Falling for my bodyguard (Falling #1) [SAMPLE]

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[SAMPLE- full book on GALATEA ] Harmoni is the beautiful daughter of the wealthiest man in the city. She has good grades and mostly sticks with her best friend, Emily. But don't mistake her for a good girl because she is far from it. She has done her best to dodge the bodyguards her father has assigned to her, leading him to hire yet another bodyguard to Harmoni's dismay. William is a well-respected SWAT sergeant. Needing extra cash to renovate his house he finds himself accepting a bodyguard job on the side, guarding the daughter of one of the most prestigious men in the city, Harmoni Pearson. What was supposed to be an easy side job turned out to be the ride of his life. Believing she doesn't need protecting, she does her best to make William quit, but soon she realises that she is in more danger than she thought. Will romance bloom between them or will they keep pushing each other away? Will the young and handsome William be able to keep her safe, or will they perish at the hands of those who want them dead? I'm really not good at summaries, but I really hope you will still give my story a try! "I seriously love your plot. I have read many stories about bodyguard but your stands" "In my opinion, the book was overall great! The plot wasn't cliche (which was awesome), and it wasn't immediate love"

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IMPORTANT INFO (29/03/2021) I am beyond excited to announce that my book has been chosen to be published on Galatea! For those that do not know it go check it out, they have amazing hand-picked books and even have cool features like immersive readings! You can download the app for free on Google Play, Apple store... Unfortunately, this also means that I will need to take down the book from Wattpad and Inkitt. The book will still be available on Patreon.


1. Download the Galatea App (Inkitt's sister app)

2. Search for @Cloclovilla or Falling for my bodyguard

3. Keep reading for Free❤️❤️

I know it's not ideal but I really hope you will continue reading my book once you finish this sample. If you like it that is 😜.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (29/02/2021):
I’m considering putting the book on Amazon for readers that are interested in buying a paper copy of the book or the kindle epub version. But before I start investing in that I’d really like to see if there are enough people interested.

Please leave a comment here if this is something that you want ❤️❤️

Lots of love,


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