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Chasing The Billionaire

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Who says a guy is the only one who can run after a girl he wants. Cameron has been inlove with a hot billionaire ever since she laid eyes on him and she's determined to go after him whatever it takes. Will she be able to tame him? Will he fall for her?

Romance / Action
Bae'Bless Makokoe
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Chapter 1

Cameron's POV

"My name is Cameron"! I introduced myself to the most handsomest creature standing in front of me. Handing out my hand for him to give me a handshake, with a huge smile on my face. I was so charmed that I started to blush. He hasn't even replied to me but I'm already weak to my knees just by being in his presence.

I was smitten, smiling from ear to ear. It felt unbelievable that I was actually standing in front of Augustus Chase. My one true love. My kryptonite. My knight and shining armour.

I was waiting for his handshake with anticipation. I couldn't wait to feel his billion dollar handshake. I kept wondering how his hand felt like. Was it smooth? Yet manly? It must be, he obviously takes care of them by using expensive yet organic products.

He had to give me a handshake quick though, before other girls notice him and they come to interrupt our special moment.

My smile slowly faded when he raised his hand and snapped his fingers. A man in a blue tux came towards me and dragged me out of the mall like a piece of trash.

I've never felt so humiliated in my entire life.

I'm still shocked. What did I say wrong? Don't I smell good? I mean I spent half my salary buying that bloody Gucci perfume to smell good for him. Or maybe I had something on my teeth. I went near a random car window and checked my teeth especially my front teeth but nothing! There was literally nothing! Or is it the colour of my hair? Maybe he doesn't like the colour of my hair. Damn why did I dye this orange colour? I think it was the hair colour...... DAMMIT!

I fixed my clothes after I was thrown out like a dog, looking around I came across alot of stares that made me feel really small. I fixed my hair too and lifted my chin up. I bravely walked away with my head held up high, still looking around. I started walking out of the mall's parking lot and headed home kicking stones, cursing at myself because my plan was a total flop!

I arrived home and I found my bestfriend cooking and my little sister doing her homework.

"Hey you're back. How did it go?" My bestfriend asked stirring her pots. I took a seat in the kitchen stool and sighed.

"He got me evicted from the mall." I said to her placing my palms under my chin.

When I went out earlier on I told the both of them that I was going to meet the billionaire because he was spotted at the local mall today.

"What the hell? Is that guy fucken insane?" Ivy cursed angrily.

"Yeah he is insane but I still love him." I said to her smiling. I thought about earlier on, minutes before he got me evicted I was actually standing in front of him like literally, that was so awesome. He looked ridiculously HOT!!!!!!!!!

"Seriously sis, can't you chose any other guy except for him?" My little sis asked me.

"No I want him not any other guy. He's my future husband and your soon to be brother in-law." I said to her breathing out a huge sigh and she laughed at me.

Ivy sighed and finished up cooking. She dished up for the three of us. We sat in the kitchen stools. I have to say her cooking is always perfect and very delicious. I learned alot from her and now I make the best dishes which I'm proud of.

It's good having someone who loves to cook, you learn alot from them. It's one of the reasons why I love having her as my best friend.

"Do you have classes tomorrow?" I asked Gabriella.

"No I don't have them." She said.

"Do you have any plans for tomorrow?" I asked her.

"I have to finish up my project." She said. "Why do you ask? You want to take me out?" She added with a smirk.

"No. I was thinking that we could go and buy your other textbooks that you needed." I said to her.

"We can buy them tomorrow when you come back from work then." She said.

"Ok cool." I replied

We all finished eating, actually I finished eating first because I'm a fatass. I love eating. A LOT!

"Thank you for the food my lovely friend." I said to her and she held up her glass of wine grinning at me with her perfect white teeth.

Thanks aunt Ivy." Gabriella said to her sipping on her grapefruit juice, her favourite. Gabe took all our plates to the sink.

"I have to get to work. My shift is starting in 45 minutes." I said to the both of them. I quickly went to get dressed before heading out.

"Okay bye enjoy." They said to me waving goodbye.

I walked to work today. I arrived at the beauty shop 15 minutes late because I came across people I know in my neighbourhood who wanted to sit and chat but I couldn't because I was late already and they were taking up my time. My manager will be livid with me because this is the third time this week. But the past two days I was late because there was a traffic jam. I took a taxi by then.

I quickly ran towards the shop and entered it. I tried dodging my manager but she saw me.

"Cameron I see arriving late has become a habit for you." She said coming towards me.

"No ma'am it's not. I'm sorry it won't happen again." I assured her.

"That's what you said the past two days. It better not happen again Cameron or else there'll be consequences. Now get to work." She dismissed me.

I went to work immediately before boss lady gets even mad. I went to help a few customers with their hair and the other one wanted to do her nails and Gwen my co-worker helped her.

"So what's the occasion ma'am? I'd like to know the kind of occasion you're heading to so I could blend in with it." I asked her because sometimes when you don't ask them they walk out of here unhappy with the results even if the hairstyle is good.

"Ohh I'm going on a date." She blushed.

"Ohh nice. Don't worry I'll hook you up with a hairstyle that'll make him want to marry you the minute he sees you." I grinned at her. She just laughed.

I thought of a hairstyle that I saw on a magazine the other day and thought it'll suit her perfectly. I implemented it on her and it was really coming out the way I wanted. I'm a sucker for hairstyles that's why I change my hair colour so often. It makes me rather happy and sometimes I change my hair colour according to my mood. I tinted her hair colour a bit and curled it a bit too, giving it some volume. I did her make up too touching it up with my favourite lipstick colour-Pink!

I got done with her hairstyle and make-up. I turned her chair around to the mirror so she can see herself.

"So what do you think?" I asked her.

"OMG it's perfect. I love it. Thank you so much." She chuckled excitedly touching her hair non-stop. She went to pay and left happily. Well one more happy customer.

We helped the rest of the customers. After they left Gwen and I went behind the counter, while we waited we talked about random stuff like our bossy manager. We helped more customers who came in and I was happy because we didn't receive a single complaint today.

When knock off time came I was so happy. I couldn't wait to get home and take a shower but I had to go and pay the bills first, it was my turn to pay this month. I went to run all my errands and I managed to get everything done in just a small amount of time because I was in a hurry to get home. I just hope I didn't forget anything.

I was walking past this small market and I saw a newspaper on one of the shelves inside. I looked closely and it was my husband to be. I took the last cents I had in my pockets to buy the paper. I went inside the shop and went at the cashier to pay for it. As I was about to take the paper someone snatched it from the tip of my fingers. Are you kidding me?

What the fuck?!

"Excuse me, I had the paper first." I said to her softly.

"Well it's mine now." She replied with an attitude. You see I would've let this whole thing go if she didn't give me an attitude but she was about to learn to talk to other people without her stinking attitude

"Are you fucken kidding me?" I sighed looking at her crossed side.

"No I'm not kidding you girly. So please get out of my way so I can pay for the paper." She said pushing me aside. You know I was honestly going to let this go, but did she just push me aside?

"Not if I have anything to do with it." I said blocking her way. She really just annoyed me.

I snatched the paper from her but she tightened her grip on the paper. We started fighting for the paper, so we ended up on the floor and I ended up grabbing her hair and she pushed me hard on the cold floor and I fell on my butt but I recovered just in time. I quickly stood up and kicked her leg, her ankle to be specific and she fell too. While she was in pain I placed the loose change on the cash counter and ran out of the store holding the paper in my hand!


I'm sorry for pulling her hair but I couldn't just sit back and watch her disrespect me like that. As for taking my paper? Noways, that wasn't going to happen on my watch.

I walked home and started reading the paper. I stared at Augustus' handsome face. He had an attractive, well-proportioned body and a mind-boggling appearance.

Augustus Chase is extremely gorgeous. It should be illegal.

I started picturing our future. I already see our cute little ones running around the house that we'll be living in together. I wonder how big is his house? It's probably ten times bigger than my apartment with Ivy. I should research and find out how big it is so I can estimate how many kids we'll have.

The more the merrier...!

I started reading the latest news about him. The paper said he was sported at the mall today. The very same mall where he got me evicted from. He was so mean but I understand where he's coming from because he wouldn't just chase me away without a reason. Girls probably throw themselves at him everyday. No! Probably is just an understatement! They definitely throw themselves at him! Maybe he thought I was one of them but next time I'll come with a better approach.

I got to my apartment and found Ivy and Gabriella watching TV.

"Hey besty how was work?" Ivy asked me and they both turned around at the same time kneeling on the couch facing me. One would swear that they're twins. Gabriella seems to have adopted alot of Ivy's habits.

"Work was fine my babies." I said to them taking my shoes off right at the door then my jacket, throwing it on the couch.

"What do you have there?" Ivy asked pointing at the paper in my hand.

"Oh it's today's paper. It's my husband to be, wanna see?" I smiled showing her the paper with a huge grin on my face. I went to sit on the couch in the middle of the two of them.

"Cam you're so obsessed you know." She said shaking her head.

"Point of correction I'M IN LOVE." I said looking at the paper, grinning.

"You're hopeless my friend." She replied defeated.

"I'm going to take a bath." I said to her and headed to my room. I stripped off my clothes and got into the shower instead. Washed my body and hair, rinsed myself afterwards.

I got done and got out of the shower wrapping a towel around myself. I looked at the mirror after drying my hair with a towel and looked at my hair colour I should really try a new colour soon.

I went to the bedroom and looked for some pyjamas, I found a night dress instead. I took out my phone from the pocket of the pair of jeans that I was wearing earlier on and I charged it.

I wore my gown ontop of my night dress and I went back to the living room to join Ivy and Gabe. I looked at the clock and it said 7pm.

"It's your turn to take out the trash sis". My little sis reminded me.

"Damn I forgot"... I went to take the trash outside. I stood outside for a while and looked at the street lights. Today our neighbourhood was really quiet. The only thing I could hear were dogs barking. I went back inside the house, locking the door and closing the windows. I sat on the couch looking at my newspaper, I took it and read through the rest of the story about Augustus while Ivy and Gabriella fought for the remote.

This guy is the definition of perfection.

He has the looks. He has the money. He has the power. He just needs me to settle down. I smirked at my own brilliant idea.

My attempts of talking to Augustus this morning were in vain but I'm not going to give up. I just have to figure out another attempt to get closer to him and be able to talk to him.

They always say he's Ruthless, his merciless, his dangerous, his cunning, manipulative and more.. but those are the characteristics that makes him who he is. Behind all those characteristics I know deep down he has a good heart and he's capable of showing compassion.

There was this one time I was walking home after my shift. I decided to go and take a walk at the park to clear my head a few weeks after my grandmother died. The park was very empty at the time and I spotted Augustus playing with a little girl giving her hugs and kisses. He looked so content and pleased, that scene was all I needed to see how loving he can be. He's not all bad like everyone else describes him.

"Are you seriously still looking at that newspaper?" Gabriella came shoving herself next to me on the couch.

"Yes." I hissed.

"What's so special about this guy sis?" She asked taking the paper from my hand.

"Gabe give it back." I said trying to take the paper from her but she hid it behind herself.

"Nope". She said popping the *P*. I gave her a deadly glare but she didn't budge.

"Ok I'm begging you to please bring back my paper." I made a pout. Finally she gave it back.

"I already hate this guy." She said with a little frown on her forehead.

"Why do you hate him?" I asked amused. "You don't even know him." I added.

"Because he has a hold on you and he doesn't even know it." She said.

"You have a big mouth. Are you done with your homework?" I asked her changing the subject.

"Yeah I'm all done. Cam there's something I have to tell you." She suddenly said. Her change of tone worried me a little.

"I received a phone call from mom yesterday." She said with guilt.

My heart sank and the paper fell to the floor immediately when I heard the word "mom".

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