Codename: Úrsula

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Úrsula, Again

At nine p.m. Elena was disguised and parked close to the green telephone booth. She arrived minutes earlier, somewhat restless. Inhale, Elena, be patient… She tried to control herself. What a difficulty! Living like criminals that we aren’t! When Lorenzo turned right in the corner, smiling, all her worries and fears vanished, as part of a hat blown away by the wind.

“How good it is to be with you, Elena! My apartment is prepared, just in case of monitoring...” Lorenzo said, entering the car and holding her hand tight. Her eyes glowed like those of children in front of a huge piece of filled cake:

“Let’s go, Lorenzo: I can’t wait to ‘work’!”

They laughed while she turned the engine on. He added:

“Should I compliment your commitment to ‘work’ or should I worry? Oh, never mind, I can’t wait to have you ‘working’… ”

Although they burst into laughter at that time, the strict Catholic formation in which Lorenzo had been raised nearly separated him from Elena, who had no institutional religion, at the very beginning of their relationship.

Elena always had unanswered questions about the Catholicism in which she had been raised, married and christened her babies. She started confirming, time after time, that the indissolubility of the marriage under the Catholic Church was being shamelessly used by her husband in order to keep her answering, alone, for the tasks of raising the kids, housework, grocery shopping, house maintenance and financial support of the family when his company made insufficient income. The financial problems of his company, once sporadic, became constant. When she realized, twenty years had elapsed and the more financial help she gave, the more he needed. The worse happened whenever she tried to talk about her exhaustion and the unbalance of responsibilities. She asked more help from him at home, what he never gave, as the old-fashioned chauvinist Brazilian, proud to have had sisters and never having to help at home when young. Those were already new times of more equality, which he refused to accept. For years she talked, tried to go to counseling with him, without success. At last, when she started telling that marriage in those conditions would lead to unavoidable divorce, he never said that he would miss her, that he loved her or anything like this: he simply said that marriage was indissoluble. Such answers not only hurt her incurably, but triggered reflections about faith and religion that she never had dared to deepen before. She decided for a faith without institutional religion and, before she could notice, to define her convictions had been the first step towards divorce, ten years later, amid covert threats from her husband.

To declare having no religion did not mean that she was thief, assassin, promiscuous or any other bad thing like many religious people could believe. On the contrary, the behavior based on Elena’s personal ethics was much stricter than the minimally requested for a Catholic. In the first e-mails exchanged with Lorenzo, when she told to have no religion, although believing in God, he imagined that she had sex with many men, divorced, beautiful and hot as he thought she was. But Elena had to build stronger bonds first, what had not yet happened. For Lorenzo, it had been an overwhelming surprise to learn how Elena acted under ethic principles without the need of any idea of ‘burning in a hell’ or ‘punishment after death’. He had been deeply touched by many answers to questions he raised, one of them, about abdicating religion. She had written that it was wrong to steal, lie or kill, regardless of having been also forbidden by a God, a son of His or any other religious being! Lorenzo may have started falling in love with Elena at that precise moment, appreciating the honesty in her, risking expressing her thoughts despite knowing the Catholic he was. In the many e-mails that followed, she always enchanted him with the depth of her philosophical thinking expressed with precise and tender words. Lorenzo, who hated reading, read and reread her e-mails many times, to keep drinking the serenity and the tenderness of her words, until having to delete them all before Veitena’s eyes at their first forced separation, when he had his e-mail account and cell phone hacked upon her paid request.

On that same evening, at ten p.m., Veitena stopped her car at the point of the avenue from which it was possible to look straight into the living room of Lorenzo’s comfortable apartment for a quick monitoring. The soft light on, seen through the translucent part of the curtains, gave her the certainty that he was watching TV or asleep on the couch. If he had any bitch in the apartment, the blackout component of the curtains would be covering the entire window. Men… How naïve, how stupid…

To enter the private garage of the motel suite was a relief to both of them.

“To be with you fills my heart with joy and my body with lust, Lorenzo!” Elena said, kissing and embracing him, while he walked towards the wall button to lower the garage automatic door.

“Wait a second, my girl! We’ll have all the time in the world inside!” he replied laughing and feeling a huge inner pride for deserving her passionate love.

“No, Lorenzo! No, I don’t wanna wait!” she insisted in embracing and inhaling the smell on his neck beside the wall, while the door descended.

Lorenzo noticed the slight harshness in her voice. He seemed to be capable of reading her soul. Instead of leading her to climb the stairs that gave access to the room, he understood how the challenge of being with him impacted her. He embraced Elena right there, standing in silence. They inhaled each other’s skins for some minutes, tightly embraced.

More serene after that act of tenderness, Elena returned to the car to fetch a pair of beige stiletto heels. Right there, she loosed her hair, stripped off the training jacket and pants, and put the shoes on, revealing the sensual sky-blue corselet that she wore with no panties, exhibiting the pubic hairs beautifully shaped as a fine black stripe that dazzled Lorenzo:

“Let’s go to the room, my girl; I want you… And I’ll start precisely in this mouth-watering pussy of yours...”

“Come after me…” she replied, elegantly and slowly climbing those stairs with Lorenzo right behind her, not controlling the fingers that explored how soaked she already was:

“I am about to drink from you right here, right now, Elena… Look what you do to me!”

When they reached the entry lobby, the unzipped pants exhibited how stone hard his penis was. She held it, gently.

“I intend to drink a lot from you tonight too, my Love… It is my body speaking on behalf of my soul!” Elena said before finally entering the room with Lorenzo.

“I wanna drink from you; you wanna drink from me. Who goes first? What a dilemma!” he commented and both laughed.

Lorenzo lay sideways on bed, also positioning Elena sideways so that she could have his entire penis for her mouth while his was on her pussy. They embraced one another. At some point, they naturally synchronized, so that each one could relax and enjoy while the other gave caresses.

“Oooooooooohhhhh, Elena, stop, or I will cum too soon!” he said, back to licking her, exploring her labia, nearly entering her with his tongue and back to explore her clitoris, which he slowly licked knowing how it reacted, protruding:

“Oh, there it is...”

For Elena, that way of speaking while making love exponentially increased the lust she was able to feel. They went on exchanging caresses with no hurry. Lorenzo kept caressing and speaking, caressing and praising her, able to notice the first signs that she would come soon.

“Oh, please, Lorenzo, keep going... Lorenzo, please, keep going... Oh... Don’t stop, don’t stop... I’m gonna come...”

She convulsed in orgasm.

After a while, she managed to resume the blowjob. Lorenzo enjoyed when she briefly paused the caresses to speak too:

“I won’t lose any drop from you... I’ll lick them all...”

“You, greedy...” he was gasping and Elena still derived pleasure from his pleasure and from her orgasm. She provoked him with her words:

“Yes, I am!” she replied slowly, “I’m hopelessly addicted to your cock, Lorenzo!”

She focused on the caresses he liked most, intercalating them with her words of love:

“I love your taste, Lorenzo… I love how perfectly you fit in my mouth…”

His gasping increased in frequency, leading to the intense moaning that preceded his cumming:

“Elena, I’ll come for you, my love… It is all for you!”

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