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Mind BODY & Soul part II: To have and to Hold

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The world of the Extra Community further unfolds as the d'Varq brothers' saga continues.

Romance / Fantasy
J. A. M.
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Roughly three months ago but who’s counting.


I faced myself like I never could have about a decade ago. It wasn’t the externally manifested reflection that garnered my attention. Oh no, it was the reflection that you’d have to look a little bit deeper to appreciate. The two-dimensional mirror that I stood in front of, didn’t, or rather; it could not do any justice in reflecting the person who I was. I, however, saw more. After all, I was self-made. I was who I was by design; personal and intimate design. I was my own architect, the final production I knew but it was for everyone else to uncover for themselves.
Outwardly, I was beyond beautiful, who was going to dare tell me differently? In fact, I was literally drop dead gorgeous. If anyone didn’t agree, well then; they could eat their hearts out.
My clothing choices had always been with purpose. There were no exceptions today. I wore a black designer, halter neck blouse; with a ripped styled, skin-tight, deep-camouflage pair of jeans. My black, feminized, combat boots that were seated next to the door; would complete my visible ensemble. I smiled like the cat that ate the canary when I thought of what remained hidden. The secret spots for each of the half a dozen blades and knifes that I carried, skittered through my mind briefly. My mirrored image screamed fierceness and a whole lot of sexy. It was too much for my mission I know, but I didn’t care because this was usual for me. I was expecting an upcoming lamentation, a possible argument about my attire; but that too was as per usual. I dressed to express not to impress.
I glanced at my wristwatch, I was expecting my not so pleasant chauffeur, to show up within a half an hour or so. Excitement unraveled within me; I had a little gig to do. Well, it was more than a little, it was a profoundly serious job proposal that I wasted no time in accepting; eager to showcase my somewhat uncanny talent. I would finally get to utilize to a fuller extent, the remarkable skills that I had at my disposal before; and now blown out of proportion after my maturation.
Maturation as the name suggest, was the term given by persons from the Extra Community, to define that point in an extra’s life, where they were completely matured in every aspect. Growth and development have been completed, not just physically but mentally as well. Our matured mind would then unleash our matured spirit energy or soul. At this point, our parents would be relieved of their direct responsibilities over our lives and we would be declared as an independent individual. Free to live our own lives and do as we please; so to speak. This was like hitting the eighteenth- or twenty-first-year mark, depending on where you lived in the norm world. Finding one's compat and bonding was possible from this point onward because the soul would be released like a beacon seeking or attracting its other half.
I had attained this, last week. I had awakened to that deep-seated feeling of being liberated. Though it was a process, it would always manifest suddenly, one morning after awakening from a full night of rest. For extras, this would usually occur between their twenty-fifth and twenty-eighth year. Definitely before their thirtieth year. I would be twenty-four years old shortly. However, an earlier maturation was anticipated for me because it was common in extras born to norm mates. My brother Bishorn and I shared a norm mother.
Maturation also unlocked for some, enhanced physical or mental abilities; which most would often lend to our Elite services.
I poured myself a drink, then made my way through my so called and very temporary home; and went out onto the balcony that rose three floors above the ground. I wish I could describe the view as breathtaking because of the tall evergreen trees that fenced the horizon, or for the randomly spread flower-bearing plants that brightened each section where they grew. Hell no! My air thief was one of the two supercharged matte black motorcycles in the parking lot below, and that stretch of smooth asphalt that led beyond my balcony’s view. Even the nearby rusty, old, metal pipe that led from the roof to the ground was a magnificent touch to this view. But in time, it would all make sense in time.
I was about to take a seat in the recliner, and relaxed while I waited on my ride; when the energy with in me stirred, going from zero to overdrive in an instant. You’ve got to be kidding me! Oh, hell no! No, no, no! This could not be happening to me. No, not now. Even though this was the first and only time that this would happen to me; I knew what it meant. Any extra would know what it meant.
I was pissed, even though I should be thrilled, ecstatic even and probably dancing around like I’d imagine my airheaded high schoolmates would be doing. Instead I was here cursing like a sailor, wondering which one of my many deeds I was paying for. A few minutes from now, an all domineering male extra would be barging into my home making demands. Boy, he was in for a rude awakening when he realized how cursed he was, gaining a compat like me.
I was Biddu Tsheyn. I was a woman on a mission and no mate of mine was going to interfere with or stop me from fulfilling what I believed I was destined to do. The projected path that I had chosen in life, did not sit well with most. I had been met with resistance or objections every step of the way. I wanted to integrate fully with norms, and this was a no, no. This was why I was grateful that I had reach maturation. I doubted my mate would be expecting someone like me or be okay with any of this. I was an extra female who didn’t conform easily to traditions or the expectations of others. My whole life I was a misfit and that suited me fine because I went my own way.
I tried reigning in my energy as best as I could, even though I knew this was basically impossible right now; with how charged it was. I geared up, while I prepared myself for the confrontation of my life. I felt pity already for the unsuspecting bastard heading my way. Yes, I did. I called my mate a bastard; but I was upset. I was only twenty-three and had just matured. Yet, I was already discovering my bond-mate.
My mate grew closer, and I was so busy restraining my spirit energy and fuming about my unfortunate predicament; that I hadn’t been paying attention to the signature of my mate’s soul. It was familiar. Too familiar for comfort.
In an instant, I became catatonic. Disbelieve and shock at the identity of my compat immobilized me. Numerous emotions erupted within me and I felt like I was being forced to display them all at once. A humorless laugh was ripped from my throat. I laughed like an idiot or a crazy person because this had to be a joke, a cruel joke. Fate was bored and in need of entertainment, and I was it. I was the damn nominee for class clown.
Kaajhem d’ Varq was my compat, my bond-mate and this changed everything. This was a major complication, possible set back.
Just the thought of him, was springing up feelings that I thought I had permanently buried. Heat was spreading rapidly through my veins like a wildfire and I loathe the wanton desires that were stirring within. My body throbbed for him, it called out to him; and I could do nothing to stop it because in my mind, I knew the truth. I had loved Kaajhem. I did at some point, at least.
I felt as the denial within me waned, exposing a deeper truth. There was no love lost, I was still in love with Kaajhem.
Kaajhem was my brother’s best friend. They were so close, that they were more like brothers. I was first introduced to Kaajhem while I was yet in preschool, and I took a shine to him from the onset. Saying my school days was rough, was an understatement. I was an outcast, a misunderstood, little, angel. That sounds better than the truth, but truthfully, I was a rebellious little deviant. I could justify myself, but I'd save that for later. This time was for me to address how my bond-mate Kaajhem, impacted my life.
Kaajhem, despite being annoyed by my pesky, clingy, belligerent younger self; would always help me to curb my deviant behaviors and work through any difficult patches I had growing up. It was mostly for Bishorn’s sake. My parents and brother had their hands full with raising me and accepted any help that they got. As a child, I relished the attention that Kaajhem gave me because I looked up to him as my superhero. I still couldn’t believe it. As I grew, I became infatuated with him. I wished, I hoped and prayed that he would be my bond-mate. It was my ultimate dream. If only I could go back in time, I'd slap myself silly; for my dream was about to become a living nightmare. What made it worse, was that as I transitioned from a pubescent girl to a young adult; Kaajhem had gradually extracted himself from being an active part of my life. Being young, hormonal and inexperience, I didn’t understand why he did this at the time. My lovesick, juvenile mind saw this as rejection. This was where hate began to spring, and I thought I had buried my love for him.
Damn! I still couldn’t believe it. Kaajhem was my compat. Chills ran through me with that thought, and I shook myself trying to dismantle the lascivious happenings within my body. I got that our newly united souls would begin to merge but there was something else brewing.
My body was wound so tightly that it trembled. My skin was so hot it was uncomfortable, my blood was sizzling, my body will soon be set ablaze. My latent and usually unbothered intimate parts were being remotely activated. I squeezed my eyes shut and concentrated, even while I crossed and pressed my thighs together; trying to smother that quivering appendage. My body was restless, and it yearned for the only one who could quench its burning desires.
My eyes snapped open. This was madness! The meeting of bond-mates was a high energy event that affected both mates significantly. However, what I was experiencing, was something more. Could it be because I knew my mate all along and had formed a connection prior? I needed to leash this whole phenomenon. I tipped back my head and finished my drink in one gulp, before heading to the bathroom. I had to address this. I needed to dampen these flames before my confrontation with Mr. d' Varq.
I found myself in the bathroom figuring a cold shower might do me some good. Feeling how close Kaajhem was, I abandoned that mission not wanting to add to the temptation with him potentially finding me here naked. I decided to empty my bladder instead. My incredibly unique scent was very potent within the confined space of the bathroom. I needed to finish this quickly and get back out on the balcony. My natural scent would only serve to stimulate my purpose driven mate; and right now, my scent was...
“OH, MY, GOD!” I screamed. How could I have been so ignorant of my own self? Especially on top of everything that was occurring.
Back out on the balcony I zeroed in on Kaajhem’s location, while I kept my mind blank. He was on the property of this apartment complex, but I had to wait till he was almost at my door. I took a deep breath while I occupied my mind, again taking in my surroundings. My eyes fell on the open door belonging to my distant neighbor on the ground floor. She was usually out on her porch. Where was she? I wondered. I targeted her, seeking her energy signature. Ah, there she was; about a minute away from coming out for her usual reading time, I pushed.
Adrenaline was being pumped into my blood in large amounts in anticipation of what was about to happen. Kaajhem was on my floor and heading to my door. I returned my focus to my view; the rusty pipe in my periphery. And in three, two, one... I leaped over the rail suddenly and before I fell hard to the ground below; I swiftly grabbed a hold of the pipe to control the momentum of my freefall. There you go, my perfect view had always been my escape strategy. I landed firmly on my feet, just as my neighbor exited for reading time on her porch. A confused expression was smacked across her face, and the book in her hand nearly slipped from her fingers; as she tried to decide if I had suddenly appeared or she hadn’t notice me initially.
Sending her the queen’s wave, I smiled widely at her as I walked briskly pass her. She would remain there quietly observing her neighborhood activities. No one would persuade her otherwise. I wouldn’t allow it. Besides, I had other neighbors who would cooperate nicely with me. Whether they knew it or not, my neighbors and I got along very well. They were my unwitting partners in crime.
I then locked my eyes with one of my two eye candies, the Ninja H2Rs. I ignored the beckoning within me and the laser beams that were piercing me from the back. I refused to look back or make eye contact with the one who stood where I was, not too long ago. I needed a clean break. I threw my leg over the dark beast that wasn’t mine. It was a custom design, and it required a fingerprint to start it. It matters not, because I knew mine would not be rejected. I placed my finger in the allotted slot and immediately the beast roared to life. I revved it repeatedly before moving off, relishing in the rush and the feel good as adrenaline and endorphins mingled. Right now, I was a ‘biker chick’ and an unstoppable force. I secured the helmet before allowing the bike to coast from the parking lot to the street. I couldn’t help. I looked back to where Kaajhem remained standing, his expressions stormy and his heated eyes pierced me. My resolve wavered for a split-second before I set myself on track. I blew him a kiss before I sped away. This was just my head start; my escape had aroused some untamed part of him. He would give chase. He would come for me, he always did.

Kaajhem ***

I watched Biddu until she disappeared, and my body shook with the effort that I expelled in keeping it locked in place. I knew there would be an indentation left behind on the rail that I gripped when I removed my hands. The wild animal within, that untamed part of me; clawed at me ripping me to sheds from the inside out. It was instinctual and chasing after my mate would be gratifying. I attempted to bring calm by taking deep breaths. Breaths that were jagged because each intake brought with it the tantalizing smell of my extremely fertile mate. I would have jumped right over the rail to the ground below and would have caught her, had it not been for the many heavily influenced witnesses that were in the vicinity. An ascending tremor developed from my hands; I needed to extract myself from this place because the scent she left behind goaded me.
I couldn’t help the deep sound of frustration that escaped under my breath as I made my way out of Biddu’s apartment. Biddu? My compat? What in the world? What reality had I walked into? It was as if I had teleported straight out of Kansas an into... Except with Biddu, this wasn’t Oz either. I was on a highway to hell; yet, come hell or highwater…
Maybe I should have seen this coming, but I still wouldn’t have been prepared anyway. I mean what were the chances that she would actually turn out to be my… Damn! People always said I was the favorite son but right about now I felt like the stepson. It was like my favor had run out. Biddu was the forbidden fruit not just because she was my best friend’s bratty, little sister but because she was a constant thorn in my flesh, that I let fester for Bishorn sake. Truly, I couldn’t blame it all on my best friend’s sake because somewhere along the line something had change. I did things for her without being asked, even to my own annoyance. It was like I was punishing myself which I probably deserve now considering my physical state. Carnal yearnings were being amplified within me and I was hard as a rock. Biddu’s fresh peppermint scent was my undoing. Everything within was screaming at me to go after her, catch her and pin her misbehaving body beneath me, bringing her into subjection. My conscience was desperately trying to breech the surface with a warning, but the animal wouldn’t let it; so right now I didn’t care. It didn’t matter that Biddu was Bishorn’s sister or that she was the same devilish child that I had watched over some years ago. The only thing that mattered currently was that she was my bond-mate, fully grown and her womanly aroma was retained permanently in the olfactory.
As I made my way across the parking lot to my black, military upgraded Escalade, I opened my mental link to my men who were located on site, reassigning them. Their services were no longer needed here since Biddu had absconded on one of their motorcycles.
Biddu insisted on attending a regular norm college which wasn’t usual for our kind. We had our own complete extra educational system, or she could even choose from the numerous norm-associated colleges or universities that were in almost all the major cities across the world. Yet the very rebellious Biddu Tsheyn chose differently, naturally. Because of the risk involved, her parents and even her brother tried to deter her with no success. For added security they had tasked one of her male cousins twice removed to attend the college with her. The poor guy didn’t even know what hit him. More than half the time he couldn’t give account for Biddu’s whereabouts. She easily eluded him whenever she wished.
Then I came in like the white knight and offered to have two of the men from my personal unit to shadow her from afar. Totally unnecessary, yet without reason I felt compelled to do so. These were not your run in the mill security guards. I was commander to all the Elite Servants for our extra nation and to be a part of my unit meant that you were the best of the best. She despised me for my actions because she had to sweat a little to pursue her deviant activities. I had utilized her brother in convincing her that it was for her own safety. Yet she wouldn’t hear it. But Biddu was Biddu, she only needed time to device new strategies to enable her disappearing acts.
I smiled when I opened our channel and reached for her. She had thrown up serious roadblocks that came with a complimentary middle finger impression. She wanted me to back off and I would for the time being at least. After all I had more heart than she gave me credit for. I would not have bonded with her and knocked her up at the same time. Bonding was a profoundly serious and deep event, it wasn’t magic. Though Biddu and I had history we still had a lot of issues that we had to iron out.
We had an especially important assignment but because of the unexpected matter that had arisen, we were pushed off schedule. Rujcharm, my twin brother and Prime Servant; was going to be royally pissed, but he would understand…eventually. I was to have Biddu back at our northwestern headquarters by tonight so she could be on the assigned location before sunrise tomorrow.
Biddu was a master manipulator of the mental faculties; there were nicer ways of putting it, but why bother. She was going to put some holes in the memory of a prisoner of ours, who should have just been put out of her misery; but my ruthless brother had bonded with a mate with a big, old heart. Usually, I would be cracking a smile at my brother’s expense, considering how much his mate had him wrapped around her fingers; but my current predicament prevented this.
I couldn’t fulfill my MO for obvious reasons. Being in proximity with Biddu right now despite our misgivings, could trigger the flipping big bang…re-loaded. For now, I was going to hang low for about a 24-hour period, until I know for sure that I wouldn’t be held at gun point by the slightest scent of her.


I released a long breath slowly and rolled my naked body onto my back, my arms keeping the cover in place. My peace and accompanying sweet sleep were being disturbed, and the persistent racketing was becoming increasingly louder by the second. I shouldn’t have to put up with this. I was situated in the top-floor penthouse in a ridiculously luxurious and exclusive hotel. I had the deep urge to scream at the top of my voice at someone to keep the noise level down. Except that the raucous was all internal, stirred by the immediate presence of my bond-mate. He was… I cracked my eyes open to find him in an almost completely darkened room. He was sprawled on a chair next to the bed with his fiery brass rings on me wreaking havoc inside me. So much so, I smelt my escaped feminine essence, thankfully less potent than before; and if I could smell it Kaajhem was probably tasting it. He was keeping his cool though, or at the very least trying to.
“Hi honey!” I made my voice smooth and soft as butter even though I had just awakened.
No response.
“You are here? Took you long enough.”
Still no response. He wasn’t giving in to my sarcastic taunting.
Being nothing but myself, I took it a step further. I tapped the other side of the bed. “It’s still early, well too early for me at least. Care to join me?”
A scream escaped my lips before I could escape him. I should have known better than to provoke Kaajhem d’ Varq. Especially when he was this fueled. I stilled my body; it wasn’t as if I could do otherwise because I was buried beneath his massive body. He allowed me his full weight pressing his hard body into mine while his hot breath moved along my neck up to my ear. The thin silk sheet that draped me, offered no real barrier between us. He could feel every inch of my body and though he was clothed, I could at least feel every inch of his impressive erection as he pressed it into my pulsating core while it moistened in ready anticipation.
“Keep it up, continue to provoke me you little brat; you know I won’t stop you.” His usually smooth bass voice was now slightly rough with need.
Of course he wouldn’t stop me because then he wouldn’t be able to say I provoked any of his wanton actions. I was playing with fire here, but I was a flame capable of handling similar burn to the one that I dished. I knew he was wrestling with fleshly cravings that came naturally when compats met, or so I thought. When I opened our connection removing that naughty caution that I had left him; I discovered he wasn’t wrestling at all. He was ready and willing to bond with me even now, the setting was conducive enough to allow it. I thought he would have had some reservations, but I thought wrong. Shoots! Kaajhem was hitting me with surprises, so I’d have to tread lightly. His hot mouth sucking on my skin kept that slow burn within and my heated core moistened each time his sharp teeth scraped my sensitive skin. He intended to leave his mark on my skin. Despite my best efforts it was becoming increasingly difficult to remain still.
I looked above my head to where he had both my hands shackled at the wrist within his hold. I pulled my right hand away suddenly freeing it. He lifted his head to pierce me with his striking brown eyes. His eyes weren’t a common variation of brown that you may find in humans. His eyes were metallic like deep toned brass. It wasn’t unique because we were extras. We were different but human. His unusual eye color was a d’ Varq thing, though. There was something about them d’ Varqs.
He brought his face to align perfectly with mine. Our eyes met, his nose brushed mine and our mouths hovered each other testing while we exchange breaths. I beheld my mates handsome face, a chiseled perfection complimented by a straight nose and full lips. His liquid brown eyes were shaded by thick lashes, the color that match the silky black curls growing from his scalp. This was the face that I wasted many years pining for, the face of the person that my juvenile heart ached for. The set of sensual lips that mine craved after.
I was done with this, all of this; thoughts, thinking and reminiscing. I wasted enough time doing that already. I bunched the thick hair that lay on the nape of his neck and yanked them pulling him to me. His lips came crashing on mine without further hesitation between us. The energy within me burst out of me even while his rushed into me. I locked my arms around him needing an anchor while this fiery storm build between us. I latched my mouth to his, a vacuum created, and I drew his tongue so he could glide it along mines. I sucked, I nipped, and I did whatever the hell I wanted to do just because I wanted to. For too long I wanted. I dug my fingers into his back clawing at his shirt threatening to shred it for hindering me. For too long my hands itched to touch him this way and I sent them to roam wherever they wished. His body was impressive, sculpted muscles everywhere. His skin was scorching, and desperation had me grabbing greedily at his flesh setting something loose in him. His throaty growl announced this and with it came the possession. His hand roved over my body without restriction causing tremors to pass through me. He encircled each of my breast with either of his hands and squeezing and massaging till my nipples became overly taunt. I pushed on him breaking our kiss. I needed my mouth back to aid with my breathing. My breast now fully exposed to him; his mouth instantly replaced his hands. He latched onto each, pulling like a greedy infant. Still needing an anchor, I gripped his head entangling my fingers in his soft curls.
“Kaaj”. His name trembled from my lips and it could have been anything a command, a question, or a plea. With our minds connected I felt his pleasure mingling with mine. His deep-seated desire to pursue this, finished what we’ve started. He was already deeply committed to this, to me, to us even with the knowledge that we had challenges ahead, even though we both knew we skirted around bigger issues. We were both in the here and now and our feelings were mutual. At the very least we both wanted each other. The evidence was in the way how I was responding to every maddening thing that he was doing to me now, as well as the salacious images of the things he promised to do. My moans were constant now and try as I might, I couldn’t hold them back. His mouth moved with purpose as it lowered beyond my breast and I pulled on his hair tighter, preventing his descent. He raised his head letting his brown eyes find my green ones. He felt the budding conflict within me, but if I let his mouth discover my hidden jewels it was game over for me. It was love and marriage. I couldn’t continue this without bonding with Kaajhem. I couldn’t afford bonding with anyone. Not right now and not with Kaajhem especially. There was too much at stake and I wished he would understand. He probably wouldn’t, but hopefully he would at least listen and be patient with me.
He moved his body over mine and lowered it again pinning me where he had me in the first place. He would do anything to complete our bonding especially keeping me in a vulnerable position. Looking him in the eye, I spread my legs wide so that he nestled snuggly between them. I moved my hands to his waist, then lower and fished till I found what I sorted after. Through the fabric I squeezed his hard, throbbing erection with one hand while I attempted to undo the fasten with the other. When he raised to give me easier access, it gave me enough room to slip from beneath him and just enough of a head start to escape to the bathroom. Instinctually, he would follow me there.
I wrapped my body in a thick towel to minimize the temptation because I had abandoned the sheet in my haste. Kaajhem threw the door open and inhaling deeply, he took in my aroused state as he stalked into the room.
“Games, Biddu? You know I love games just as much as winning.”
“Who said I was playing games, Kaajhem? Bonding isn’t a game, and it isn’t happening between the two of us.”
“Says who; because that’s not what your body is telling me. You want this Biddu. You want me too. For a long time.” He smiled at me when he added the last line.
Kaajhem’s smile was a weapon that he often used to disarm and distract. It was that gorgeous and he never played fair. Plus he was a walking perfection and his size and built was impressive to say the least. The colossal man knew his appeal and carried himself well. He wore the finest apparels that complemented his classy yet edgy disposition. He was swoon-worthy but I had done enough swooning for a lifetime over Kaajhem.
“It doesn’t matter to me what you were gathering, it could be rice, wheat or corn, but I meant what I said. I’m not bonding with you, Kaajhem d’ Varq”.
I walked past him to exit the bathroom when he reached out and grabbed my hand.
“Are you rejecting me as your mate, Biddu?” Though he held a hint of mischief in his eyes, his tone was serious.
My steps halted the moment he touched me. I was still adjusting to the high energy of finding one’s mate and the contact was not helping. I shrugged out of his hold and he relented. His question though rhetorical, squeezed my heart and I resisted clutching at my tightening chest. He need not ask because he was clearly reading me, but since he asked…
I looked him in his eyes, “If It happens, it is when I am ready, Kaajhem.” Not waiting for any response I walked out of the bathroom leaving him there.
I busied myself in the kitchen preparing breakfast for us while cussing at the feel-good bubbles popping and releasing all the feel-good inside me because I was preparing food for Kaajhem. For norms this may hold little significance but for extras this was a big deal, and I wasn’t going to pretend I wasn’t a knowledgeable extra. Besides, I felt his hunger also, for food this time, and we were both stuck in a high energy releasing situation. Plus we had somewhere we needed to be shortly, but we had much to discuss and it would be difficult to move on until we did.
I turned to face him when I felt his presence because nothing else gave it away. He tended to move soundlessly despite his size.
He raised an eyebrow at my brazen command but obeyed anyway. He was of the royal household of the d’ Varqs. Though there wasn’t any royal lineage per se within the Extra Community, the d’ Varqs was as close as it got. Throughout our history, many of our Prime Servants hailed from this lineage and if they weren’t Prime, they were commanders of our Elite Forces or as in the case now, both. They were revered by our community, giving the commands and not the other way around.
With his eyes glued to me and my every move, I prepared us both a plate then moved to the table where he sat. I placed his food in front of him before sitting at the other end of the table with mine. Without hesitation he dug in. We both did. We ate in perfect silence, but he never failed at projecting his deep satisfaction and pleasure of eating my food. It was that good, I knew it.
Though rare, it wasn’t the first time he ate the food that I prepared. I remembered my younger years at the headquarters I would often try my hand at cooking; part of growing up they say. Whenever I thought that I did a good job, I would offer some to my brother and he would in turn share it with Kaajhem and his brothers. They would all partake except for his younger brother Devynj, he would flat out refuse after one sniff. He wasn’t about being polite to spare feelings. Kaajhem now, though he was always the most critical; he was the only one who would finish my food. I never forgot that.
“I’m too young for you, Kaajhem.” I broke the silence after we were finished eating.
“Are you Biddu?”
I continued without answering his question. “You’ve got more than a century on me. A century of experiences and a life well lived. I’m only twenty-three.”
He shrugged because I wasn’t telling him something he didn’t know.
“I’ve only began to live, still very young even by norm’s standards and I’m not about to give up my freedom to and for anyone, including you.”
With his eyes remaining fastened on me, he sat up in the chair. “We are talking about bonding Biddu, not imprisonment.” His deep voice was usually smooth, but he made it silkier with motives he thought were hidden.
“Which it will feel like if I’m being forced into bonding especially for the wrong reasons.”
He narrowed his eyes at me. “Maybe some imprisonment might do you some good but let me clear the air. Am I forcing you to bond with me, Biddu?”
“I’m stopping you in your tracks before you…”
“What I asked was, am I forcing you? Can bonding be forced?” He interrupted me.
“No but you and I both know that there are a lot of technicalities that surrounds bonding where forcing is involved.”
“Really now? Then enlighten me Biddu.”
“That’s not what we are discussing, Kaajhem. We are discussing me, you and not bonding.”
“Very well. You don’t want to bond Biddu? Fine.”
Instantly, my eyes found his. I was shocked by his answer because I was expecting a painfully long argument. I felt his deep desire to bond with me from the get-go and even now. My curiosity sent me reaching across our intimate mental channel where I risked exposure of my own thoughts, but I had to know what changed. Nothing had, he was simply giving me this. He was giving into the wishes of his compat. Yet still I eyed him for a long while as I delved within him looking for an ulterior motive because there had to be. Kaajhem just doesn’t give in or give up. As he had mentioned before he loved winning, Kaajhem never tock tail and run. Yet with all my talents, I was coming up short, but this was Kaajhem, my number one challenger. There was something more to this, but I would find out in time. Besides, I had to throw caution when I was operating on a two-way street. I’ve got private matters too, best left undiscovered.
This was not an easy feat for either of us, especially for him because bonding was a deep-rooted urge and I had always believed that it was stronger in our males than us females. Kaajhem was going to burn, and I felt pity for him because it was not like I wanted to see him suffer. As much as I would never admit to it, I didn’t want a single inch of Kaajhem hurting.
He stood suddenly taking his empty plate and mine placing them into the sink behind me. Just when I thought he was going to walk pass me, he lowered his body and let his lips brush my ear. I closed my eyes and concentrated on calming my sexually eager body. He inhaled deeply before whispering into my ear, his voice holding a seductive note.
“I’m not the one who you should be pitying, Bead.”
He hadn’t call me Bead since the days when he thought me to be the perfect little angel, but hearing it now was having his desired effect. It was softening me whipping me to butter just like the quality and texture of his voice.
“Who should I be pitying Kaaj?”
“You. Have your way now Biddu like you always do, but I can guarantee you that I will not be the first one to come running, begging for our bonding.”
He straightened slightly then with a hand under my chin he tilted my head back so that I faced him and without wasting another second, he sealed his lips unto mine and simply took what he wanted from me. Our heads being misaligned did not hinder his momentum to the slightest degree. Every move of his lips, tongue and even his teeth was with purpose and that was to drive me insane with his wicked mouth. For sure he got my body acting insane, going from shaking to quivering to throbbing then back to shaking for a repeat. I released a strangled moan, strangled because of the efforts in holding it back, but heavens this man could kiss, and I had wanted to kiss him for so long. Though I shouldn’t, I was kissing him back taking my fill. Call this burning off steam for the both of us, we’re getting a head start. I anticipated a difficult road ahead for the both of us.
I stilled my mouth when he locked my lip between his sharp teeth because one bad move could break my skin. The outcome would be disastrous from my point of view if blood were drawn, and I couldn’t let that happen. It seemed like Kaajhem wasn’t about playing fairly and I sent a warning across our path to halt his unruly actions. He unwittingly withdrew his mouth from mine but kept my lips trapped while he pulled away, tugging as he gradually released it.
We held each other’s eyes breathing deeply as we caught our breaths. He never said anything further and neither did I. It wasn’t like we didn’t have issues left to thrash out because we barely skimmed the surface. Notwithstanding, I felt an agreement being drafted internally.
He stepped back and went back the way he came.
Within fifteen minutes I was aboard a chopper heading to the northwestern headquarter compound to meet with Kaajhem’s brother and his mate Na-Leigha who was fast becoming one of my few friends. They weren’t apart of this mission initially, but now that they were involved it would workout in my favor. I would hitch a ride with them rather than journeying with Kaajhem to the mission site. Kaajhem and I had an unvoiced agreement to keep our little situation a secret. It would be an exceptionally difficult feat amongst extras, but it could work if we stayed far away from each other. I had just placed a literal restraining order on my mate. I laughed internally when that thought cross my mind, even as I watched him from the increasing distance as the helicopter flew to my impromptu destination.
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