Codename: Úrsula

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The New Occupation

Meanwhile, at nine in the morning, Elena was on her bed, naked, worshiping the perfume of love made. Against all the reasoning of the last months of her life by which she drew the conclusion that the less bad option was to accept the forced break-up of the relationship with Lorenzo Marces, her soul, her mind and all her being experienced the power of love. There will be consequences…

She was sitting in the middle of the comfortable queen-sized bed with legs crossed, the best position to feel her perfumes mixed with the perfume of Lorenzo all over her skin coming also from inside her. The queue of jobs could wait for a while. I have to praise love!

How can I deny the spectacular feeling of the love that I feel for Lorenzo? How can I nullify the magnificent feeling of being loved by Lorenzo? To be loved, not useful, was all she longed for her whole life.

She remembered the incidental friendship that developed with him after a professional contact on editing advertisement material and how Lorenzo kept contacting her, although the service had not been approved. He started allowing what she considered sensitive information about his loneliness and other very personal matters to flow into those business e-mails and she perceived herself with the good will to write long, patient and tender answers, trying to help him to see life under a more serene, rational and optimistic view. Elena recalled how odd she had considered the invitation to play online fun poker in late afternoons, what she had not been able to do due to her work. Lorenzo was a very handsome man, widely known in town, with the status of local celebrity. Many women expressed explicitly how impacted they were by his sexual appeal. It had to be impossible that such a man was lonely or unhappy as those e-mails increasingly indicated. The most surprising was to see her own marriage story for twenty years of her life mirrored in his marriage story. In her case, to suppress her dreams and projects mandatorily sponsoring the life project of her husband led to her divorce two years before meeting Lorenzo. Unintentionally, Elena’s tender dedication, reflected in philosophically profound answers in which she expressed all she had learned from her reflections, inspired Lorenzo to take action to change his life and live it as he deemed it should be, feeling blessed by God, not embarrassed for having his dreams too, suppressed for decades dedicated to the religious sanctity project of his wife.

Elena was an introverted person who enjoyed gardening, music, sun, sports and her little cozy house with gardens in the front and backyard, when the middle-class tendency in urban areas was to fill the land as much as possible with constructed areas. Elena was against the mainstream house styling, absolutely happy with the sun shining over the green grass where she walked barefoot picking sweet pitangas, jabuticabas, coquinho mangos, blackberries and strawberries from the trees that she had planted herself and fertilized with coffee waste, eggshells and other natural nourishments. She shared the fruits with several types of birds and noisy parrots, her grown-up kids during their visits and some neighbors. Her personal contacts were mostly her son and daughters, although she got along very well with people in general. Before she could notice, Lorenzo had become a close virtual friend. When she worried about the courses of what she started to regard as an unappropriated friendship, she was already infatuated with the man who wanted to escape from that town to as far as he could out of the reach of Veitena Marces, whom he feared. And as soon as Lorenzo Marces felt strong enough to start a new life somewhere else in Brazil thanks to the encouragement by Elena, he could not envision any future life far from her.

Elena tried to bring her thoughts and actions back for the professional agenda of the day, but, suddenly, she was overpowered by recollections of the times they had to break up under threats by his ex-wife, ex-sister-in-law and daughter, the last ones misled by Veitena to believing that she was a gold-digger vulgar type of woman. And they would never doubt the lay missionary woman of the church. Elena was filled with some sort of unspeakable fear of the future.

The perfume of love on her naked body rescued her back to the edifying side of life that she always privileged. Elena had hope and faith in life. She touched the sensitive nipples from Lorenzo’s caresses. She loved the way he licked them, squeezed or bit them very gently and sucked them, driving her out of control to the point of coming with his mouth on her nipples and his fingers or penis inside her. She could spend the whole day worshiping and remembering their encounter after one month, but she had the work that she loved and one job to deliver.

With no showering, she put camisole, panties and shorts on, before going to her office, where she turned both notebooks on for the final review of the current job.

As she started working later, she delayed lunch to meet the day’s productivity target, until completing and delivering the job through the internet.

She was starving at almost three o’clock in the afternoon when the cell phone rang exhibiting Unknown on the screen.

“Hello?” The sound of a busy avenue indicated a call made from the open.

“Is it Codename Úrsula speaking? Here speaks her happiest client, calling from a public telephone in the other side of town, where I’m working…”

“Lorenzo! I love the sound of your voice! I have you inside me yet! And I will keep it for as long as possible!” Elena rejoiced.

“I can speak freely, Elena! Today morning I was told that you were seen entering a luxury silver car yesterday at nine p.m., my love!”

A silence followed, during which Lorenzo recalled how the woman in the other side of the line demonstrated that God would not expect chastity from married people and therefore, there could be no sin in wanting to make love to a wife as Lorenzo had been convinced for years of his life before separating, “At least it was not you who broke my heart…”

“I am sorry that you had to witness where the misinformation came from; I knew it would be difficult for you anyway, but I had to defend myself, Lorenzo!”

“I called to speak about us;”

Elena listened to him attentively as he went on:

“I cannot use any of the telephones, regular or mobile, because I do think monitoring still goes on even after ‘she’ said it had been cancelled. I was allowed to visit whores for male pleasures of the flesh, as she names it. So…”

Before Lorenzo finished what he was about to say, Elena wondered why it was so hard for him to establish a private personal life far from what his ex-wife allowed or not allowed him to do, given that she was his ex-wife. However, Elena’s intuition and the way that the two forced separations had occurred indicated, indeed, that there was something to be dreaded in Veitena Marces. The low male sensual voice of Lorenzo broke the chain of bad feelings in Elena:

“…I’d like to ask if I could schedule another appointment with Úrsula tonight…”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, you can, Lorenzo!”

The perspective of being with him the second time in a row increased the joy of her being.

“Ok, then, listen: you’ll buy a new cell phone microchip to be used with a second line. Do you have some old phone that can still be used or a dual chip one?”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, I do!”

“OK. This second cell phone will belong to Úrsula. You know, you cannot imagine how much I liked her competence and skills in satisfying a client as I am! And I should say she is precisely like you, my love!”

“I’ll go right now to buy it! I am so happy, Lorenzo! Úrsula will be available for all your imagined and unimagined wishes... And she is so just like me...”

“Tonight, at nine! And tomorrow, she will tell me the color of the luxury car into which you’ll have entered… We have already a black one and a silver one…”

Both laughed, before Elena insisted in turning off in order to go to the cell phone store at the mall. She eats silver banana and a piece of fresh cheese to replace lunch.

While changing clothes, Elena rejoiced. Love has consequences… The most beautiful of them, is courage!

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