I'm Back Baby

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Medical Supplies

(Lissa POV)

Today is the day that school starts back up. And I, for one, could not be happier.

Glancing at the rest of my crew, minus Silvio, I noticed how they were walking around like zombies.

'He he he' I chuckled evilly to myself. It is time to show how much I care for my munchins.

"Gooooood morning my little ones!" I yelled as I slide into the kitchen wearing my fuzzy socks, some dark blue silk sleeping shorts, and a white tank top.

The groans I hear back are unanimous and I can't help but giggle.

"Don't worry everyone. I'm sure that you will all have a wonderful day at school. How about I make you some breakfast?"

All the boys perked up at this, while the girls looked mildly amused at the boys.

"Do you ever think about anything other than your stomach?" asked Mina.

Enrico and Leo laughed while Lee just brushed off the comment.

"We're growing boys. What do you expect? And we can't all just sit around here like SOME people, not can we?" he glared menacingly towards me.

I acted innocent as I started to mix crepe batter and beat some eggs for omlettes.

"Don't look at me. You know why I can't go into a public school with those morons who nearly killed me." I growled back.

We had decided yesterday that I would not go back to school because it was too easy for people at that hellhole to recognize me. I could have tried to use a disguise, but there was another plane yesterday. Who knows who was on it and if they saw me.

Everyone else would be going to school but they would also be undercover. This was because they could be recognized from our mafia by the Romani family. I didn't want to risk it, so disguise it was.

"Sending you 7 in will help to scope out how things are with the younger crowd. Plus, I don't have to see my tormenters this way."

"Boss, I thought you wanted to see them again?" asked Leo.

"Well, I do, but it's more of a will I be able to control myself around them?" I laugh along with the rest of them.

By the time breakfast is ready, Silvio comes trudging down the stairs. Groaning to himself, he slides onto a barstool and reaches for the mug of esspresso that I place in front of him.

"Well lookie here. The ghoul lives. You look like youve been taken for a spin through a patch of thron bushes and then drug backwards by a freight train through horse shit."

"Wow Enrico, that was a very colorful description. I highly doubt it applies to what I look like in the morning though. But it might apply to how you smell currently." Silvio retorted smoothly.

"Boys." I barked out. "I don't know what has gotten into you lately, but cool it. I don't need your drama with each other on top of an already dangerous mission. So you can either knock it off, or go home. Your choice."

They both looked down and whispered "Yes ma'am" into their breakfasts.

"Now that we have that sorted, you all are going to be late for school if you don't move your butts. Now hop along my little bunnies. I'll pack your lunches."

Every single one of them flipped me off as I smiled back. I loved this feeling of not having to go to school.

Turning to Silvio, I asked, "Are you starting up a practice while you are here, or are you going to just lounge until you're needed?"

"Well with that attitude, I might as well get off my ass and go find a job. I will look for an on call job so that I don't have to work for a hospital or be a part of staff. That way I can also be there for you when someone gets hurt."

"Okay." I replied. "I'll go to town with you today and make sure that our home hospital is completely stocked. I noticed a few things missing when I went to check it last night."

"Me too."

After our little conversation, I did actually make lunch for those going to school because it was a bit unfair that I didn't have to and they did. But that what you get when you're in charge.

Sending everyone out to the garage, I made sure that they were completely prepared for everything. Knives, guns, explosives, the works. All in the comfort of their own cars.

"Make sure you keep an eye out. Who knows if the Romani's have someone in the school."

"Don't worry cuz, we will." Lee says to keep me calm. Both he and his brother come up an kiss me on the cheek. "We protect our family."

Waving goodbye to them as they drove down the long driveway, I turned back to the house and decided to get ready for the day.

"Silvio!" I called.

He came into the living room wearing only a towel, shocking the hell out of me. Shrieking, I turned around.

"What? I was about to get into a shower."

Sigh. "You could have just yelled that out instead of coming out here like that."

"Nah, then I wouldn't have been able to see your funny reactions." He laughed

"Pervert" I muttered.

"After your shower, we need to talk about the second part of the plan. You know, my part." I said to him calmly, trying to keep the blush out of my cheeks.

"Oh shit, yeah. Hold on."

He quickly ran to his room and threw on some pajama bottoms before coming back to talk.

Rolling my eyes at his lack of a shirt, I began.

"You already know how I am easily recognizable, so I am thinking that if I put myself out there as bait, it will draw the fire away from my uncle and the Romani family will target me instead."

Immediately he starts to protest.

"Nope. You cannot do that. Once they know that you're here, they will use your uncle and his family as leverage against you. Trust me gattina (kitten), you are staying under wraps."

"Then why am I here?!" I protest."What is the point of having me here if I can't do anything?"

"Patience Lissa. We will sort this out, I promise. Now, go wash up, put on your wig, and let's go." He said with a pretentious smile.

Man did I want to smack it off his stupid face. I quickly ran upstairs and got ready. I wore some white, ripped jean shorts with a cute black crop top.

To hide my hair and eyes, I a black haired wig and brown contacts. It actually looked pretty good with my tan complexion, so I wasn't complaining.

"Lissa let's go!"

"Alright!" I yell back.

Picking up my purse and slipping on my shoes, I skip down the stairs and out to my car. I asked my grandfather to get me a McLaren 570s. It was dark blue with black detailing.

I absolutely loved my car. Hopping in, it purred like a kitten when I fired it up.

"I'm riding with you today. My hangover is killing me."

"That's what you get for going out of our first "official" night here. Meet anyone fun?" I ask.

"You're too young. Ask again in 2 weeks." He retorted.

"Oh shut it." I snapped back.

Pulling out of the garage and down the driveway, we made our way into town. Silvio gave me the directions to the best medical equipment supplier that we had access to right now.

Pulling up to the store, I see many people giving my car envious looks. Stepping out with Silvio by my side, the envious looks were replaced with jealous glares.

"Thank goodness I have a disguise on today because I don't think I would be leaving here alive otherwise." I whisper to Silvio.

He chuckles, which I don't find amusing. It's my life in the balance and it's all his fault!

We quickly get our shopping finished and are heading out the door when I see some asshat leaning against my car, trying to impress a girl.

Rage bubbled up inside of me. 'How dare he touch my baby?' I think to myself.

"Hey, could you please get off my car? I would like to leave." I say this calmly knowing that I need to control my anger.

He straight up laughed in my face. "This ain't your car babe. This is too much for a second class bitch like you."

Oh. No. He. Fucking. Didn't.

"Okay micro-dick. Instead of trying to use someone else's car to try and pick up a date, why don't you spend that effort trying to grow a brain. You are clearly not getting my hint. Get. The fuck. Off. My. Car. Or I'm going to get real mean."

He heisitated for a second, looking between me and Silvio, and started to laugh again. "This can't be your car. It could be your boyfriend's but it ain't yours."

That's it.

I punch him.

Squatting down next to him, I tried to be friendly, but failed.

"You know, when someone tells you to do something, you should do it. This is my car. That man you think is my boyfriend is actually my subordinate. I am his boss. You ever fuck with me again, and I will put you 6 feet under. Do you understand?"

He nodded so vigerously I thought he was going to get whiplash.

"Good. Now go the fuck away."

Standing back up, I turn to Silvio and say in the sweetest voice, "Okay, now we can go home."

He chuckles and shakes his head. "You just painted a big target on your head." he said once we had gotten into the car.

"Why is that, my oh so precious boyfriend?" I laughed and fluttered my eyes at him.

"Don't do that. Gosh you're like my sister." He gagged.

"I know! That makes that whole situation so much worse. Anyways, target on my head?"

"There's a local gang here that has reached out to us before. They want arms connections. They're pretty powerful here in the States and they are based out of this town. He was their fighter. Pretty stupid if you ask me."

"Too many punches to the head I guess. Don't worry. If anything, I could always say that I was here to check up on them and make sure that they are worthy of working with us. That won't blow our cover and it won't expose us to the Romani's either."

"You know, that's actually a pretty good plan." he responded with a smile.

"Are you saying that all my other ones suck?" I asked with fake offense.

Laughing, he replied, "No, it's just that this is a special mission. We need to be careful with this one. That's all."

"Yeah I know."

Trust me, I know how important this mission is.


For clarification, when in private or at the house, they speak Italian. Everyone is fluent in English. Analissa also does have an Italian accent, just not as thick as the others.

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