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Nicholai Villarous was your typical bachelor. At a young age, he has already achieved so much and maybe that's why he was known for being arrogant. A lot adored him for his success but plenty despised him for his attitude too. Bela Arellano, however, was one of those people who adored him despite the said rumours. She continuously showed her admiration towards him but when her efforts weren't recognized by the man, her friends decided to enter the picture and make a move for her. Bela admired him too much, her feelings were everywhere. So when they got into an 'accidental' one night stand, a forced marriage for publicity, an unexpected pregnancy, and gone through a lot of problems with him but still stayed by his side, they knew it was true love. But true love doesn't forget. So why did she forget about him?

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Chapter 1

Bela doesn't know a thing. She didn't know why her crazy friends came up with the idea that acting sexy is better than acting cute. She didn't know how they got her first love's schedule for that day. Didn't even have the slightest idea how they knew that Nicholai, the hottest man on Earth— or so she thought, will be going to the bar that night.

She doesn't freaking know how she got there, seated on a stool beside the man she has been dreaming of, wearing a short dress with two glasses of tequila in her hands. She doesn't know why her friends told her to give the other glass to the latter, but she did anyway.

No, she doesn't know how her friends got her to agree to this plan. All she knows is that when she woke up the next morning, she felt a massive pain on her head and whole body. It felt as if everything was sore and maybe everything was. She felt a sting when she sat up so she quickly caressed her hips while rubbing her eyes to take the sleepiness and pain away. Still drowsy, she looked around the room she's in, taking in the white walls and ceiling that didn't seem a bit familiar to her. It was all new to her, but she's not even fully awake yet to tell.

So instead of running out of the unfamiliar room, she lay back down on the bed and closed her eyes, ready to sleep again. An arm pulled her small body towards its embrace and a toned chest met her face. It was nice for a moment, until a groan entered her ears. Her eyes fluttered open, feeling the space beside her that was currently being occupied by someone. Someone muscular but not bulky. Someone that smells good but felt different. So no, this is not her pillow nor her friend. This someone is definitely a man.

Slowly, afraid to wake the other up, she raised her head to peek on the man's face. Her eyes dilated and a bunch of oxygen stuck in her lungs when she saw that face. The face of Nicholai Villarous, the man of her dreams, the reason why she wakes up every morning lively and hopeful, and probably the first and last man she will ever desire this much. She knew she will never have a chance with him, so why is he sleeping beside her now? Cuddling her like a husband would do to his wife every morning? Is this another one of her dreams or are her eyes tricking her again?

She brought her hands up to touch the man's face, caressing the smooth skin of his left cheekbones and she gasped loudly at the feeling. The contact felt so real.

She withdrew her hand when his lips twitched and eyebrows furrowed, his eyes slowly opened and scanned the room like what she did earlier before his gaze landed on her.

Both eyes met and for the first time in months, she felt all the heat gathered across her face. Confusion was written all over his face and hers was almost the same if it wasn't for the pink blush that scattered around her cheeks. He looked down to their bodies before sitting right up and within a flash, she's down on the floor clutching tightly on the blanket that's covering her naked body.

"Ow!" Bela cried, massaging her sore butt, where she fell on, up to her hips. "That hurts!" she complained, thinking that now she's awake and the man was finally, unfortunately, gone. Just like any other dream.

"Who are you? And why are you here?"

But that stern voice told her otherwise. She froze. She swears she felt her heart stopped beating for a second. She quickly looked back to the bed and the man was still there, glaring at her as if she's a criminal.

She didn't know what happened. Didn't even have the slightest idea how she got into this mess, but maybe she will take advantage of it.

Or maybe, it will take advantage of her.

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