I'm Back Baby

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(Lissa POV)

Waking up, I stretched and yawned, feeling the effects of yesterday's workout. It was finally the weekend, and that meant the party. Yippee.

I was not overly excited about the time spent out with others, socializing and whatnot, but at least it meant that I got to get out of the house. I was tired of being locked up.

But it also meant that I still had a week to go before I could go out without my disguise. Ugh.

I groaned, not wanting to get out of bed.

"Lissa, it's time for breakfast. Get your ass down here!" Don yelled.

Closing my eyes again, I began to think of all the ways that I could sneak out of my bedroom without anyone noticing. Suddenly, my door slammed open and I was dragged out from my comfy bed by my two cousins.

"Get up Lis." Leo said, yanking me upright.

Glaring at him, I grumbled and dragged myself to the bathroom to make myself somewhat presentable.

After a while, I made my way downstairs and began munching on a pear.

"Lissa, you need some real food too. Not just a piece of fruit. Have some eggs." stated Silvio, who was looking quite adorable in a yellow apron with a cute teddy bear holding a mixing bowl and a whisk.

"I don't want anything too heavy. I need to go workout later."

Nodding, he still put some eggs in front of me and told me to eat. Sighing, I picked up my fork and began to eat.

I was clearly a boss only in name today.

"We need to go over the plan for tonight." I said, breaking the sound of utensils against dishes. "How many of us are going to the party, where is said party, what's our intel, so on and so forth. I will give you all an hour and a half to get together a report on everything and then we will go from there. I will be in the gym if you need me, but don't need me."

I got up and walked away. For reasons, my mind was on other things and I was so preoccupied with everything back in Italy that I just couldn't focus.

Getting to the gym, I began to stretch and warm up, easing my tense muscles. I knew that I was going to go pretty hard during this workout so I wanted to make sure to not tear anything. I began with a light jog, and slipped back into my thoughts.

I had received a call last night from my grandfather and Lucia. They were warning me about the leak.


"Nonno, come stai? Perché chiami così tardi? Va tutto bene a casa? (Grandfather, how are you? Why are you calling so late? Is everything okay back home?)"

"Analissa, I want to talk in English right now. I don't know who may be listening. Your aunt is here too."

My grandfather only called me Analissa when I was either in trouble (which didn't happen suuuper often, but still happened) or if there was an urgent matter to be discussed.

"Lissa, I hope that everything is okay. How is your health?" my aunt asked, almost nervously.

"Auntie, I'm fine. They're fine too, if you're wondering."

"Analissa, the leak on our side has let the Romani family know that you are in the States. I don't know how the information got out. The only ones that knew directly are Lucia and myself, and it wasn't us. Do you know what to do?"

"Yes Grandfather, I do." I replied, knowing that shit was about to hit the fan.

We had come up with a contingency plan just in case our leak was closer than we had anticipated. I was still frustrated that I hadn't figured it out, and I didn't want anyone else to be hurt by this inccident.

"I will make sure to carry out the plan as soon as we have a reliable source of information on our end here Grandfather. Lucia, I am going to need you to send over a containment crew, just in case. I don't care if they're known or not, they need to be here in two days or less. I don't have a lot of time to make this work."

"Lissa, I'm sorry for putting all of this on you. You never should have had to bear this burden." my Grandfather said.


"Piccolina, here is what we need to do...." My aunt launched into a detailed plan that laid out exactly what was going to happen for the next week. I was lucky that I had her on my side, because her plans might be crazy, but they always seemed to work.

"Lissa, do you understand all that?"

"Yup, now I have to get things set up on my end. I'll hang up first. Buonanotte.(Goodnight.)"

(Flashback End)

Looking down, I saw that I had run almost 6 miles. Some warmup. Stepping off the tredmill, I walked over to the punching bags, after wrapping my hands, and started pounding away.

I needed to find a real person to beat, and not my crew. I needed them to be in top fighting condition, ready to go at anytime in case the Romani's came at us.

I would ask Don about it later, because I needed a fight. Something to let my stress out.

When the hour and a half time limit was up, I walked back to my office and waited for everyone to come in and give me their reports. It seemed to be a standard party of teenagers, with limited connections to any gangs.

Nothing too major and nothing we couldn't handle. Wrapping up the meeting, I turned to Don.

"Get me a place I can fight. I need to relieve some stress." With that, I walked back to my room and slipped into a nice hot bath. Nothing beats a baths when you're sore and stressed.

I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

"I'm in a bath! Come in but don't come into the bathroom!" I shouted.

I hear Don's voice coming from my bedroom a few seconds later.

"Lissa, I have a fight for you if you want it. It will be a few hours before the party starts, so at 7. Do you want me to sign you up? Minimum cost of $5,000 entry fee, with the cost going higher the more wins you have at their arena. But the winnings should pay out nicely. So far, I think there are about 15 fighters and about $120,000 because of a couple of winners mixed in."

I thought for a few minutes while he rummaged around my room for my stash of hidden snacks. Ever since my days at the Williams' house, I always keep food in my room at all times.

"I'll do it. Inform the others that you, me and Silvio will be heading out at 5 but will meet everyone at the party. Do not inform them where we are going. Bring Silvio to my office in 15 minutes."

"You got it. Don't get too wrinkly in there."

I smiled, knowing that if I stayed in too much longer, I really would get pruny. Slipping out, I headed back to my room and started getting ready. I would keep my hair out for tonight, as part of Lucia's plan to lure the Romani Family out.

It was fortunate that I was ready to fight tonight. Otherwise, we might have had to wait a few days for another fight to be scheduled.

I was wearing black bootyshorts that showed off my tan and toned legs with a black sportsbra with criss-cross straps. Slipping on my matching black hooded tracksuit, I headed to my office.

Silvio and Don were waiting for me in the lounge chairs across from my desk.

"Cuz, that was 25 minutes, not 15." Don accused me the second I walked in the door.

I shot a glare at him, instantly shrinking whatever ego and courage he had to talk back to me.

"Lissa, what's going on? You're acting more tense than usual. Is it the party? I know that you don't want to go, so just don't go." Silvio tried to explain things, but my temper was starting to flare.

"Are you the boss or am I? This isn't about the damn party and you don't take into consideration what I want when you keep me locked up like a fucking princess in a tower, do you?"

The startled look on his face was that of suprise and concern. I had never shouted at him before.

"Silvio, I get that you are trying to look out for me, but I promise that I know what I am doing. Tonight, you, me and Don are going to a fight before the party. The rest don't know. We are leaving here at 5. I will be leaving my hair out in the open, my eyes will be disguised and I will be wearing a mask. This is not up for discussion, I am just telling you how it is. Please, go get ready. I need to be able to fight at 7."

With my explaination finished, I stood up and walked back to my room. Things were going as planned. Now all I had to do was act my part.

(Gabriel POV)

Today was the day of the stupid party that everyone has been whining about all week. I don't even know why I attend these things.

I called in Will and asked him my schedule.

"Bobby has a fight tonight. You could go watch that for a while. I know you don't really like parties that much."

"Yeah, I'll go to the fight. How many are there?"

"About 15.... Wait, hold up. Another just joined. I've never seen this name. 'Angel"."

I sat up.

"A new fighter in the area?" I ask.

"It could be. After we see how he fights, why don't we possibly invite him to join?"

"That sounds like a good idea. Bobby might need a break from time to time and he sure doesn't need all the beatings he gets."

For how much money I spent on training Bobby, he really wasn't paying it back.

"Alright, that's it for now. I will call you when it's time to go to the fight. I need to do some paperwork."

Nodding, he left. I started to actually do my work, like I said, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was about to happen. Something big.

A while later, I saw that it was nearly 6 in the evening. I called up Will and we left for the arena.

We drove for a bit in town and then turned down this tiny little dark alleyway. There was a busted up garage door that no one in their right mind would approach. Looking to the wall on my left, I saw the keypad and I typed in this weeks passcode.

The door lifted and we drove in. The exterior of the building did not do justice to the interior. After parking the car, I noticed an all matte black Lamborghini SC18. That was one expensive car.

We walked into the facility and I went to my normal booth. Bobby fought here every week unless he had an injury that was too great.

Sitting down, I noticed a small group of people to the left of the ring. Two were clearly men while the third lookk very slender, but they had a hood yp, so I couldn't tell.

Leaning back in my chair, I began to talk to Will about work related stuff until the fights actually started. For some reason, my eyes kept wandering back to the small group.

"Will, go find out what you can about them."

"Boss, we could just wait for the fights. They're going to start any minute. Speaking of which, have you seen Bobby?"

Looking around, I groaned. I didn't see him anywhere. Pulling out my phone, I dialed his number.

"Bobby, where the hell are you?"

"Boss what are you talking about? I'm getting ready for the party."

I immediatly hung up. I started to look around and my eyes landed on the trio again.

"Will, call them over here. Bobby is not fighting for me tonight. He might not be fighting for me ever again."

Will hurridly got up and rushed over to the small group. During their rapid discussion, I saw the two men glancing over at me multiple times.

When they started to walk over to me, I noticed how their fighter stayed where they were.

"Hello gentlemen. My name is Gabriel. I would like to offer you something." I started off.

"Look Gabriel, we know you want our fighter to fight for you tonight because your guy didn't show up, but we decline. Your fighter is disrepectful and agitated our boss, so our fighter will remain with us. Good luck."

The older one spoke while the younger one threw danger with his eyes.

'Wait, I recognize him.' I thought. 'He's from that new bunch of kids from school. What is he doing here?'

"Will!" I call. "That boy is from our school. And he is with that new batch. FInd out what you can."

"Boss, I'm a little busy trying to find you a fighter for tonight."

"Forget that. Figure out that guy first."

Keeping my eyes locked on the new kid and his bunch, I began to think who Bobby could have pissed off this time.

The fights began, with the first rounds being new fighters against each other. Those rounds always went pretty quickly, as a lot of times there were a bunch of hopefuls wanting to start off their training here.

The last round of new against new was a big fighter named Butch against the trio's little hooded figure.

"Entering the ring, we have Butch, at 6'5 weighing 250 pounds!"

The crowd went wild, as the solid mass of muscles looked unmoveable. It would be a hard win for whomever went against him.

"And our newest fighter, standing at 5'10 weighing 135 pounds, Angel!"

There was a lot of shocked faces in the crowd, as a lithe figure calmly walked into the ring. Long tan legs could be seen with muscles rippling through them. One could tell the strength and power held in them just by their walk.

The hooded jacket had yet to be removed, but I was certain that this fighter was a girl.

"Fuck, how is a girl going to take down that boulder?" exclaimed Will. Clearly he guessed it too.

The fighters shook hands and went back to their corners. Angel was talking to the other two in the group, making slight movements with her hands.

"Fighters, are you ready?"

Angel started to take off their hooded jacket, and my mind went blank. Silver hair.

She was the girl from the plane. She was Analissa.


Hello Everyone!

I am so so SO sorry about the lack of updates. School has abolutely kicked my butt this semester.

I am happy to report that midterms are over! YAY!

As a reminder to everyone, plese make sure to take care of yourself, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Thank you for your continued support and don't forget to comment!


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