I'm Back Baby

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(Gabriel POV)
I couldn't stop staring at her. What the hell was she doing here? Her silver hair flowed down her back, rippling in the light, almost metalic.
I turned to Will and found him staring at her. I felt a growl build up inside me as I shoved him.
"Dude, show a little respect."
She was now only wearing black little booty shorts and a sports bra. I groaned as I felt the front of my pants tighten. Her long, tan legs would look so good wrapped...
"Fuck!" I shouted, stanging up.
I stalked over to where the two guys from Analissa's group were standing, right next to the ring.
"What the hell is she doing back? She was supposed to have left years ago!"
The boys from her group turned around, startled. They didn't understand how I recognized her so quickly.
"You should turn around and walk away while I still allow your legs to work. Stay away from Lissa." they younger of the two said darkly. I did not appreciate his tone.
"Her showing up here is going to cause a lot of problems. Why is she back?"
"It's non of your fucking business, now is it?"
Will came up behind me and tried to mediate the situation. "Look, we know that she is the sister of one of our members, Asher. We just want to know why she came back after being almost killed by him almost two and a half years ago."
They both just started laughing. "Sister?" That bastard holds no claims to that title. Now, if you don't mind, I have to make sure that she doesn't kill that poor soul in the ring with her." This time, it was the older one speaking, and he looked dead serious.
I glanced up at the goddess in the ring, practically stalking the huge mountain of a man. From this distance, I could see the gleam in her eyes. She looked deadly. But something was wrong.
The match started and Analissa took off, sprinting across the small distance between her and Butch. Leaping up, she wrapped her long legs around his neck and bent backwards, tearing him down to the ground. He grunted, clearly not expecting a quick attack. The crowd roared with excitement, not expecting the small fighter to have this much of an impact on the large man.
Springing quickly to her feet, Analissa jumped on top of her opponent and began to release all of her fury. Each hit was more powerful than the last and Butch was barely able to hang onto consciousness. Finally, he put up a big, meaty hand and caught one of her delicate ones. Flinging her over his shoulder, she landed on her back, winded.
Butch managed to stagger to his feet, blood dripping from an obviously broken nose and bruises forming on his face. Analissa was already on her feet, bouncing lightly, ready for more. With a loud roar, Butch ran forward, swinging, trying to hit the small target in front of him. Analissa easily dodged him, swaying left and then back, dropping back onto one hand while swiping her leg under Butch, effectively bringing him down once again. He landed on the ground with a hard thud and a crack.
He began to gasp, while she stood over him, a small smile on her face, the deadly gleam more prominant in her eyes. She began to throw punches again, until the older of the two started shouting at her in Italian. She stopped, but stared down at the body of her opponent as if he was a piece of prey that had gotten away.
Her eyes!
I began to understand that she did not like to cover up her looks, but most likely for safety, she had to. She was wearing brown colored contacts. Her mask did little to cover up her phenomenal good looks, but it was still hard to distinguish who she was without knowing her first.
The match had ended, Butch having gone down in that last beating. I turned to Will and nodded towards the two next to me. We needed more information on them.
Analissa didn't wait for the ref to declare her the winner, but threw on her hoodie and walked straight out of the ring, towards us. She brushed past me and began talking to the younger of the two in Italian.
'She smells like lemons and roses' I thought to myself.
I felt jealousy rising up inside me. Who was he to her? Turning to the little group, I began again.
"I know that you are Analissa Williams, the previous sister to Asher. I work with Asher now. To be more accurate, I am his boss. I would like to correct any mistakes that he has done to you in the past. Please."
She froze, not turning around.
"Please, let's go to my private booth. I would like to have a civil conversation. preferable without anyone being killed. It would just be us. The ones present here, I mean."
Still not facing me, she nodded. The older one looked shoked while the younger scowled. 'Ha' I thought. 'Points for me.'
We all walked towards my private booth, and I sent Will to go get some warm towels, ice, water and some light snacks. She still had a few more fights tonight if her first was anything to judge by.
We all sat down with the two men flanking her. Soon, Will came back with everything that I had asked for and the older one looked grateful. Analissa had an emotionless expression still. I couldn't get a read on her.
"Well, for starters, my name is Gabriel Morton. I run a small gang here in the city, and currently, Asher is one of my members, along wiht Xander. I didn't know about their activities until about two weeks ago. To be honest, I didn't know that you existed until two weeks ago. I do not tolerate any abuse or bullying in my gang, so what they did was absolutely unaccectable."
Not knowing what else to say, I trailed off. The look that she was giving me looked uncaring, like she had heard it before. She probably had. Someone else apologizing on behalf of Asher instead of him doing it himself.
"My name is Silvio. You clearly know Analissa. You go to school with Donatello over there. We are from Italy. How much do you actually know about us? And what are your connections to Italy?"
FInally hearing Silvio's name was a relief. I didn't want to keep refering to him as the older one.
"We have been in contact with Mafia degli angeli invernali, specifically Don Leone. We have been trying to set up an arms route with them for a little while. That is how I found out about you. We had just landed when you were getting off the plane. There are more of you, but we have never seen Analissa at school. Other than that, we really don't know anything."
Suprise passed over Analissa's face. Finally, a reaction!
Don spoke up, "What do you want with us?"
"Well, I was hoping that we could make an alliance. I am assuming that you have some connection to Italy, specifically one of the mafias."
"What do you know about the situation happening right now between the Winter's and the Romani families?"
She spoke! Her voice was so musical and light, I felt like I was drifting on clouds.
"Honestly, nothing."
Nodding, she fell silent again. I felt disappointed. I wanted her to talk again. I was drawn to her, as I am sure that most guys are.
"Could someone explain it to us?" Will piped up.
Silvio looked Analissa, as if asking for permission. A slight nod of her head, and he bagan to speak.
"Generations ago, the families were actually one, but there was an internal power struggle. Two brothers had been fighting for the Don position, and involved was a smaller gang and their princess. The two brothers both had fallen for this woman, but there could only be one head. As head, they would also marry her and carry on the line. As per custom, the second in command would go to the other brother.
There was a fight between the two. The winner was the younger brother and so he took his place as the head of the mafia. However, the princess had fallen in love with the elder brother, and so before the wedding could take place, she ran away with the elder brother. The second brother felt betrayed and therefore left the family. He took his mother's maiden name: Romani. The elder brother therefore ruled the Mafia degli angeli invernali with his new bride. Since then, there has always been a fued between the two."
Silence fell in the room. There was so much that I didn't know.
"How do you all fit into this?" I asked, tentatively, fearing the answer.
"I am the heir to Mafia degli angeli invernali."

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