hardly wait to embrace you and kiss you all over again, Elena...”

She pulled his hand closer to feel the exquisite perfumes of cigarette and Lorenzo’s skin, kissing it.

“I must wrap myself around your whole body and inhale you, Lorenzo...”

She loved the peculiar perfume in Lorenzo’s hand. Although she had never had curiosity or wish to smoke, also knowing how harmful it is to health, she had never asked him to quit, because she considered unethical to try to change someone; she knew him as smoker and she fell in love with him knowing that he smoked. In addition, Lorenzo was well informed about it, but smoking was one of the few pleasures he enjoyed over the last forty years of his life.

In between gear shifts, they kept hand in hand, feeling their skins, both touched for being together again.

They chose the nearest motel beside the highway, in the hurry to be in privacy. As any Brazilian motel, the place was frequented, most of all, by couples, in the modality of short stays that varied from one hour (quickie stay) to four, six, twelve or twenty-four hours under total discretion, what differentiated a hotel from a motel. There were those youngsters who still lived with their parents and, being older than eighteen, wanted to exercise their sexual life with total privacy and independence. There were lovers who could not be seen in bars, restaurants or their homes in town because the partners would not be necessarily the corresponding husbands or wives. In the case of Lorenzo and Elena, nevertheless, both were free, lived alone in comfortable places, but were not allowed to be together. When they first met, Lorenzo had the intent to request divorce preparing the plan and Elena was already divorced for two years. The incidental talks that led to friendship, unexpected passion and later, love, developed in the period of one year, after which they initiated the relationship that would be forcedly interrupted five months later, when Lorenzo had already left his wife. None of them was very fond of motels, even the excellent and highly sanitized ones as the one chosen for the night, due to the environment of high turnover and shared intimacy, listening to other uninhibited couples and their screams of lust while having sex, or couples that seemed to enjoy beating and being beaten, noise of bathtubs being filled in the middle of the night and Jacuzzi pumps turned and kept on. Hotels were out of question, in order to not provide evidences of suspicious encounters by giving names at reception desks in the current setting of monitoring.

Anyone who saw Elena from the distance could tell it was a man, except for the motel receptionist who clearly saw a male-female couple when checking the documents mandatorily provided to be able to enter the suites. She was taller than Lorenzo and the broad shoulders of the former volleyball player made her disguise as a man quite convincing. When she unzipped the training jacket in the bedroom, though, she was the Elena that Lorenzo loved so much, in a sensual black laced corselet, highlighting her beautiful body with the face in which those shimmering eyes mesmerized Lorenzo in the minute he looked at her for the first time. He pulled her for a mouth kiss, grabbing her hair, loosing it while she moaned in pleasure. She took the sweatpants off and Lorenzo’s hands already caressed all over her body, while he spoke close to her ear:

“So, you are Úrsula, who will satisfy me tonight? I could not have been more satisfied in the last seven minutes...”

“Oh yes, I am Úrsula and this was only the preamble of my service, Mr. Lorenzo; Quality is my second name...”

They laughed, finally caressing one another, finally playing with words again and composing lust poems that they never wrote.

“Oh, Lorenzo: how could I be with any other man when you addicted me to your perfume, your taste, to all I drink from you, your eyes, your mouth, your whole being?!”

“Elena, how could I mistrust you?! Forgive me, for I am sorry! Tomorrow, by this time, I will have painfully confirmed what church people are capable of doing. I am sorry for my anger on the phone...”

“It is so difficult to be far from you, Lorenzo …”

“Elena, my little girl…” ten years older, Lorenzo called her as he used to.

The first round of sex after one month was special, emotional. They looked into each other’s eyes as they always did, but this time, both were moved. Elena would finally have a lot from him inside her as she loved to and needed so much again.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum so much for you, Elena!” he said out loud, gasping and looking into her eyes while she smiled, also gasping, about to come, with her eyes as bright as precious stones, looking back at him:

“I’ll make you prisoner inside me so that you never leave me again!” she said, looking into his diamond eyes and embracing him tightly, right before losing control of her muscles, both involved in coming intensely.

Afterwards, they kept embraced on bed and Elena avoided looking at him, because tears were rolling down her face. When Lorenzo lighted a cigarette, she noticed that he was crying too. None of them wanted to be seen by the other. Instead, they kept caressing their bodies, kissing their hands, Elena kissing his chest, Lorenzo kissing her head in between puffs, while they awaited the dinner ordered from the good motel cuisine along with a bottle of delicious red wine for the special occasion, when Lorenzo would write the date along with initials coding the motel name and the occasion on the wine cork to give her.

They made love again before falling asleep in each other’s arms, what was unusual, because Lorenzo liked to sleep with his body free for movements. The time far from Elena demanded compensation, though, and he was the one to want to be as near Elena as possible for as long as he could.

The alarm set for six in the morning awakened them for the new working day and they had been clever enough to set it early to make love before breakfast, when they already missed one another while checking the strategical return procedure by which the disguised Elena would drop Lorenzo two blocks and right from his place. If someone monitored the building entrance, as usual, he would be seen alone coming from the bar close to the green telephone booth around the corner, where he used to buy cigarettes.

The short drive from the motel to Lorenzo’s place was made in silence because they missed each other already, the right hand of Elena tightly secured by the left hand of Lorenzo even when she changed gears, her kisses on his hand in between gears, the feeling of the marvelous perfume of Lorenzo’s skin combined to smoking.

“I will smell you in me all day, Lorenzo!” was all she said before dropping him without embraces or kisses because the bar by the green telephone booth was already open for breakfast.

Back home, Elena did not shower to savor Lorenzo’s perfume inside and all over her body.

Back home, Lorenzo showered vigorously, although he wanted to keep Elena’s perfume with him. It was the strategy to endure the working day with his ex-wife and partner in Marces & Marces Architecture Office during the endless legal survey for assets split. She would scan him from top to bottom with her eyes and nose as soon as he showed up at the office.

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