I'm Back Baby

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(Gabriel POV)

This was not my day.

The morning had started out shitty due to the fact that one of our shipments of guns had been stolen. I received a call at 3 in the blessed A.M. and had to race my happy ass down to when we had lost contact with our team assisting with transport.

When I finally reached, I had no straight answers from anyone and by the time it wrapped up, I was late for school.

Ha. School. Funny how I still go to that.

There isn't a reason for me to not go, but then again, I am already running a pretty successful business on my own. Albeit an illegal one.

Racing into the school, I made it into my second period class just as the bell was ringing. I had Calculus this period with Ms. Marks. She was honestly the hottest teacher in the school.

'Yes, not late!' I thought to myself.

Looking around, I noticed that a few of my members were in class with me. Nodding to them, I turned around to focus on the lecture. Unlike most of these dipshits, I actually focus on what's being taught and not the teacher's boobs that she is clearly trying to flaunt.

Suddenly, the door slams open with a bang.

Two model worthy kids come stolling in with the composure of someone who didn't just walk in halfway through the lecture.

The girl was shorter, with a black bob and serious blue eyes. You could tell that she worked out, and the muscles were clearly defined in her toned arms, but not so much that it was disgusting. Her skin was a light mocha color and she was smoking hot. I could already tell that most of the guys were going to be hitting on her during class.

The guy way tall, probably over 6 foot. He also had black hair but with almost honey brown eyes. The clearly defined jawline and cheekbones were making the girls in the class swoon, along with his tanned skin.

"Who are you?", Ms Marks asked, impatient as her lecture was rudely disrupted.

The girl smirked. Turning to the guy, she stated, "Senti, è già stata maleducata e non le abbiamo ancora parlato.(Look, she's already being rude and we haven't even talked to her yet.)"

I immediatly recognized the language as Italian, but I couldn't understand what they were saying.

"What are the Italians doing here?" Asher whispered to me. I glanced at him.

I still haven't had the time to talk to him about his secret because William hadn't gotten back to me due to our shipment being stolen.

My mood dropped even further.

"Excuse me, I asked you a question!" Ms. Marks practically screamed at the new kids.

"Pardon me, signora, but my name is Rome (Roman), and the one right next to me is Mira (Mina)." His deep voice with its smooth Italian accent washed over the class like water over some rocks.

"Why have you come into my class so late?" Ms. Marks asked, clearly affected by the guy's accent.

"I truly apologize. We lost our way and couldn't find our way around the school." His eyes got wide and he turned into a begging puppy before Ms. Marks.

"Oh.. well, it's fine then sweetie. Go ahead and find a seat. Don't worry about a thing and if you need anything, just ask me. I will always be available for you."

I saw him cringe at her words as her made his way past my desk. His companion was trying so hard to not laugh that I could see the tears forming in her eyes.

"Gran puttana! (Slutty whore!)", she whispered under her breath.

After they had sat down, the rest of the class proceded without any incident. Once the bell rang, I gathered my things and made my way out of class to call William to see if there was any information on Asher and Xander.

While I was dialing, I saw the two new kids meeting up with a bunch of others, totaling 7 people.

"Hey boss, why do we have so many new kids?" Xander asked, his interest in the new kids as keen as mine.

Asher walked up to us, his eyes trained on the new kids as well. One of the girls, Mira I think, whipped her head around and stared right at our little group. Her gaze made me freeze.

"How did she know we were looking at her?" Xander asked.

"Hey guys, this might seems weird, but I think I recognize them..." Asher said.

Mira turned back to her little group and said something to the rest of them, causing them to turn and look at us.

"Asher, how do you recognize them?" I ask, keeping my eyes on them. I feel as if I take my eyes off, I will get attacked.

"Aren't they the same kids who came off of the plane a few days ago?"

His statement makes me whip my head toward him and gape.

He was right. They were the ones with the goddess. And if the goddess had any relation to Asher and Xander, that would explain the current knives that were going into my boys from the Italians eyes.

"You boys get to class. I need to handle something." I state.

I needed to call William, and fast. But before I could do that, my phone rang.

'Great. It's Bobby.'

Answering the phone, I thought that he was just wondering where to meet up for lunch at school. But how wrong could I be.

After listening to him cry about being beat up, I jumped into my Ferrari 430 and made my way to Bobby, all the while thinking how I could do without this idiot.

When I reached him, he was sitting on the sidewalk caressing a broken nose.

"Bobby, why didn't you go to school?"

"Look, boss, I know you're probably mad..."

"Mad? Oh no Bobby, I'm not mad. I'm Furious! You skipped school to pick up girls, while insulting another girl and you get into a fight. Why do I keep you around Bobby?"

"Boss, please. I promise I'll get better. I won't do it anymore. I'll go to school. I'll do what you ask. I just need to stay with you, please."

He looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Fine, but one more screw-up and you're gone."

"Awesome, thanks boss!" He grinned up at me like a child that had just gotten some candy.

"Now, where did the girl go that hit you? No one gets away with hurting my gang."

"Boss, she drove off. It was a sick ride too. A McLaren."

I whistled. Those were some nice cars. Expensive too. "What did she look like?"

"Um, well, she had brown hair I think."

Thanks Bobby, that really narrows it down.

"Fine, we will sort this out soon. For now, get to school."

"Yes boss."

I sigh and sit down in my car trying to clear my head. Why is this happening?

Once again, I take out my phone to call William. Finally, I was able to call him. Getting through, he was quick to respond to my questions.

"Gabe, I think that its better if I talk to you in person about this. Come back to the office and we can go through the file together. You're going to want to be in a secure spot."

This was sounding worse by the second. Telling Will that I would see him soon, I drove to the house/office that we used as a headquarters for the gang. Brushing past everyone, I made my way to my office and sat down.

"Get it over with Will. I gave you a deadline and it's past."

"Hey, I'm sorry, but that shit this morning came up and I didn't want to put this on your shoulders right after." He looked at me with eyes that told me I wasn't going to be having a good night.

"Let me see the file William." stretching out my hand to retreive it from him.

Handing it over to me, he retreated into a corner and poured a drink from my bar.

"Sure, help yourself to my booze." I state sarcastically.

He grinned, snapping back a tumbler of whiskey while pouring two more. Handing one to me he said, "Trust me, you're going to want it before you read that."

Glancing at him and then to the drink, I take it and down it one gulp. Setting the glass down on my desk, I pick the file up again and begin reading.

"Analissa Rose Williams.

Age: 17

Eyes: Blue and Green (heterochromaia iridum)

Hair: Silver

Father: Pietro Williams

Mother: Isabella Williams

Siblings: Asher Williams"

Closing my eyes, I began to piece together what had happened. Asher had bullied his own sister, his twin, according to the birthday. She was going to turn 18 in less than 2 weeks, the same as him.

Reading the rest of the report, I saw how Xander fit into all of this. How he had been her friend and then turned on her. And then how they physically abused her to the point where she fell over a banister on the second story at school. She nearly died because of these bastards.

The report ended with her treatment in the hospital. Looking up at William, he could tell that I was confused.

"There isn't anymore information. She didn't die, I know that. There isn't a death certificate. But once she was treated, all traces of her vanished. It was like she never existed."

"Hmmmm, and now she's hanging with the Italians?"

"Italians?" he exclaimed. "Did you see her with them?"

I explained everything that had gone on so far at school and he grew concerned.

"Could they have been the ones to stop the shipment this morning?"

"I don't think so. The Italians are the ones we are trying to work with. And I would have heard from their head if we had not gotten the deal. Their don is a respectable man."

"It looks like we need to talk to Asher and Xander about this." William states sullenly.

Nodding, I send him out to get those two in here as quickly as possible. Waiting for William to bring them back, I couldn't help but think about why they would hurt her.

What did she do?

When the door opened again, I looked up and saw them walking in like nothing was wrong. Looking them straight in the eyes, I asked without heisitation, "Who is Analissa?"

Their startled looks told me everything.

"How do you know that name?" Asher asked me.

"I heard you both on the plane, and then you were both arguing loud enough for me to hear when we got back here. Now, answer my question."

"Ana... Analissa is my sister. My twin. That's all there is to it sir." Asher states after some heisitation.

"Oh, really?" I question. "Xander, anything to add?"

He looks guiltly at Asher and then decides to come clean with everything.

"It seems like you know everything anyways so why hide the truth any further." he says.

Well, he is right. We did already know everything.

"Where is Analissa now?" I ask. "Our report only said she was treated, so what happened?"

"My aunt Lucia took her back to Italy. My dad was originally from there and so taking her back wasn't a huge deal." Asher says quietly.


"Is she back? Could she have had anything to do with us loosing that shipment this morning? You know, as revenge on you two?" William asks in a rush.

"We don't know. She never contacted us once she left and no matter what we did, Pietro wouldn't let us contact Lucia." Xander retorts.

"Maybe because you nearly killed her!" I yell.

They took her life so causually. How could they stand there and talk about wanting to contact her again after nearly killing her?

My hands started shaking. "Boss, you need to calm down." I hear William say distantly.

I know that this is what happends when I get angry. I lose control.


Snapping out of my haze, I look to where Asher and Xander are standing.

"Why did you join my gang?"

"We wanted to make up for our past mistakes by helping and protecting the innocents like Ana." Asher replies.

I nod in understaning. 'You both withheld this information from me, knowing my past. Asher, you will no longer be my third. You are both on probation until further notice. I will let you stay in the gang because of the good you have done recently, but you must both work hard to prove to me that you are trustworthy again. Do not disappoint me again."

With that, I dismissed them from my office. Turning to William, "What happens if she really does want revenge?"

"Then we protect our family Gabe. Just like we promised we would when we started this gang."

I smiled and glanced at all of the paperwork that I had to do. This was going to be a long night ahead of me.

"Will, I need you to do something. I need you to find a girl."

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