Codename: Úrsula

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The Brazilians

The nineteen year-old lady at the Bed & Breakfast reception was dazzled with that couple over the two days of their stay. Since she started helping her parents to run the small family business in that beautiful northern town of the Scottish Highlands, she did not remember having lodged Brazilians. The man was witty and she found him handsome. He is old, but… He is a kind of… Hot! She still remembered when they checked in, when he had said:

“We have arrived, driving increasingly better in the wrong-way!”

The receptionist looked at him, while the woman laughed:

“Please, do not take his joke as an insult. The part of driving increasingly better is true, though.” she added, looking at Lorenzo, who laughed out loud.

The young lady was not listening jokes on UK’s left-hand drive for the first time.

During the two following days, the young woman saw the two Brazilians, touching, looking and smiling at each other often. They seemed to enjoy paper maps, despite the facilities of the GPS in cars. Sometimes, they were redoing routes and she caught the woman’s eyes staring the man in wonder as he signaled spots in the map. At the reception desk for the checkout, he said:

“Thank you for the pleasant stay; we loved your B&B! And we are glad for having paid a visit to Nessie…”

The young lady and Elena laughed. Middle-aged Brazilians still had memories of TV news from their childhood, when, occasionally, there were TV reports on the Monster of Loch Ness. Smiling, the receptionist entered in their mood:

“So, did you meet Nessie?”

The two Brazilians answered right at the same time. But, while the man said:

“She did!” pointing to the woman, the woman exclaimed:

“I did!” bursting into laughter and passionately looking at the man, who stared her back, raptured.

The young lady was amazed. What the fuuuuuckkkk?! These two... They are sort of a… Sexual couple… She checked the hotel business software opened on the computer while they checked out to confirm if they were the hosts that had asked for a room with a private bathroom equipped with a bathtub. Bingo! Yeap... The only room that met such request was the family suite, with two queen-sized beds plus two single beds. And they booked it anyway! She looked at both of them again. Gee, look at those gazes! This is odd, because they’re like… Old people! If they were not checking out right in front of her, she would tell that they needed to get a room.

She followed them with her eyes as they produced puns at the speed of light, bursting into laughter as they loaded the luggage into the rented car. She discretely smiled. I wanna be old like them…

They were driving around Great Britain for twenty days and Lorenzo still did not find something cheap he could buy as a gift for Elena. According to their financial planning sheets, any gift could not cost more than six euros. Near Holyhead, they parked the car to take the ferry to Dublin.

They were falling in love with Dublin too, when they found a bookstore on sale. Elena looked at Lorenzo, who exclaimed:

“Oh, no, no, no, no, no! Books?!” he said.

The man who hated books entered the store because, at least, he could find an affordable gift for Elena. After one hour inside, Elena had six books in her hands and Lorenzo had one spectacular photography book with amazing images. All books of the store costed five euros. They had six euros to spend. As her gift, Elena chose the book on Lorenzo’s hand.

They enjoyed the spectacular images of the book on the bed of the B&B in Dublin.

“Who could tell that Lorenzo Marces would enter a bookstore and pick a book!?” she said laughing and kissing his cheek, “And this one was the best choice compared with those books in my hands!”

“I have to say, I enjoyed the store, leafing books that might be interesting. I am glad that you loved the gift!” he kissed her lips, “Best of all, we are sticking to our financial planning sheets, Elena!”

Elena slept immediately after making love. They had walked during the whole day in Dublin. Lorenzo woke up thirsty and got out of bed to take the bottle of water that he drank slowly, at the window of the B&B room.

He remembered that Tuesday morning, one year ago, when Elena rescued him again, walking away from Veitena’s. His eyes turned into diamonds just by seeing her to come closer. In turn, she switched the engine off only to embrace him strongly as if he could fly away from her if she did not. She told how much she loved him. He was painfully scared to tell Elena that he was a man with nothing but an old car, his brains and two hands to work. At last, he told her: when he opened the gift box to pick the power of attorney, he read the document: Veitena had given him the old car only. It had a very low resale value.

“Elena, at least for the next four or five months, I’ll be a man without a dime!” he had said.

“Lorenzo, I’ve been in the same situation four years ago. I’ll be honored if I can help you.” she had answered.

At that moment, he had to decide the priorities of his life: he could choose his male pride, or he could accept the help of Elena, who still embraced him in the car, opening the first button of his shirt to breathe from his chest. She told how the call from Veitena scared her. In the mind of Lorenzo, the images of Veitena screaming that Elena had been seen with her ex-husband one Sunday in which she had been fishing the whole day with Lorenzo gradually faded away as he turned his back and walked away from Veitena, leaving the Audi right at the visitor’s space. He recalled the proposal to Elena:

“Elena, I’ll leave the apartment. If you just rented a house with no furniture, I have furniture without a house... I doubt Veitena will sue me for taking it. I think we would be simply great living together!”

“Oh, my God, Lorenzo! Deal!!” she had exclaimed, covering his face with kisses.

It took five months for him to receive the first payment from a newly signed contract. Still, he would have a long way to rebuild his financial life as he wanted to. He insisted in buying that trip, though. Lorenzo Marces, for the first time in his recent life, used the typical Brazilian way to soften the impact of expenses, paying that trip in ten equal installments, calculating with good precision how much they would be able to spend each day.

He finished drinking the water, enchanted with Dublin from the window of the B&B. But he was tired too. He looked at Elena, sleeping like an angel, thanked God and went back to bed at her side.

Waiting for the flight back to Brazil in the airport, they connected to the provider of free Wi-Fi service, common to many airports, train stations and even some hotels. They would have one hour and a half of waiting time ahead.

On the notebook, Elena advanced the progress of a job to deliver, while Lorenzo turned on his, taking the opportunity to follow two architecture projects. After typing his user name, the password was requested.

It would be the last time he would connect in Europe during this trip. He looked at Elena, at her notebook, focused on her work. He smiled, seeing the woman who wrote and rescued him back to life. She noticed that he stared her. She looked at him, whispering:

“Hot handsome man!”

He laughed. This is my little crazy girl. Then he looked back to the notebook screen and typed his password: CodenameUrsula.


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