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Sneak Peeks

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Romance / Erotica
R.K. Knightly
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Peek #1

Beneath The Surface

Craig cleared his throat and decided to get down to business. “So tell me, what am I doing here if not to have you rub my biceps and bat your eyes at me?”

“Well,” Leslie said quite seriously, “I was never one for those types of behaviors, so you’ll have to make do without any spastic facial movements. If you behave yourself, I could be convinced to rub a bicep or two, but no eyelid fluttering please!” She smiled and concluded with, “The last time I tried doing that my date thought I was having a stroke.”

Craig raised a brow at her again and thought that in any event, tonight would not be dull with a woman like her.

“I’ll try to contain my disappointment in your flagrant lack of eye movements if you finally get to the point of why I am here.” He looked at her seriously and said, “Surely someone with your looks and intelligence could get a decent date without having to spend $2,400.00.” He had tried for gentle with little success.

He thought he saw her blush, but it was too dark in the car to be certain.

“There’s the rub you see,” Leslie sighed, as she seemed to decide to get down to brass tacks. “I would have had a date tonight if it weren’t for my fiancee.”

“You’re engaged?” Craig asked surprised.

"“Well, ex-fiancee.” she admitted, her voice softer now.

“Ahhhh...” he said, starting to understand. “How did the “ex” part of it come about? I’m assuming this ex is why I am here.”

“Partially.” Leslie admitted. “But I’m afraid it’s more complicated than that.” She seemed to steel herself in order to continue. “My ex became an ex when he decided to sleep with my bitch ex best friend.”

“Ouch,” Craig winced.

“Indeed.” She replied with a short nod. “The reason you are here, is because I am afraid that between my parents, who are against the breakup, and Grant, ex-fiancee extraordinaire, I needed a diverting buffer.”

She looked over at Craig and with a wink said, “And you my dear are said buffer.”


“Just cut it out with all the breakup bullshit, Lee.” Grant sneered. “You know you want me back and that little boy toy you have hanging after you out there can’t offer half of what I can give you.”

This man is insane-not drunk, thought Leslie, slowly shifting her stance. She prepared to make a run for the door- well, just as soon as her legs would wake up and comply.

“Grant,” she muttered in a low measured tone. “I caught you fucking my best friend of 20 years. If that wasn’t enough reason to snatch that bitch bald headed and unman you root to stem, then I don’t know what is.” She was proud to hear her voice didn’t quiver the way her legs did.

Leslie broke for the door and got halfway through before being snatched back.

Grant trapped her in his iron grip from behind, pulling her body towards his roughly. He pushed his mouth close against her ear, breathing heavily. “She was a lousy fucking lay.” Stale whiskey and expensive cologne washed over Leslie as she tried to turn her face further away from his. “It was only a one time thing, baby.”

He licked the outer shell of her ear and Leslie choked back the rising bile. She attempted to swallow past the growing lump in her throat and nearly gagged as her vision swam in and out of focus.

Grant calculatingly moved his right hand, splaying it on her lower abdomen near her sex. His other hand tugged down the bodice over her right breast, ripping the silky fabric. The rip exposed a black lacy half bra which left little to the imagination. He grew stiff and his erection poked at her backside.

Leslie shuddered visibly as Grant nuzzled her neck roughly from behind. He started to slowly grind his stiffening member into her ass as she struggled to free herself. He pinched her nipple painfully and roughly yanked her around to face him so quickly, it threatened to give her whiplash.

Grant pulled her close and her body is flush up against his as he whispered into the soft crook of her neck. “You still smell so fucking good, Lee.” He inhaled deeply and Leslie tried to jerk her head away from him.

Leslie whimpered and struggled, trying to bring her knee up to connect with his manbits. Unfortunately, his grip seemed impenetrable. She could scarcely move.

“You know you want this baby,” he sighed into her ear and Leslie failed to stifle a sob.

“Just what the fucking do you think you are doing?” growled an angry voice from behind Leslie.


Craig groaned as I aligned his stiff length at the entrance to my womb. I teased him a bit by rubbing it along the length of my sex, from clit to slit.

“Please baby, don’t make me wait. I need to feel you around me, feel you coming all over my cock, wringing me dry.” He implored with a groan.

I moaned loudly and slowly sat down upon his length, getting used to the feel of him inside me, inch by inch. The slickness of my pussy allowed him halfway in and by then I am panting uncontrollably as his head rubbed the sweet spot inside me.

I looked down on him panting and something in my eyes made the lust in his own soften to concern.

“Don’t worry, Princess. You will fit me like a glove.” Without disengaging, Craig flipped me over.

“Let me show you,” he said as he thrust his full length deep within me.

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