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Sneak Peeks

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Peek #2


“Now that right there, I wouldn’t mind pouncing on for a night or three,” Carlton said for probably the hundredth time in the past several months. “There is something so sexy about a woman that looks as innocent and straight - laced as your little secretary, Aiden.”

Aiden rolled his eyes at Carl and looked over at his secretary of four months. He had gotten her from a temp agency that he regularly used. His previous secretary had moved to Thailand or some other beastly third world country when she met a man online. Janine had given him a weeks notice and then hightailed it over the Pacific to marry some creep who claimed he was heir to some family fortune or other.

Personally, it wouldn’t have surprised Aiden one bit if the man was merely a rice picker or ran one of those odd taxi services that consisted of a tottering rickshaw and a shoeless man wearing a conical bamboo hat.

“Stop eye - fucking my secretary, Carl,” Aiden spat. He had a bit of a soft spot for his little secretary. She was meek and reminded him a bit of a librarian. Albeit a very sexy librarian.

“Well, you certainly aren’t planning on plowing her, so why can’t I have a little taste?” Carl replied as he took another sip of scotch. The man became more and more crass in direct proportion to how much he drank. He had had a few tumblerfuls of the Scotch already and had loosened his tie both literally and figuratively.

“Leave her alone. I don’t approve of you attempting to dip your pen in the company ink,” Aiden accused, desperate for a change of subject. It had not been the first time he had had to reign Carl in from trying something on with the lady he was openly ogling through the vertical blinds.

“I don’t need my pen dipped. Just my dick.” Aiden gave an irritated exhalation of air through his lips and looked skyward. “Besides, don’t tell me you’ve never dreamt of bending her over your desk, hiking up her skirt and pummeling her sweet pussy a time or two.” Carl wore a lascivious grin. “I bet under that prim exterior, she’s a tiger in the sack.”

Aiden ran his fingers through his hair until it stood upright. Carlton was always thinking with his little head instead of the big one, and the growing list of his conquests grew daily as a result.

Harrison chuckled at the easy rapport between the two friends.

“Have some propriety, old man,” Harry said. His heavy British accent hadn’t faded in the twenty - odd years he had lived in the states. Sometimes Harrison suspected his friends only kept him around so that they sounded more sophisticated. It didn’t bother him if they did. Lord knew these men needed someone in their group dynamic that made them look less like a bunch of aging frat brothers.

“Leave the poor girl alone. She looks like she’d split in two if you tried to have a go at her.” Harrison pointed a long finger at Carlton in a playful manner.

“She’s a woman, not a plaything,” Ramon added. Out of all the men, he was probably the most respectful of women. He had a wife and three children, who he adored. Although Harry also had a family, his marriage to his wife Mathilde had been more along the lines of a business transaction than a typical romance. Their relationship had grown from a tolerable joining of two families to a respectful alliance between man and wife. If there were any deeper romantic feelings there, they weren’t ones that could be visibly witnessed by their close circle of friends.

“Aiden, when is the last time you were with a woman? A couple of months ago? You keep holding off, your pecker’s gonna wilt and fall right off. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” Carlton poured himself a 4th scotch and Aiden quickly snatched the bottle from him so he couldn’t help himself to a fifth.

Walking over to the window that overlooked the parking lot below, Aiden stared out at the staff’s and visitor’s cars parked there. He could practically see the pavement shimmer with heat. He thought about Carlton’s words.

It had been quite some time since he had been with a woman and his secretary was a sweet little thing. Possibly too sweet. She would probably faint if he ever tried to make a pass at her - not that he ever would.


“Take it off,” Aiden said in a firm tone.

“No.” She placed the fabric between her cleavage and frowned at the result. It looked horrible. She placed the wrap in several positions, each more unsatisfactory than the last.

Aiden came up behind her but she paid him no mind until his hand touched the skin at the base of the dress.

Jumping slightly, she heard the telltale sound of a zipper. He had fixed her zipper up as far as it would go.

“You weren’t zipped all the way,” he told her quietly. He didn’t move away from her and she looked into the mirror at him with a scrutinizing look.

“Thank you,” she told him and he nodded at her, locking eyes in the mirror as he rifled through his pants pocket.

He pulled his gaze away to grab something from his pocket. Constance was locked in place and she closed her eyes, trying to gain control over her traitorous body. He was all male and way too close to her. And he was her fucking boss.

What insanity was she thinking?

Her eyes popped open as thick fingers caressed her earlobes. She gasped and felt Aiden placing earrings in her lobes with a gentle touch. He adorned her wrists with delicate bangles before patting her back and once again piercing her eyes with his in the mirror.

“Perfect,” he said, to which Constance had no ready answer.


Upon entering the suite, the door was slammed behind them as Aiden pushed her up against the door, assaulting her lips with his in a bruising fashion.

Constance could barely catch a breath as he plunged his tongue into her mouth, luring hers to join in it in a sensual dance. As their tongues battled each other, Aiden pulled aside the top of Constance’s top, releasing her breasts to the open air.

Cupping one soft mound, he kneaded it roughly as she moaned into his mouth. His fingers grazed lightly over her nipples and they pebbled in response. He trailed kisses down her throat until capturing one taut peak between his teeth, tugging gently.

While switching to the other breast, Aiden unzipped the back of her dress slowly, caressing the skin exposed as he went. The material fell to the floor in a heap, leaving Constance bare-breasted, her chest heaving with desire.

Aiden detached from her nipple and grabbed her ass firmly in his capable hands. Pulling her legs up, they entwined around his waist and he maneuvered them towards the bedroom as he plundered her mouth with his tongue.

Constance tasted a mixture of alcohol on his tongue and loved it. His stroking inside her mouth, setting her body aflame. While she tried to raise her alter-ego Coco from the dead to take control of the situation, something kept the temptress at bay. Probably the man in front of her with his sinful lips and warm, forceful hands.

As Aiden laid her down on the top of the bed, Constance was able to take a few steadying breaths. If there was any backing out, now would be the time. She almost had enough willpower to stop herself from making what she thought a grievous mistake, but once Aiden started to undo the cuffs of his dress shirt and his chest was exposed, her willpower all but fell off the face of the earth.

Clad only in boxers, Aiden lay down next to her and pulled her face to his by the back of her neck. His eyes searched hers for a moment before nibbling her bottom lip softly with his teeth. A gasp escaped her mouth and he felt her breath fan over his face, smelling of peaches and grenadine. The perfect cocktail.

Aiden took control of the kiss once his tongue entered her mouth. It took her breath away with its urgency and dominance. Never had she been kissed like this and truth be told, she enjoyed it immensely.

One moment he was beside her, prying her lips open with his tongue, the next he was hovering over top of her, her legs curled around him as he dominated her with his kisses and firm body.

Kissing and licking his way down her body, he nipped lightly at each bit of flesh he came in contact with until he was face to face with her soaked panties. Peeling them down her body, he took a moment afterward to discard his boxers onto the heap on the floor.

Aiden was... large. He boasted a formidable length and girth that Constance had only experienced in a handful of men- regardless of her impressive repertoire of conquests. She cringed a little inside as she thought of not being in control in this situation. Whenever Coco came out to play, she took men at her own pace, taking length, girth and sexual prowess into consideration. This was just downright daunting now that Coco was AWOL. Constance missed the calculating bitch.

Bending over his little secretary, he hovered over her body with a sensual and knowing smirk on his face.

Now face to face with her, he traced his forefingers along the delicate line of her jaw before pulling the pins that held her hair up out, one by one.

Once complete, he dropped the pins on the nightstand softly and ran his fingers through her hair. It was both a sweet and torturous gesture and she didn’t know quite what to make of it. Though she was now thankful to be guaranteed no hairpin headache the next day.

“You should keep your hair down from now on, Constance. It’s too beautiful to hide away in that ridiculous bun you always wear.”

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