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After coming out of closet and getting declined by own father, abhay tries to have his normal life with his mom in the new city 'Mumbai'. With nice grades, abhay gets his admission in the top college. In the new college, he meets his online crush Ankit who is kind of famous in his college with his killer body. As his life takes turn with happiness while having mili and ankit by his side but somewhere his heart aches for the love of his dad. In the hope, his dad will love him. He says 'yes' to mili's proposal and starts his one side relationship with mili. He gives his best to love her but he can't, he tries his hard but he ends up claiming his love for ankit. When mili gets to know about his love for her best friend and brother. She decides to have breakup with him and shows him his real love.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Beginning of love

Ankit picks up his coffee cup from the kitchen floor and sits down on the table near the dining area. He was observing mili who was roaming around the house by changing her clothes. She came in front of ankit and raises her eyebrows at him asking him ‘how is she looking ?’. He looks at her from top to bottom and nods his head at her.

“You looks good.” ankit said sipping his coffee from the cup.

“Nope, the flowers are boring. I should change this dress.” mili says and went towards her room. Ankit laughs at her thinking no one can do anything to change her habits.

In the minutes, mili comes back to him wearing another one. She shows him her dress by moving it from one side to another. Ankit again nods his head to her but she sighs and frowns thinking he doesn’t likes it. She went towards her room to change her dress with new one.

“It was really nice one.” ankit yells at her thinking she would stop her acting and will stuck with recent dress but she slams the door on his words and goes to change it.

Mrs. Kumar, hears the sound of slamming door as she puts her book down on the table and gets up. She knew what’s happening in the house. She opens her cupboard and takes out the paper bag from it. She closes the door and goes outside.

“Hey mum.” ankit says to his mum and smiles at her.

“She is again playing with her clothes and we are gonna be late on the first day of our graduation for sure.” ankit adds the word to his statement.

“I know buddy.” Mrs. kumar said to him.

“What about this ?” mili says showing another dress which has nice pattern of small flowers on it. It was on the white net with 3/4 th sleeves.

“This really looks good on you.” ankit says in the hope she will understand his words.

“I didn’t like it. I just wanted to check it.” mili said as frown was on her face.

“Why are you doing these mili ?” ankit asked her.

“I just wants to look good today. It’s our second year of graduation.” mili said.

“You always look good my princess.” Mrs. kumar said to mili but she keeps her frown.

“But mom !, I wants to look gorgeous today. There will be new guys in the college and I wants someone as my boyfriend. ” mili said to Mrs. kumar.

“You are not going to have boyfriend ha.” ankit says in between.

“She will ankit. Let her be and one more thing. Try this dress. It will look good on you.” Mrs. Kumar says to her while showing her paper bag.

“Thanks mom. I love you.” mili says to Mrs. kumar and goes to her bedroom to change her clothes.

“Don’t get hurt mili while changing your clothes.” Mrs. kumar yells at her.

“Mom, she is your daughter. Don’t worry about her. She will be fine.” ankit said to her.

“She was so little just like you. Her mom passed away in the accident and her dad went to army as he was having duty. I loved her and for sure she is my daughter and will be. I just don’t want to loose her.” Mrs. kumar said to ankit.

“You won’t loose her mom. She is your daughter like I am your son mum.” ankit said to her while hugging her. His mom was looking small as he was having nice height.

“I am your daughter mum.” mili said to Mrs. kumar and hugged them both.

“Now, show me your dress.” Mrs. kumar said while breaking the hug.

“Don’t cry on your first day guys.” Mrs. kumar said to them.

“and you look gorgeous in this dress just like princess of mine.” Mrs. kumar said to her.

“I love you mumma.” mili said to her.

“Now, can we go to our college ?” ankit asked her.

“Yeah !” mili said.

“Take care loves.” Mrs. kumar said and kissed her forehead.

“Then go and pick up your bag from your bedroom. I will be waiting for you in the parking lot with my bike.” ankit said to her. He kept his cup in the basin and washed his hands. Ankit smiled at them and went outside of the room.

Mili smiled at her mom and went to pick up her bag. She put on her shoes and hugged her mom.

“Always remember, I will be here for you. You can talk about anything like boys, sex and everything. You just have to call me for that.” Mrs. kumar said to her.

“I know mom. You are the best MOM in the world !” mili said to her. Mili waved good bye to her mom and went outside.

Mrs. Kumar stayed in the balcony looking at the entry side of the building. She waved at her children’s who were on the bike. They waved at her as Mrs. kumar blow kiss to them and smiled at them.

Ankit drove the car to the college, mili was talking to him continuously as his eyes stayed on the road. He knew how she was excited for the college but he was not. He was thinking his first day of college is going to be same as his old college days. He just wanted to go to college, attend all those useless lectures and then go to home so he could do his gym. But for mili it was something different, she wanted to find some guy who would be her boyfriend in near future. She already checked out all the guys from the college but they were not like a guy whom she needed in her life. She wanted someone who would understand her feelings. With this new year, there were new students who were getting their admission in her college with her and maybe she could able to find the right guy for her from these new ones.

Ankit parked his bike in the college parking lot. Mili got down from the bike and slipped her bag on her arms. She smiled by seeing the sight of college, the front side of college was decorated by balloons and boards. The huge board was displayed on the front side of the gate and many students were signing their name on it. Mili took ankit’s hand in hers and went towards the board. She took pen from her bag and signed on it. She gave her pen to ankit and motioned him to made sign on it. Ankit sighed knowing mili was not going to listen to him. He signed his name on it and gave her pen to her. Ankit was smiling at the guys who were waving their hands to him.

“Can I have your pen for some time ? ” someone asked mili who was twirling pen with her fingers.

Mili looked up at the guy who was having his hand in front of her. She smiled at him and gave him her pen. He took her pen and signed on it. While he was signing his name on it, she was observing the guy. He was normal guy with plain body posture. He was wearing plain white t-shirt and dark blue jeans. He was having his bag on the left side of his arm. He again smiled at her and went inside of the college by checking his ID from the watchmen.

Mili smiled at herself knowing he was new guy in the college. She looked at the board where he made his sign. She read out the words as ‘abhay’.

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