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Written and Unwritten Verses of Love

One hour later, they were embraced on bed, talking, waiting for the dinner to be served in the private adjacent room, separated by a locked door:

“What is the secret ingredient that makes women crazy about you, Lorenzo?”

“You know, when God created me, with a little help from my mother and father, he threw away the recipe; so, I don’t know and there will be no other masterpiece like me…”

After the laughter that followed, Elena sat on the bed, facing Lorenzo and positioned at his feet to massage one foot and, then, the other.

“Ooooh, Elena, you can’t imagine how good is to receive such a massage after a long day of work...”

Elena smiled, perfecting in the movements of her warm hands, firm enough to not tickle and to provide relaxation. In the silence filled with the reverence of that moment, she was focused, with both hands in one foot, before starting to massage the other. Although the pleasure was not sexual, Lorenzo moaned. She changed the positioning at his feet to extend her reach to the lower legs too. At that moment, feeling Lorenzo’s legs in her hands, Elena remembered an ancient verse of love:

“His legs are like pillars of marble set on sockets of fine gold...” as Elena used to declaim before their separations, once again enchanted by those sturdy legs from thighs down to the feet.

“You know more about the Bible than I do, Catholic as I am!” Lorenzo pointed out, referring to the verse declaimed that, he remembered, was from her preferred book of the Bible, the Song of Songs.

“It is not a matter of knowing less or more;” she remarked, “when I look at you, Lorenzo, I admire how strong and muscular your legs are and then, those verses just come spontaneously to my memory!”

Despite abdicating from having an institutional religion, Elena kept many things that she considered precious from the Catholicism in which she had been raised; one of them was the admiration for a book as magnificent as the Song of Songs. There was a time in her life when she wondered if she would ever experience a love such as the one evidenced in those ancient verses, enigmatically declared as sacred and included in the Bible. When she discovered how it felt to be loved, after meeting Lorenzo, the book became even more important to her. She then, declaimed other verse known by heart, looking into his eyes:

“How handsome you are, my beloved, and so pleasant! Indeed, our couch is luxuriant!”

The massage continued during their conversation and Lorenzo’s moaning in reaction to it in addition to those verses could be mistakenly understood as sexual by someone who hypothetically listened to him from the outside.

“You know what my preferred verse is, don’t you?” Lorenzo asked already laughing.

Laughing, Elena paused the massage and fetched her cell phone, where she searched for one of the many translations of the Song of Songs available on the internet. Some of them disguised and even hid the obvious erotic nature of the verses, while the most recent translations and studies acknowledged that the book is, indeed, a collection of spectacular erotic verses of a couple where the cement that binds them together is love. When she found his preferred verse, she read it to him:

“I’ve found it, Lorenzo, listen: ‘As an apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among young men. With great delight I sat in his shadow, and his fruit was sweet to my taste...’ ”

“I could have never imagined…” he answered still laughing, “But, if it is in the Bible, who am I to question it?! Here, be my guest…” Lorenzo held all he could grab around his penis, offering to her, both laughing. Then, he embraced her, covering her face with kisses, “Elena, I love you!”

“I love you, Lorenzo !” she replied, tenderly kissing him back on the face, before gently kissing the resting penis offered to her, after which she put it all inside and out of her mouth, covering it with her kisses again.

“Ooooohhhh, don’t provoke me girl, otherwise you may arouse me…” Lorenzo said and both laughed.

Then, she looked for one more verse of the book:

“This is one of my preferred: ‘My beloved extended his hand through the opening, and my feelings were aroused for him. I arouse to open to my beloved and my hands dripped with myrrh and my fingers with liquid myrrh, on the handles of the bolt…’ This is how I feel when you touch me, Lorenzo.”

“Let me see…” he answered, touching her in between labia and she was wet, while both laughed with his joke, “Yes, indeed! I have to keep this woman drinking water, otherwise she’ll dehydrate…” bursting into laughter.

“Elena, look for those verses that the man declaims to the woman and you said it originates from a different translation. Can you find them there?”

Elena had to scroll through a great part of the text on a different internet source that offered another translation, in order to find the verses to which Lorenzo referred:

“Yes, I’ve found them! Here it goes:
’I went to my garden, dear friend, best lover!
Breathed the sweet fragrance.
I ate the fruit and honey,
I drank the nectar and wine.
Celebrate with me, friends!
Raise your glasses—To life! To love! ’ ”

“I still think this one gives the best picture of us, my girl.” Lorenzo commented with an enchanting smile on his face.

“I feel like the woman from Song of Songs with you, Lorenzo!” Elena commented as a reply to what he just said, “Not only for being dark from gardening in the sun like that beloved woman, but also for believing that sex does not come first when building a relationship. It is something that one expresses after building admiration, tenderness and respect in order to produce meaningful sensations, much beyond physical bodies!”

“And I couldn’t agree more with you!” Lorenzo replied, remembering with how many women he had been sexually after his separations from Elena. With none of them he had reached the degree of emotional involvement that he achieved with Elena.

“Listen, Lorenzo, how wise: ‘…do not stir up, nor awaken love, until it so desires.’ This verse specially brings us the most important piece of wisdom of this book, the core message, from my non-religious point of view, of course!” Elena said, remembering Lorenzo that she now spoke as a non-religious person, aware that he took her knowledge of that and other books of the Bible as a declaration of religiosity, which was not. And she concluded:

“The Song of Songs not only puts us in the awkward position of voyeurs of the erotic accomplishment of love by a couple, which can be embarrassing for many, mostly in the Catholic Church; it also teaches the marvelous lesson to not belittle something as sacred as sex, depriving it from love. This is simply awesome!”

She finished her reasoning with that almost childish glow of wonder in her eyes that Lorenzo knew so well and loved so much. Elena was at some point between agnostic and independent believer and, despite it was increasingly evident that he would not bring her back to the church, he loved her more each day. It was mere coincidence with her ethic principles to never go to bed with a man only with bodies to share; she truly believed that something else was needed in order that sex with the body had its true meaning of expressing previously existing feelings in the soul, to say the least.

The knock on the door that led to the adjacent room indicated that dinner had been served. The rules of etiquette for restaurants operating in Brazilian motels demanded no eye contact between the waiter and the customers for obvious reasons and, so, Lorenzo and Elena waited for the door that led from the adjacent room to the hall that led to the kitchen to close, when they could enter the dining room naked to enjoy the superb dinner alone. They were starving.

They had to eat and eat well to cope with their need to express love repressed for a whole month one more time on that evening, before sleeping and in the morning, before departing.

Once again, they would make passionate sex under their own unwritten verses of love, praising each other, with love made based on five senses, as in the Song of Songs, touching, tasting, smelling, listening, looking at each other in between caresses, moaning, whispering, sometimes even screaming.

They were blessed as the fortunate ones who experience the building of a true love.

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