Codename: Úrsula

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Codename Úrsula's Termination

Lorenzo talked with Veitena on the phone, walking to the window and leaning on it with his back to the avenue and his eyes on Elena, lowered at the door, in stand-by to run. Recovering the pace of the breathing, Elena rotated her body to follow him with her sight, attentively following the conversation:

“Listen, Veitena, I really haven’t eaten anything after breakfast and I’m not quite well since I discovered the financial balances. So let’s do this tomorrow. I’ll be feeling better.” he said, pointing the index finger to the phone. Whatever was the matter of the talk, it concerned Elena somehow. Financial balances?! What the hell?! She focused on the talk, “I’ll meet you there. The car still doesn’t solve the problems you have created, but it’s a good sign that you’ve noticed to be way wrong.” Lorenzo said to Veitena. Car?! Problems that Veitena created?!

Elena understood that the strong bad breath when she kissed him minutes ago was due to not eating anything since morning. Whatever their issue was, it did not seem to pose immediate risk to them. Elena, then, crawled to the kitchen and, in the dark, she guided herself by the touch to grab a milk carton from the cabinet. She noticed that Lorenzo had followed her, in case she turned the light on. Veitena is around! She is looking at him! In the dark, she grabbed the chocolate powder to prepare a full glass of milk for Lorenzo, now back to the living room’s window. She crawled to the side table beside the sofa, and laid the glass there, returning to sit on the rug. Lorenzo smiled at her, still pointing to the phone:

“No, Veitena, this is not real love.”

Veitena replied something to which he answered, staring Elena:

“Because now, I know what love is.”

Veitena hung up abruptly. Leaning on the window with lowered arms, Lorenzo made the stop sign again, followed by the index finger pointing to the avenue. Elena understood that Veitena observed him. Turning to look at the silent avenue at midnight, Lorenzo picked the glass of chocolate milk and sipped slowly from it, keeping the glass in front of his mouth so he could say some words.

“Let’s be cool. She is here, but she won’t come in.”

From the rug, Elena replied:

“Lorenzo, I’m scared! I’d better leave, because she may want to come…”

“Elena, listen to me carefully,” Lorenzo said with the half-emptied glass in front of his mouth, “She is in her car, across the avenue, two blocks away. Indeed, she wanted to come in at this hour; hence, she truly believes I’m alone.” he took another sip, “If you leave, she may discover your disguise and she may terminate Codename Úrsula;” and taking another sip, he concluded, “If you stay, then I’ll surely terminate Codename Úrsula…”

That answer was quite odd.

“And by terminating you meeeeeeeeeeean…”

Lorenzo had to step back and lower his upper body in order to laugh without raising suspicions. Then he stood straight, back at looking the night sky, slowly drinking the milk.

“My girl, I can’t be optimistic if she sees anybody with your height exiting this building. I don’t know what to expect from someone monitoring me at this hour.” he took one more sip, “When I intend to terminate Codename Úrsula, I think it’s time to be Lorenzo and Elena only and I’ll explain it all to you as soon as I spend some time at the window, because the milk is deliciously gone, she is still there and I’d better no to talk anymore.”

Lorenzo put the glass back to the side table, picking the packet of cigarettes with the lighter inside. At the window, he took one of the cigarettes and lit it, returning the packet to the side table.

His words lit a dim light at the end of the tunnel. Minutes ago, she envisioned the third separation for the umpteenth time, in exchange to keeping him safe. Now, Lorenzo proposed to be Lorenzo and Elena.

In the roller-coaster that her life had become in the last fifteen months, from the bottom of scare and near panic, she was led up to the heights of envisioning a life with Lorenzo. My God, rationally, I wouldn’t recommend such a life for anyone; but I am involved in such a way with Lorenzo that I can no longer act according to reason only. I love him! I am, indeed, scared! Who knows for how long Veitena will be there watching the apartment!? How can I be cool with this?!

Love bestows courage on those who need it.

Veitena tried to control herself in the car. How dares he to tell me that he knows now what love is?! To fuck is not to love! As soon as there is no woman to fuck him without fancy restaurants and car, he will remember his spiritual partner who kept in the paths of Good Lord and will receive him back, forgiving the sins of his flesh…

From the rug on which she was, Elena enjoyed some tranquility, aborting the emergency procedures for a while. She looked at the man smoking at the window on t-shirt and boxer briefs, with those ‘legs like pillars of marble set on sockets of fine gold’. Joy overflowed from her now. Slowly, she crawled to where he was, embracing his legs. He whispered, holding the cigarette in front of his mouth:

“Careful, crazy girl!”

“Just stand, and smoke, my love…”

Elena truly wanted only to breathe from his skin in peace. Life bloomed in all its plenitude when she was close to him. She kissed the back part of his thighs. Then, she crawled backwards just to define the precise parts of his body away from the eyes of an observer on the avenue. Convinced of her competence in geometry, she carefully pulled his briefs downwards, kissing his thighs upwards until reaching the curves of his buttocks. Her warm hands slid all over his legs and, as she kissed his butts, the hands gently held his erecting penis.

“Elena…” he whispered.

“Let me know if it is too dangerous!” she whispered, delicately pulling him a little backwards so that she could sit on the floor in front of him. She, now, embraced his legs strongly before kissing his thighs with both hands sliding on the curves of his buttocks.

“It’s too delicious, you crazy girl of mine…” he whispered, bending forwards to look at her with his shining eyes and returning to pretend looking at the distance.

Elena grabbed both his buttocks firmly before telling:

“Now, I’ll drink from the source that I love! Come, Lorenzo! Come, nest inside me!” and she gently touched his penis with her kisses so that he could penetrate her mouth.

Lorenzo moaned in low voice, slowly moving his hips to and fro, while Elena moaned low, on the floor. Then, he stopped, because it could be dangerous. So, Elena moved her mouth to and fro along his penis, releasing it just to say:

“There is no other taste I wanna try, there is no other perfume I wanna feel, my love!”

“Elena, my love, if you go on, I’ll come soon…”

“If you come, you’ll only quench my thirst, Lorenzo…”

“What about you, my girl?” he whispered, in discrete gasping.

She released his penis to answer:

“Nothing could give me more pleasure than see you feeling better than as I entered here today. I die a little every time you suffer, my love!”

Elena hated the idea of having mandatorily to share orgasms in stupid precise halves. Orgasms were not assets to be equally divided between partners. She had had orgasms giving orgasms to her Lorenzo. There were times when she gave him orgasms only, loving to give him pleasure, mainly when having sex more than once a day. It filled her with elation to see him coming to the point of coming too, sometimes. She could not ask for more in life.

Veitena already started to feel sleepy in the car. But she decided to wait Lorenzo to finish the cigarette, admiring the man at the window. He must be really unwell… First, the glass of milk; now, the cigarette... That lost gaze into the distance... Bending over forwards sometimes… He must be really in discomfort... Well my dear, with no money to spend, I hope you take these physical contractions you are undergoing as a good lesson in life!

Damn! I should have arrived earlier, but I played too boldly, coming late, hoping to be invited to stay... I would even be willing to allow him to use ‘his member’ in me. I’ll try again tomorrow, but earlier...
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