I'm Back Baby

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Hidden Truths

The whole group was laughing. We were sitting on my new private plane on our way to the States to protect my uncle.

I had my best people with me. It hadn't taken a lot of convincing on my part to have my best friends come with me. And of course, my grandfather made good on his promise as well.

I was now the proud owner of a brand new private jet, along with a gorgeous mansion for when we reached the States. It was big enough to accomodate all 9 of us. I also pleaded with him to buy us all new cars and motorcycles for when we were there.

The people who came with me were my my main crew. Of course, it took a bit of pleading on my part to have Lucia allow Don and Lee accompany me to the States. But in the end, she found it would be a great learning experience for the future when we all ran the family together.

I also had Doctor Mansi with me. He may be 26 years old, but he is the best medical professional there is, and with how things are with the Romani family, things could get ugly.

Besides those three, I also had Olivia and Roman Amari, the Spano twins, Leo and Enrico, and Mina Raspa. We were all 18, or soon to be in my case, except for Olivia, who is 17.

The Amari siblings are my weapons experts. Their whole family supplies the Mafia degli angeli invernali internally. We have other suppliers for our shipments because we keep the best for ourselves.

Enrico is one of the best streetracers I know. He has been our driver during our job in the family. His reflexes behind the wheel are exceptional. He taught me everything he knows, and I am not quite up to his level, but one day I'll get there.

Leo and Mina are assassins like me. They have been trained to move silently, to get in and out undetected, and to kill without remorse. Leo is able to work more on the technology side, blowing things up, riggins cars, cute stuff like that.

It's Mina who scares me. She works in poisons. She knows which poisons will get you to talk, will paralyze you, will make you go insane. But she is really fun to be around and is my best friend.

We all work well with each other. We play off of each other's strrengths and we make up for their weaknesses. We also teach each other what we know best.

"Hey Lissa, what are you going to do when we get to there?", Leo asked.

"I'm going to take a nice long, hot bath." I replied with a smile.

They all laughed, knowing that I was dead serious. I loved to take baths. It allowed me time to think for myself and to read.

"What about school? It starts in less than 2 days and there is not much of a plan so far. And we don't really have a system in place to protect Pietro."

This comment from Lee made me think.

"Okay, when we get to the house, we will have a meeting. Everything is already there, moved in and set up, so we only have to bring our lovely selves. I will postpone my escape from you assholes."

A chorus of "Hey!" resounded through the plane as we heard the captain come over the intercom to announce our descent.

"All right kittens, let's try not to look like zombies when we get off." said Silvio with a smile.

"Yes mama." replied Enrico.

Silvio just glared back at him.

(Third Person POV)

Analissa and the others were walking down the stairs of the plane as another private jet rolled up the tarmack. It wasn't as large or luxurious as the one owned by Analissa, but it wasn't bad either.

Lissa was following the others because she had some business to take care of.

The other quickly hopped into the waiting SUVs that had been prepared for them while Analissa stood at the bottom of the stairs talking to the captain.

She thanked him for their flight and to make sure to get some rest. Hopefully it wouldn't be too long before they needed his services again.

She then began to walk to her own luxury SUV. Hopping in, the parade of cars began to make their way towards their new home.

(Gabriel POV)

I had been on a business trip for almost 2 weeks with some top members of my gang. We were small, but we handled a lot of the armes movement in the States.

This time, I had finally been able to get in contact with the Mafia degli angeli invernali. They were the best armes dealers in the world, and having any form of contact with them would instantly boost the reputation of my gang.

I formed my gang to protect the innocent. I sell the weapons I get to those that are going to do good. Not to the fuckers who take lifes indiscriminately. They are the ones I go after.

'I cannot stand those who hurt others just for the fun of it.' I think to myself. I had been thinking of the "interrogation" I had witnessed in Italy.

I knew that they were doing that for a reason, but I didn't want to be a part of it.

As the plane touched down, I noticed that there was another plane in the place where we usually unloaded.

"Yo, Boss! What's going on? We're going further than usual?"

I looked up at Bobby, who I never understood why I kept him around. He was okay at fighting, but his brains must have gone with a few of the punches.

"Bobby, clearly someone is unloading there. Just take a look at their sick ass ride." said Xander.

I looked over at the plane Xander was talking about, and sure enough, it was really nice. Surely better than the one we were riding in, and that was saying something.

A few kids our age were walking down the stairs, but they held no interest for me. Many rich kids came to this town to party for the weekend.

As I was turning my head, Asher, my third in command, let out a startled shout.

"Holy shit! Xander, look!"

I whipped my head back and saw the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen in my life. Tall, with beautiful, wavy silver hair that reached around mid-back. She walked down the stairs with an elegance that I could describe as ethereal.

My mind was frozen. 'How can a goddess like her exist in the world? I wonder what her name is...?"

Just as the thought entered my mind, Xander whispered, "Ana?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked roughly.

"Nothing, sir. She just reminded us of someone we once knew. But she doesn't live here anymore." Asher answered quickly.

I stared at him, knowing that there was probably more to that story than they were letting on.

"It's really nothing Gabriel." Xander insisted.

I nodded and turned back to where the girl had been, but the three SUVs that had been parked there were driving away.

As we were unloading, the image of the beautiful girl would not leave my mind.

'Who is she?' I kept asking myself.

On the ride back to the gang's headquarters, I noticed that Asher and Xander were talking in hushed voices but paid it no mind.

It wasn't until later that night when I was walking to my office when I heard them in Asher's room arguing. It was surprising considering how close they were.

"It's not her Xander. Just leave it already!" Asher cried out in a strangled voice.

"You don't know that! It's been years Ash! Years since we've last had any contact with her. How do you know she hasn't come back?" Xander asked pleadingly.

"You know why she woudn't come back here..."

His voice trailed off and I wondered what they were talking about. More importantly, who were they talking about and what did it have to do with the girl we saw today?

"I know that she was hurt Ash, but you know how she was. She probably forgave us, right?"

He sounded desperate at this point. Clinging to any hope that whoever they were talking about was back.

"Forgave us? Are you kidding me? She is my sister Xander, and we nearly fucking killed her! For years we tormented her. Do you really think that she would have forgiven us?"

I froze. Asher had a sister? And he and Xander nearly killed her? What was going on?

I walked away, too much in a rage to continue listening to their arguement.

I trusted these people. They knew my hatred of bullying the innocent and the weak. And yet they had done it themselves for years. They had nearly killed someone.

And that someone had turned out to be Asher's sister?! How could he? How dare he?

Turning around, I swiftly made my way down to the gym where I began to beat on the punching bags that we still had hanging up from our last training session.

The more I thought, the angrier I got.

"WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!" I said with a punch ennunciating each 'why'. Why was the world so cruel to those that had done no wrong?

After my rage relief session, I decided to look into what Asher and Xander were talking about. I called my second in comand, William, and asked him to det on it.

"Will, I don't know what's going on, but check out Asher and Xander from before we all met. Something is going on. I found out today, by accident, that Asher has a sister that he never mentioned, and accoriding to him and Xander, they nearly killed her. Figure it out. You have 34 hours"

"You got it boss."

After hanging up, I figured I was too stressed to go to sleep, so I decided to get some work done. I only had 34 hours until school started, and I would be busy with school and work with the gang then. So would William, hence the odd time-frame.

"Ugh" I sighed. The sound was so loud in my office, but I couldn't care less. This was too much to deal with right now.

My phone started ringing and glancing at the name, I saw it was my father.

"Hey dad."

"Gabe, are you back in the country?"

"Yeah, landed a little bit ago and I am just working on some stuff. What's up?" I answered smoothly. He knew about the gang but didn't always approve of my constant work, so we just avoided the subject.

"Your mother and I would like to see you before school starts again. You know how she misses you..." his voice trailed away as if he was thinking about something else.

"I know dad. I miss her too." I replied, my tone heavy with sorrow.

He caught my meaning instantly and bade me a quick farewell. Sighing, I laid my head on my desk and tears began to leak from my eyes.

"I'm so sorry Elizabeth," I sobbed. "I'm so sorry."

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