I'm Back Baby

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(Lissa POV)

It had been a week since we had arrived, and so far we had not seen anything out of the ordinary. I was beginning to think that if I didn't show myself, the Romani's wouldn't either.

Luckily my group undercover hadn't gotten into too much trouble. Roman had nearly gotten into a fight because a few guys kept hitting on Mina. Even if they won't admit it, I know that there is something going on between them.

Olivia steps into my office as I'm working and asks to speak to me.

"I was wondering if you knew that there was going to be a party this weekend? We all got invited, but we weren't sure if we should go."

I heisitated. A party would be an excellent place to gather information, but it could also reveal our secrets. I was torn.

"I know that you don't want us to get caught, but if you are there too, we might be able to find something, right?" she pleaded.

"Olivia, do you just want to go to the party?"

She squirmed in her seat. Ha, I knew that there was something.

"Olivia, if you wanted to go so badly, you could have just told me. I know the mission is important, but so is your mental health. A party would be a good stress relief for you all."

I also wanted to be let out of the house. Lately, Silvio has kept me under lock and key due to a threat on my life. I honestly didn't understand him.

I'm an assassin and a future leader of a mafia. I was bound to get a few of those once or twice a day.

"Well, we all wanted to go actually. But we wanted you to go with us. We wanted to get some ideas for your birthday party!"

Snapping my head up at her words, I couldn't help but speak coldly. "We will not be throwing a birthday party while we are here. The rest of the family is waiting for us back home. It's okay if it is just us, but outsiders are not allowed."

She froze, not sure what to do. "Silvio said he wanted to throw you a birthday party though..." she stated, almost under her breath.

I caught her words and immediatly stood up. Oh hell no. He fucking locks me up for most of my time here while he galavants across the town looking for hookups and now he wants to throw a party in my home.

Throwing open the door to my study I shouted, "Silvio, get your ass out here now!"

I heard some rustling coming from the living room and knew that he was trying to escape. I quickly ran down the stairs and slid into the kitchen, blocking his escape route.

"What the hell did I do now?" He asked, breathless from trying to move too fast. For how good looking his body is, he is totally out of shape.

"You wanted to throw a party at my house?" I stated vehemently, glaring at him.

"What? N-no?" he stuttered.

I saw Leandro and Don trying to sneak past the kitchen entrance to leave the house.

"I assume you two were in on this too?" I said, halting their actions.

"Sis, it was all him! You know how we can't go against him because he's the oldest. Besides, knowing him, he would just plan it without us anyways." Don stated innocently.

Rubbing my head, I turned around and grabbed myself some water. I knew that this was going to give me a headache.

"You should just accept the party." Silvio tried to say.

"Then is you're going to throw a party, I'm going to show up to it as myself. I will also start to show up around town naturally."

All hell broke loose.

"How could you even think that?"

"You're under cover for a reason. If you haven't noticed, your apperance tends to draw attention."

"Are you fucking insane?"

Looking at the three men infront of me, I answered calmly.

"Remember who you are speaking to. I am the Silver Angel, an assassin of the highest level. Give me a little credit, please. I am also your boss and your cousin. Do not test my patience."

"But..." started Don.

"We have not made any progress with the Romani's since we have been here. I know that it has only been a week, but that means another day closer to the day that they hurt Pietro. Gather everyone, I want to have another meeting in the family room in 10 minutes."

Once everyone had gathered, I told them that there was no progress, my reasonings, and then told them my plan to expose my identity. It still drew complaints, but we were able to come up with another plan.

I was still going to be undercover until my birthday. I was not overly happy about this, but at least I persuaded Silvio to let me out of the house.

We also talked about letting Pietro know what was going on. It was his life in danger, and so we agreeded that he needed to be aware. In order to do this, we came up with a second plan to cover up the fact that we were talking to him.

Enrico was going to him with his car.


(Enrico POV)

I hate being the scapegoat. I really do.

I get it, I am normally the driver for every situation, but to basically run over Lissa's uncle? The guy that was her father for almost 16 years?

Ugh, my life sucks.

I was currently at the school waiting for the rest of the group to get to our table for lunch. We always sat at the same table in the corner and glared at anyone who came near us.

A few girls had tried to approach me, but I had told them to shove off.

"Hey man, can I talk to you?" I heard a deep voice from behind me.

Turning in my seat, I saw Asher. Fuck, why does my life suck.

"What the hell do you want?" I asked as politely as I could without ripping his head off.

He seemed starled by my response and my aggressive attitude. Glancing around, he stepped closer towards our table and started to talk nervously.

"I was wondering why you all came here? And if you knew my sister, Analissa? Please, if you have any information on her, I need to know." he pleaded desperatly, his voice shaking.

I laughed. I am a big guy, so I tend to make people nervous. This is the asshole that tormended and nearly killed our boss? He was pathetic.

I saw that Leandro, Don, and the girls were headed this way, so I decided to raise my voice so that they knew what was going on.

"A little ant like you doesn't deserve to know why we came here. And clearly this Analissa is better off away from you. So do us all a favor and stop asking about her."

He just stood there silently. I watched at the others came up and sat around me, all staring at him with hate in their eyes.

"I know what I did in the past, but I want to see my sister. I want to know that she is safe." he tried again.

"She is safer with us than with you!" shouted Olivia.

Leandro smack his head while we all just stared at Olivia with our mouths wide open.

"You mean you do know Analissa? Is she here?" Asher asked.

"Sei una fottuta idiota di Olivia. È ancora nascosta. (You're a fucking moron Olivia. She is still in hiding.)" Don stated, glaring at Olivia.

Olivia wilted into the table, clearly trying to hide herself.

"Scusa. Non volevo dire niente. (I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say anything.)" she cried.

We had to live with the consequences now. Asher knew Lissa was here and that we were here with her. This meant that whoever was watching Asher in the Romani family probably knew too.

"Donatello, chiamala subito. Ha bisogno di sapere. Ed Enrico, il piano è ancora in moto. Mettiti al lavoro. (Donatello, call her now. She needs to know. And Enrico, the plan is still in motion. Get on it.)"

Asher looked around as we all moved to start our respective part of the plan. I quickly made my way out of the cafeteria and into my car. I was using a getaway car today and not my normal Lamborghini.

Driving towards Pietro's company, I knew that Pietro would be coming out of his building for lunch soon. Seeing him walking towards his car, I slowed down just a bit so that I wouldn't kill him, but I knew that there had to be a little damage.

"Scusa zio. (Sorry uncle.)"

I hit him on his right side. He flew through the air, knocking against the windshield.

Falling back onto the ground, he groaned and tried to pick himself up but failed. I got out quickly and made my way over to him.

"Are you hurt? Can I take you to the doctor? I am sorry."

He looked up in suprise when I spoke, probably noticing my accent.

"I need to get you to the doctor right away. Please, let me take you there."

He sighed and nodded, allowing me to take him into the car. His arm was clearly hurt, and probably his leg too. Whoops.

"Are you from the Winters Family or the Romani Family?" he questioned.

I kept silent, knowing that the suspense was killing him. I wanted him to suffer just a bit for what he did to Lissa as a kid.

We pulled up to the hospital that Silvio was temporarily stationed at. Making our way through all of the paperwork and formalities, we were led to an examination room where we sat in silence a little longer.

I had never been good with the silence before. That's why I was a driver and not an assassin. I started to fiddle with my fingers, thinking about random shit, when Silvio finally came into the room.

"Finalmente Sil! Mi hai fatto aspettare per sempre. Sai quanto odio aspettare. (Finally Sil! You made me wait forever. You know how I hate waiting.)"

He laughed and started to examine Pietro.

"I recognize you. You're the doctor that took care of Ana. So you were with the Winter's Family." Pietro finally stated.

"Nice to see you again Pietro." Silvio replied, applying bandages to a few scrapes along Pietros side.

"Why have you come here? What's going on? There hasn't been any communication from Italy since the day you and Lucia left with my daughter."

Silvio froze. "Your daughter? What right do you have to call her that?"

"What right?" Pietro practically screeched.

I covered my ears due to him being so loud.

"I raised her for nearly 16 years!"

"No, you just fed her for 16 years, while your son nearly killed her. Think again." Silvio retored with a deadly gleam in his eyes.

"Abbastanza ragazzi. Non abbiamo tempo per discutere. Arriviamo al perché siamo venuti qui e abbiamo investito mio zio, va bene? (Enough boys. We don't have time to argue. Let's get down to why we came here and ran over my uncle, shall we?)"

I turned in my seat and saw Lissa come in from the door. Pietro was stunned and Silvio began to prepare a shot for him. He not so gently stuck it into Pietro's arm, waking him from his stupor.

"Ana? What are you doing here? I thought you were in Italy?"

"There were some complications Uncle. The Romani family is threatening your life so we came to protect you and eliminate the threat."

He looked downcast at her calling him 'uncle', but lit up at the thought of her protecting him.

"You came back to protect me?" he asked earnestly.

"That's what family does uncle. They protect each other. Something you and your Williams' family needs a lesson in."

Ouch. That had to have burned. I looked up to see Silvio smirking and finishing up taking care of Pietro.

"Lissa, I'm finished here. We can leave now." he states as he pack everything up.

"Okay. This visit was to let you know that I was back, but do not come looking for me. I guess Asher found out at school," she turned around and glared at me (what the hell did I do?!), "but I do not want contact with any of you after this. If you have any information on the Romani's movements, let my people know."

With that, I stood up and we walked out together.

"Enrico, I'm not a bad person, right?"

She looked at me with tears in her eyes. She was clearly upset from meeting her uncle and from listening to what had gone one previously, and I couldn't blame her for any of that.

"You are not a bad person Lissa. You are a strong, beautiful, capable woman that has risen from the ashes like a phoenix. Belive in yourself. We all do."

I took her hand and we made our way to the cars.

"One more thing Lis."

"Hmm?" she looked at me.

"I never want you to ask me to run over your uncle again." I said, as we both laughed.


I deeply apologize!

There is only one chapter. I'm sorry! My three dogs got sprayed by a skunk and I have been washing them and my house for the past 2 days along with completing the suprise assignment my teacher gave us.

Thank you all for your support!!

Stay safe and watch out for skunks! XOXO

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